• LordGeo

    Why not just have Majesco pick it up and release it as Forging Papa?

    I joke, of course… Though I’m sure Majesco would do a perfectly fine job bringing it over it they did do it.

    • jarrodand

      Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Majesco already has ties to Genterprise too, they’re bringing over Super Auto Salon as Sideswiped iirc.

      • http://www.siliconera.com Spencer

        Wait Majesco picked Super Auto Salon up? I thought Sideswiped was Crash King, but that’s from Genterprise too so the relationship is there!

        I think Majesco or whoever has to deal directly with Barunson / Studio 9 and they help localize Atlus games like Persona 4 into Korean so…

        • jarrodand

          lol! Sorry, I meant Crash King!

  • jarrodand

    I want this!

    C’mon Atlus… bring over this and Umihara Kawase DS!

    • EvilAkito

      Yeah, what this guy said!

  • MadMirko

    I’d love something like this in a cross over with an actual RPG or strategy game. Owner of the forging sim would craft weapons for owners of the RPG. Add a third, Dungeon Keeper like game to the mix and you’d have some players designing mazes and monsters, others building effective parties against them, both aided by the item creating third group who sell weapons and armor to whomever they choose, always intending to keep the sides balanced to endlessly profit.

    Huh, that’d be a real world simulator. :)

  • ShinNoKami

    Now THIS I wanna see!

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