Capcom Executes Mega Man Battle Network / Star Force Crossover?

By Spencer . June 23, 2009 . 1:55am

imageLooks like Capcom is gearing up for their yearly portable Mega Man game, but the project announced at the World Hobby Fair seems bigger than a standard sequel.


Capcom announced Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star, which might be localized into something like Mega Man Battle Network: Operation Star Force. Details about the game are scarce, but its reported to be a Nintendo DS game.


One Japanese blog tosses out the idea that Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star could be a remake of Mega Man Battle Network with Mega Man Star Force style controls. Ah, the title’s name would make more sense that way and that would solve story problems too. Mega Man Battle Network takes place in 20XX while Mega Man Star Force is set over 200 years in the future in 22XX.

  • The series was fun at first, then it kinda got repetitive.

  • Advent

    Why cant we get a new X game?!? I’m so sick of these BN / SF games… Yeah they are fun but there is no need to rehash the same product while only making small changes.

    X9 FTW!!

  • jarrodand

    How about a Zero+ZX crossover next?

    • pressstart

      But they’re in the same universe/timeline. I’m not sure how that’ll work, especially after what happened in Zero 4. Time travel?

      • Nite

        BN and SF are in the same universe too, just a few centuries apart.

        I’d love a Zero + ZX crossover (or anything MMZ in general), but it seems kind of pointless when ZX is pretty much Zero with a newer sprite.

  • Interesting. I’m so confused, though, that this is titled as a Rockman EXE game. So is this the first EXE game for the DS? Or are they sticking with the newer-but-similar mechanics? Or something totally redesigned? The name does suggest that it’s part of the EXE series. Even though it’s not numbered…

    I mean, if this were an EXE remake in the Ryuusei Rockman style, wouldn’t it be more like “Mega Man Star Force: Operation Battle” or something?

    (Well, then again, Capcom isn’t always the most logical when it comes to some of the names of their franchise sequels…)

    • To be honest, no one knows. Some people think it’s a crossover game, but the one blog I pointed out had a different theory. I tend to agree with the Japanese blog even though the name might not make perfect sense.

      “Mega Man Battle Network: Star Force Style Control” could work too.

  • QBasic

    Good effing lord. It’s almost as bad as Koei’s Warriors games.

    =/ MM9 is where it was at man… Give us some more old school goodness.

    • Jay

      now was there really a reason to bring koei into this?

      • QBasic

        My good effing lord. What is with you and your rampant fanboyisms.

        Jesus Christ, leave us alone, PLEASE.

        • Jay

          I’m not a fanboy, I think you just have some grudge against Koei and was telling you that there was no reason to bring that up in a Megaman article

          If you don’t want me to bring it up, dont give me a reason to.

          • QBasic

            Dude, you are 100% fanboy since you’re STALKING my comments looking for a chance to flame me.

            And I don’t have a grudge against Koei… The Warrior games are crap, there’s too many of them, and they never stop. Truthfully, the Warriors dev team is quite talented, and I’m utterly bummed that they don’t spend their talents on something else. Something, you know, DIFFERENT.

  • Lucky

    I like Battle Network, but I HATE the Starforce playstyle… I thought this could have been something I could get excited over. :(

  • Jay

    I’d like to see a new X, Zero, or ZX game. Heck even a new legends would be nice. Preferably an X9 with the same treatment MM9 recieved

  • whatzit2ya

    just a thought…. how would every megaman fit into 1 crossover?
    im talking about classic, x, zero ,legends , zx , bn, and starforce in one game?

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