PSP Go Battery Life A Bit Less Than PSP-3000

By Spencer . June 12, 2009 . 2:49pm

imageI thought the PSP Go might have better battery life than the current PSP since the PSP Go doesn’t power a laser. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.


The European PlayStation Blog points out the PSP Go has three to six hours of juice for games. Movie playback lasts approximately three to five hours. When the PSP-3000 came out John Koller, Director of Hardware Marketing, said the PSP-3000 has four to six hours of life for games and four to five hours for UMD videos.


Sure, that’s only an hour less of Crisis Core, but an hour when you’re talking about three to five hours of total battery life is notable.

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  • QBasic

    Soooo…basically…the more and more we know about the system, the more and more shitty it’s turning out to be…

    So…let me get this straight. Why are we supposed to buy this thing again? I’m lost.

    • ECM

      Because it vastly improves Sony’s profit margin, duh! ;)

      • QBasic

        Only if people buy it. And needless to say, enthusiast’s aren’t exactly…twitchy on getting one of these.

  • I think it has a cute design, but not much else going for it at this point.

  • Well the loading should be great since it doesnt use UMD though right? So that would shave a little time per round. But the lower battery life for what is already known to have low battery life isn’t good.

  • Yeah, it can’t do anything the regular PSP can’t and it has worse battery life. I think I’ll keep my 2000 for now. If I want to download games I’ll just get a large enough memory stick.

  • Reluctant Hero

    Yeah… I think I’ll stick with my white “star wars” PSP 2000 that I equiped with Sony Japan’s larger PSP battery. The thing gets like 10 hours on a full charge.

    I’ll also pick up a 16gb mem stick pro duo, they run about $75 online. They only good part of PSP Go is all the digitally daownable games.

    • Aoshi00

      I have the white 2000 too (the Jpn one w/o Vader) and the large 3.6v 2200 mAh battery, that thing does run a lot longer combined w/ 2000 instead of 1000. Right now I only have a 4Gb memory stick and several PSN games alrdy made it full.

      W/ the ridiculous $250 price tag, smaller screen, and shorter battery life, it seems the more we hear about it the more undesirable it is.. If it’s $150, then the shortcomings would be a tad more justifiable.

  • Chow

    I’ve never really had a problem with even my PSP-1000’s battery life. But I’m one of those guys who charges his batteries all the time when he gets home.

  • JeremyR

    Not really a surprise. It’s not the UMD that is sucking up most the juice, it’s the backlight (and CPU, upping it to 333). Or so has been my experience with the PSP-2000

    I also don’t think it would be the laser that would eat the juice in any event, but spinning the disc.

  • Since it’s designed for “on the go” I thought that this would improve on the battery life along with memory, but I guess that’s not the case.
    4-6 hours would still cover most plane trips, but definitely not a road trip from L.A. to Corning, CA (which I do bi-monthly).

  • Katha

    I wonder why they have to decrease battery life in newer systems. The DSi also made this step backwards.
    Apple just recently advanced battery life for the new MacBook Pro line. What up!

    • Katha

      +introduced ;)

    • pressstart

      Well, the DSi actually upped the specs a bit. Maybe the PSPGo does too, just unannounced. I don’t remember the DSi being announced as having improved hardware either.

  • Serge73

    Wow, worse battery life, higher price tag, and sketchy details on backwards compatibility/ having to rebuy games…

    Doesn’t sounds so good…

  • lostinblue

    this product is a redesign for a console that doesn’t need it, and in a blueprint that doesn’t match the original console design/look. plus it’s way expensive and not better in anyway.


    Also for those talking about memory… buy a micro sd to memory stick adapter and the price of 16GB will instantly come down like falling rocks. at least half that $75 value

  • Pesmerga00

    Yeah, like others I’m pretty disappointed with this. You get less for more. I can’t see anybody upgrading to it, I would think only people new to the PSP will even consider a purchase. The “goodwill” program that Sony is working on for people with UMDs of “select titles” isn’t very encouraging either.

    I recently bought a PSP and was a little worried when rumors started surfacing of a new unit. However the more details I hear the better I feel about my purchase. I’ll stick with mine for now, I highly recommend the nyko charger grip for playing at home. It adds about 5 hours of play time and makes the PSP feel like a PS2 controller.

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