Free Cross Edge DLC Saves Virtual Gold

By Spencer . June 18, 2009 . 3:50pm


Tired of paying Morrigan to revive your party members? Three free item packs available as downloadable content on the PlayStation Store should alleviate your need for succubus services.


The wanderer and departure packs contain healing items while the power up pack has ability enhancing items. Seems kind of strange to release these after Cross Edge launched, but that’s what happened in Japan too. Perhaps, these instant recovery items are just the kick a stuck player needs to continue the game.


I still think it’s mind boggling that your allies charge other party members for items. OK, I suppose Marie, being an alchemist, needs the gold to purchase materials to create weapons. Imaginative, but borderline believable. So, why do I have to go in to debt to Morrigan who fights with the party? With party members like these…

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  • Volcynika

    Yay, free!

  • stargatefan5

    why u have to pay your party members for items? ever heard of there is no free lunch? and u dont think it cost morrigan something to heal back ur dead allies?

    I do hope you play the game, if everything was free then what is the point of all the gold, ep, tp and pp?

  • Maybe Morrigan revives you with a kiss of un-death and charges a, erm, “service” fee.

  • Chris

    Seriously. Now they’re making you pay for basic in game healing?

    • QBasic

      Adds an air of critical strategic planning, no?

    • Ereek

      JRPGs have been making you pay for healing since DQ1, it’s nothing new.

  • I was just playing this last night. The only real good pack out of the three that I saw was the Power-up pack (bunch of base stat boosting items).

    Still got to take out that dumb lv. 120 pink dragon on Hard mode with a lv. 24 team though. :D Oh how my level doubled when I did that.

    • Ranza

      How can you defeat that fucking dragon without EX skill II o___0 ?
      don’t say to me you killed it with ex skill branch combo :-s…

      • Second run.

        I had the EX2/EX3 skill unlocked already. Needed 36 AP to do it. Used two EX2 skills with Meu at ~6000 ATK (pumped her full of PP that I didn’t use in the last run). First run was on Normal.

        I’m on my third run now and I’ve cleared just over a million damage w/ 485 hits using upwards of ATK5 branch comboing (between C- and D-type attacks). This was with characters at lv. 8 and 9.

  • Greg

    This is definitely appreciated since I went the masochistic route and chose Hard mode. I do have a question, though. Giving a player a few extra items is easy, but with full-fledged DLC in the vein of Disgaea 3, has it already been coded into the disc? Or is it saved locally or honestly rewritable?

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