A Status Update On Spectral Force Genesis

By Spencer . June 25, 2009 . 8:47am

image “We are the US publisher for Spectral Force Genesis,” Ajay Chada, President at Ignition Entertainment told Siliconera during an interview. This confirms our earlier report that Ignition was publishing the football playbook meets Dragon Force strategy RPG.


“There have been similar games to Spectral Force Genesis that have come out. We want to make sure we give the right message. So, we are the publisher, we’re just finalizing the plans on how we release the game into the market, what audience we’re going to be attacking, and probably more importantly when we place it in the market.”


Chada explained the North American version will use the European translation with slight modifications. Nobilis already published Spectral Force Genesis in Europe. Speaking of the right message here’s how Nobilis is advertising Spectral Force Genesis in Europe.


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  • wario4ever

    please if they add english voice acting in the usa ver. the europe ver has no voice acting even tho the jpn has voice acting

  • LordGeo

    Nice to see an official announcement. I am looking forward to buying this game.

  • Trotmeister

    This looks even worse than all the other Idea Factory’s crap, which is to say – ungodly bad.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge strategy RPG fan, running a site about it and all, but these games are so uninspiring it makes one wonder, why the hell do the publishers outside of Japan even bother picking ’em up.

    • LordGeo

      Why do companies bring Idea Factory titles over? Oh, I don’t know… Maybe because there are people who actually like them?

      Oh wait, I forgot that, according to people who hate Idea Factory games, there are no real fans of their games. It’s weird how you say that Idea Factory is so uninspiring but I’ve found titles like Chaos Wars and Spectral Force 3 to be really fun SRPGs, regardless of whether or not they are “inspiring”… It’s pretty obvious that Idea Factory doesn’t aim to make games that are the “next best thing”; instead, they just make the games they want to make, which I admire. The fact that they’re usually solid games just adds to my enjoyment. NIS America made a mistake by bringing over the PSP versions of the games they brought over, since they have bad load times, but Atlus, Conspiracy Entertainment, and O~3 (outside of an amateur localization and giving us one of the worst English dubs ever) brought over, in my opinion, very solid games from Idea Factory; I haven’t played Neverland Card Battles so I can’t tell how well of a job Yuke’s America did with that. Anyway, Spectral Force Genesis has had my interest for a while and I personally am happy to see Ignition bringing it over.

      But, of course, people like me who like Idea Factory games don’t seem to exist outside of Japan…

      • Trotmeister

        Well, I haven’t played Spectral Force 3 yet, so I can’t comment on that one, but Chaos Wars is really low-quality game without a single redeeming feature. Makes one wonder what exactly is IF’s “aim” you so passionately speak of, what type of games exactly they want to make. Judging from their line-up as of now, I’d say their aim is to make cheap, outrageously bad strategy RPGs, leeching on genre’s niche appeal.

        • LordGeo

          Well, that’s where we differ; I myself really like Chaos Wars and find a good number of redeeming features in it, like the battle system (which has a multitude of little features to it), characters (we need more asshole main characters like Hyoma in RPGs!), and the open-endedness of it. The only real problems I find with it are due to O~3 and not Idea Factory (as I said, amateur localization and horrid English dubbing). Of course, this is the Internet, where one person can’t just accept that opinions can differ between multiple people. I like Idea Factory games and you don’t, and I’ll just leave it at that since it will likely never go anywhere and just be a never-ending and stupid argument.

  • Hello Hello

    I’ve been wanting this for a long time. This is good news!

  • lordgeo

    Posting in an older story mainly for one reason: According to GameStop.com/EBGames.com their stores should have been getting Spectral Force Genesis today. Other sites are saying next week or end of the month, but either way it seems that Ignition is sneaking Spectral Force Genesis into North America with little promotion. I guess they used all their promo budget on Nostalgia…

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