This Magnacarta 2 Faceplate Is Going To Be Rare

By Spencer . June 17, 2009 . 8:06am


Remember when Microsoft tried to sell Xbox 360 faceplates? None of them looked as good as this Magnacarta 2 faceplate with art from Hyung-Tae Kim.


Japanese gamers can get the faceplate as a gift by purchasing Magnacarta 2 plus a brand new Xbox 360. I’m not kidding. You really need buy a console and a game just to get the faceplate. Namco Bandai has no plans to sell the faceplate separately, which is sure to make this bonus hard to find unless it magically becomes a pre-order present in North America. Fingers crossed…

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  • pressstart

    That’s a nice way to sell the system in Japan, though a big FU to the ones that already got it. Nice.

  • That’s a really nice faceplate (totally goes with the black Elite too). Too bad I already have a 360 and live nowhere near Japan.

  • Hello Hello

    If we get any kind of pre-order bonus in North America, I’m hoping it’s that nifty looking art book.

    • Now that you mention it, I would rather have the art book too.

  • nobitakun

    This is cute so the damn ebayer’s can sell them more expensive than buying a PS3…

  • Aoshi00

    A beaut indeed. I’ve complained about the same thing before; how do those who alrdy own a system go about getting these amazing LE faceplates? The last resort is ebay.

    So far I’ve bought three at “relatively” reasonable prices. Star Ocean 4 and Infinite Undiscovery (Aya holding a bow) for $30 each, and Last Remnant for $40. I don’t know how sellers in Japan got all the spares. The TLR one looks especially good w/ the white background, it matches my system because it doesn’t have the chrome tray, it’s extremely rare too and goes for like $90 average, I was very lucky.

    When you think about it, it’s kind of crazy to have spent a 100 bucks just on a couple of faceplates, but they just look so good.. I would really like to get my hands on this one eventually, provided I could find a good deal. I don’t know why they never made one for Lost Odyssey.

    The US ones for like Eternal Sonata and Ace Combat 6 by Bamco pale in comparison, the design was just too noisy.

    • TurkeyPotPie

      Unless the faceplate is packed in an LE Xbox or you have to mail off for it, I imagine they’re just distributed to retailers to be handed out with new systems. That’s probably where the “spares” come from (i.e. retailers selling off faceplates they didn’t distribute or employees pilfering a few). Or buyers who simply want the extra bucks instead of a neat faceplate.

      I like the faceplate idea as a collector, it’s just too bad we don’t get any decent ones over here. The plates available here in the states are pretty much terrible, garish and ugly. Also, having an Elite means most plates don’t match the system; this is one of the few I’ve seen that looks like it would look nice on an Elite. The SO4, IU, and TLR plates are the ones I like too, also the JP Eternal Sonata plates look nice.

      • Aoshi00

        I think there’re actually two types, one is packed in w/ the system set, the other in a separate box distributed by retailers like you said. There a a few sellers on ebay that seem to have an abundant supply of them. I guess the faceplates are not in that great demand to begin w/ at that price point. I realize it’s an incentive to move systems, especially in Jpn, but it’s unfortunate these aren’t bonuses that come w/ the pre-orders or sold separately.

        I’m sure this baby would look awesome on an Elite, so does that mean the Magna Carta 2 bundle in Japan would be in black color, even though it’s not an elite w/ a 120 gb HDD?

        The SO4, IU, & TLR ones are all nice indeed. One thing about my systems is neither of them has chrome trays, so the white tray stands out like a sore thumb. I like the Jpn Eternal Sonata (Trusty Bell) one too, but the cheapest is at least $100 on ebay.. guess that one is much more rare than the other three. The US ones really look bad and are made of cheaper material, I never had any desire of switching faceplates till I see the good ones from Jpn (I’m still very careful when I try to pull it out each time, it doesn’t feel exactly foolproof..)

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