Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: A Spoiler-free Look At Roxas’ First Week

By Jenni . June 23, 2009 . 1:16pm

kingdom-hearts-358-2-days-22Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is about Roxas’ daily life with Organization XIII, and offers over 90 missions to accomplish. Most of the initial missions are essentially tutorials, a means of educating the player about the Kingdom Hearts world and Roxas’ abilities, in case they’ve never played a Kingdom Hearts game before.


While the game begins in the future, around Day 255, to be exact, it quickly flashes back to Roxas’ first days with Organization XIII. Here’s a brief, spoiler free look at what a nobody’s first week is like.


  • Day 7: Roxas wakes up. Learns to talk to people in the World that Never Was’ Organization XIII lounge.
  • Day 8: Roxas learns how to save his game. Roxas and Axel go to the underground tunnels of Twilight Town to retrieve an item.
  • Day 9: Marluxia goes with Roxas to Twilight Town, where Roxas learns to destroy heartless and gather hearts.
  • Day 10: Roxas and Zexion return to Twilight Town. Zexion teaches Roxas to check the mission gauge to see how long before a mission is completed, and how to check the map on the touch screen for targets. More destruction of heartless targets.
  • Day 11: Twilight Town with Larxene. Roxas can now access the grid before missions to equip items, magic, levels and such. Roxas and Larxene dispatch more heartless, this time with magic. The magic and item shortcut menu can now be accessed as well.
  • Day 12: Roxas is investigating Twilight Town with Vexen. He learns how to recognize and check suspicious areas. kingdom-hearts-358-2-days-23
  • Day 13: Roxas heads to Twilight Town with Lexaeus. He learns how Limit Breaks can be triggered when near death, allowing him to attack enemies with unparalleled speed. A giant heartless is destroyed.
  • Day 14: Roxas can now upgrade his keyblade, and revisit earlier missions to find extra treasures or completely clear them. Axel and Roxas revisit Twilight Town to exterminate more heartless. Some Twilight Town characters make their first appearance.


After Day 14, Roxas tends to receive real missions. Ones that don’t begin with some kind of tutorial message before hand. Sometimes, he’ll even be sent out to carry out objectives alone. Initially, he’ll be tasked with working in Twilight Town, but eventually he’ll find himself in places like Agrabah and Beast’s Castle.

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  • MisterNiwa

    Well the only thing that buggs me at this game is that its always rewinding, the missions i mean…

    Oh and the Boss Fights, i love it that there are so many! But some of them are reaallllllllllyyyy annoying. I just say the one at the Alice in Wonderland Maze…

  • QBasic

    I understand the graphical limitations of the system….but one thing that really buggered me about the game is the HP of the enemies. It’s absolute nonsense for like, say a Neo Shadow, to have THREE bars of health.

    Well, at least magic isn’t worthless anymore.

    • MisterNiwa

      There are normal enemies with more HP than the endboss.

      THATS ridiculous.

  • Hero of Legend

    I was watching vids of Mickey in the game and his voice clips in battle seem to be reused from previous games. Does he talk during cutscenes, if there is even any voice work outside of the opening? I didn’t watch much of the game, I just wanted to hear Wayne’s final performance. :(

    So who the hell’s taking the torch this time anyway? When did Wayne record his last performance for Mickey’s Clubhouse? They aren’t going to just halt the show… are they?

    RIP, we all miss you. :'( Poor Russi too, this has got to be the worst time in her life by far, losing not only your husband, but your husband and yourself voiced what’s got to be the most famous animated couple in history now your life and carrer with it is changed forever, they no doubt cherished the time they spent working together on Mickey and Minnie. :'(

    My Father passed away two weeks ago. We spent everyday together, life without him to too painful to bear. :'(

    • QBasic

      *sigh* I absolutely detest when people say this was his final performance; it’s bullshit, you know it, and don’t act like you don’t.

      From the very start, even in the Japanese version, there wasn’t any planned spoken dialog for Mickey; they reused the sound files from KH2, and you’ll just have to square with that.

      • Hero of Legend

        Sorry, I was just going by Wikipedia and IMDB. :(

        But what is his final performance?

    • There’s only voice acting in cut scenes. Occasionally there’ll be a giggle or something during the gameplay when a character (like Axel or Xion) starts talking, and there are the grunts and such during attacks, but that’s it.

      Like QBasic states, I think the sound files are reused.

  • giggles

    The annoyingly large amount of HP on some enemies is due to graphical restrcitions. So, rather than having like, 1,000 Heartless on screen with a small amount of HP like on the PS2 the DS can only manage about 3 or 4 onscreen at one time, therefore by giving them more HP, the game is still a good challenege. :D

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