Seems Like Lost Planet 2 Is A Timed Xbox 360 Exclusive

By Spencer . June 11, 2009 . 11:43pm

image Capcom just got around to confirming the PlayStation 3 version of Lost Planet 2 for Japan. SCEA President, Jack Tretton, mentioned this last week, but hey who’s counting.


The different release timelines are more notable  anyway. The official Lost Planet 2 page says the Xbox 360 version will be released this winter. The PlayStation 3 version has a TBD release window. Great. Well, on the plus side the PS3 owners can look forward to free online play and Lost Planet 2 is the kind of game you want to play online.


At E3 I joined in a cooperative network match where four players attempted to take down a gigantic amphibian-like Akrid. In the match I scrambled to activate beacons to add points to the team score while gunning the few orange weak points on the monstrosity. You lose team points when players get trampled or forget to use their harmonize to repair damage. When your team score goes to zero the match ends. The only way to win was to run inside the monster’s belly and blast it from the inside. My team died while I was walking in the beast’s intestines.

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  • Pesmerga00

    Just like everything else. (grumble…vesperia…sonata…remnant…grumble)

    Seriously though, I am getting tired of these timed exclusives. They should at least offer the bonus content they will most likely add as DLC. Unlikely, but it would be a nice gesture to those of us who supported their initial releases.

    We need more companies like Atlus who at least care a little bit about their fans.

    • jarrodand

      Well, you got FFXIV… uh, yeah.

      For Lost Planet 2, it at least makes a little sense as the original was also timed exclusive, and did amazingly on 360 (while tanking on PS3). Just be glad it’s coming at all really.

      • Akimitsu

        Well, if they were smart, they wouldn’t do a timed exclusive unless they were coerced into doing so. Timed exclusives have a notorious habit of doing horribly on the second console it’s released on.

        Also, Square has also said they are looking at more platforms for FFXIV, which doesn’t really matter anyways, as it’s an online-only game and I’m sure many people will be turned off of it by just that alone.

        • jarrodand

          Well I agree, multiplatform releases tend to be the better option, but then there’s often other factors at play (cost of R&D cycle being a pretty big in 360’s favor generally, hand out finacial incentives being another). For something like LP2 specifically though, a game pretty much made for the west who’s predecessor did amazingly well on 360 (and not so amazingly on PS3), I see this as less of an issue.

          I doubt there’s much “coercion” going on here either. This isn’t a title MS really needs to pay for.

  • TTTT

    the new Famitsu has the same info as the website.

    this may be a Japan timed exclusive only since according to the playstation blog they are all getting released on the same day.

    even though I live in Japan, since PS3 is region free, doesnt matter to me if it is Japan only.

    • MisterNiwa

      Thats the spirit!

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