Agarest: Generations of War Births English Version In August

By Spencer . June 25, 2009 . 7:31am

image If you’ve been dying to play Agarest Senki in English your wait is almost over. Just like we discovered earlier, Compile Heart’s soul breeding PS3 strategy RPG is coming out in Europe.


Ghostlight, the company that published Digital Devil Saga in the UK, is taking care of Agarest: Generations of War and have it slated for August 21. Agarest: Generations of War is mostly remembered for its dating sim style elements where Leonheart, the hero, and one of the female characters can “breed” a new character.


A North American release for Agarest: Generations of War has not been announced at this time.

  • NO WAY. My jaw geniuely dropped when I read Ghostlight as the publisher; I really hope they’ll continue publishing these niche games.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    They will likely require you to call them directly (most US shipped orders aren’t online orderable) but GAME will ship overseas — will not for video games.

  • Lucky

    At least I can try to import, and I’m pretty sure you could find someone on eBay who will ship internationally.

    Agarest Senki Zero is the sequel to this game, right?

  • Reinbach

    Yes, Agarest Senki Zero is a prequel. 1000 years before, I believe

  • So if i import this I won’t need a PAL Compatible Monitor/TV will I? Cause I only have a North American monitor for the PS3, and at least with wii PAL games I get a blank screen, I assume it would be the same for PS3 pal games? Or will it run just fine?

    I’d really like to play this game in English!

    • What kind of TV/Monitor do you have?

      • I have a Hanns-G JW199D 19-inch Monitor, my PS3 is hooked up via VGA…Though I also have an HD Box Pro, that I sometimes use with it, via component. But the HD Box Pro is mainly used for my wii, which I’ve tried PAL games on before, and only got a blank screen, I could hear the sound and everything, but there was no picture.

        • I’m pretty sure as long as you’re playing it on an HD setting, you should be fine. So many of our Wii games are -still- only in 50hz which would be why you’re unable to play them.

  • I wouldn’t mind knowing if it’d work with a Vizio 32″ 1080p with an ATSC/QAM tuner in the states. If it does work and there isn’t any attempts to localize it, I might just consider grabbing it myself.

  • po

    Too bad they are only bringing the “censored” version over.
    Top is PS3, bottom is the XXXbox 360 version. There is like 10 CGs that are slightly altered like that, plus some new ones. Reappearance has little more content too. Hopefully that stuff makes it in the english version.

    • Hraesvelgr

      There’s hardly any difference in that picture, but yeah, I’d rather see the 360 version.

    • todorok1

      This version is improved from the Japanese PS3 version I believe. New backgrounds in the battle scenes were implemented (the Japanese version has the battles take place on the same map each time which kinda sucks. Also full control over the camera in battle phase, and other graphical upgrades could have been made to meet SCEE requirements.

  • Otaku Guy

    Meh, I will only buy this if it has the original Japanese audio track included, together with english subtitles like Disgaea 3 had. English voices on Anime characters…. Geez, one of my worst nightmares! It just sounds so wrong -_-”

    If not, I’ll just import it from Japan, even if I just understand around 15% of it… Also, they better not mess with the opening like they did on Valkyria Chronicles!!! Removed the wonderfull song, how crude of them…

  • I will probably import this sometime. Maybe it will take up sometime while I wait for Starcraft 2 to come out.

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