Spend Your Summer Vacation Living Life As A Darklord

By Spencer . June 15, 2009 . 7:44am

Did impressions of The Crystal Bearers leave you Itching for more Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles? Square Enix has you covered with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord. Its blend of SimTower and tower defense is scheduled to come out on WiiWare in North America this summer.


Japan may get first dibs on the game it’s slated for release there on June 30. The E3 trailer shows what you will get for 1,000 Wii Points ($10).


  • As a Crystal Chronicles fan, I’m a little disappointed by this.

    I’ve always liked Crystal Chronicles because it’s the one franchise with which Square Enix does some really exciting things, whether it’s pushing the limits of portable multiplayer, or the crazy telekinesis and QTEs in Crystal Bearers.

    Hell, even My Life as a King was an amazing workaround WiiWare’s 40MB filesize limit. It was a new direction for the franchise, replayable and it actually introduced me to a Japanese take on the strategy/building genre.

    My Life as a Darklord feels almost like a step backwards. After watching all the trailers and other media to date, I’m kind of disappointed to see it’s not much more than a tower defense game. Of all the CC projects, this one comes across as the least exciting.

    • Mazen

      Its more like tecmo deception series than tower defense you put traps and monsters its also like MLAAK it have resource management and creation instead of houses you create new floors also instead of people you have monsters to give tasks to and upgrade, well lets wait and see how the final product is.

    • MadMirko

      Defending a tower is not indicative of the Tower Defense genre. In Tower Defense you defend something WITH towers (or something else that’s more or less stationary). You don’t defend A tower like you do in this game. ;)

      MLAAK and this share many similarities. Instead of constructing a town to breed the most effective adventurers, you construct a tower to get rid of them in the most effective way. You seem to place rooms (regions in the trailer?), include furniture with special powers and monsters as well. Seems like they can level up and grow in levels, have skills and so on. In addition (and in contrast to MLAAK) you see the battles play out, probably to be able to participate somehow with magic or triggering traps.

      Think back to before MLAAK came out. Did you know that buildings influenced the children of the surrounding families? Or how deep the party customization really was? I didn’t and I bet there is still a lot not known about MLAADL.

      Feels to me like a higher budget successor to MLAAK, and that is from someone who owns almost all non-cosmetic DLC.

      • Yea, maybe you’re right and I’m being a little too hard on the game. I guess it’s because every CC game to date has immediately been perceived as being better and more ambitious than the one before it. Ring of Fates was four-player on DS, Echoes of Time had Wi-Fi (shit story compared to RoF though), MLaaK was just mind-boggling from a uniqueness perspective, and of course Crystal Bearers makes me want to jump off an airship screaming at the top of my lungs with excitement. :)

        I’ll still buy My Life as a Darklord obviously. I guess another reason I’m a little let down is because I keep hoping Square will shed some light on this great Yuke vs Lilty war that we’ve been hearing about in CB.

        Edit: And yea, thanks for reminding me that we really didn’t know much at all about My Life as a King when it came out. I should be a little more optimistic. ;)

  • I can’t wait to play it! XD I recently splurged on My Life as a King after aaaall this time and adored it. I know I’d love My Life as a Darklord as well.

  • ECM

    My Life as a King was, if not the best, in my top three games for ’08, so I can’t wait for this.

  • Seth C

    The gameplay is going to be like Holy Invasian of Privacy Badman! What did i do to deserve this? (Yes thats the tittle) its a dungeon game when you have to grow a ecosystem in a dugeon with monsters to prevent the heroes from taking your overlord.

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