Atlus Tells Us About Trauma Team

By Spencer . July 1, 2009 . 3:13pm


Atlus announced Trauma Team with the tag line “six doctors, six specialities”. Since there wasn’t much info I asked Yu Namba, Project Lead at Atlus, to tell us more about Trauma Team before it comes out on the Wii next spring.


Can you set up Trauma Team for us?


Yu Namba, Project Lead: The Trauma Center series, until now, has focused on the surgical portion of the world of medicine. With Trauma Team we’re expanding that focus to the entire hospital experience by having six doctors with their own specialty. We do have a surgeon still. There is an orthopedic surgeon, a technician that specializes in endoscopy, we have a diagnostician, a paramedics person, we also have a forensics person, a coroner.


The coroner… I *think* we’ve seen her in another Trauma Center game.


Yes, yes. For some reason she is not working as a surgeon any more. You might discover what happened to her in this game.


And the surgeon isn’t he a cryogenically frozen criminal?


Sort of. I don’t think we can reveal that much right now, but he has been sentenced to 250 years in prison. He made a deal with the government to lessen his sentence by performing surgeries.




Does he have a healing touch-like power?


Our main focus of this game is to be more realistic so things like the healing touch won’t be seen in this game. Maybe characters have their own special things, but it won’t be as outrageous as the healing touch.


What will we do if GUILT comes back with a vengeance?


As far as I know there will be no GUILT or Stigma in the game.


Oh, so there won’t be any of these sci-fi —


That I really can’t say for sure.


Crystal Murray, Public Relations Specialist: It’s going to be much more grounded than the other Trauma Center games dependant on more real world situations.


Since you have six different specialities are there going to be significantly more procedures than the other Trauma games?


Basically. Game wise it’s going to be a little longer than the other Trauma Center games. Surgeries will be divided equally among the six doctors.




Do you start with one doctor and complete say Dr. Weaver’s story or can you freely pick scenarios?


You can do both. If you would like to complete one person’s scenario that’s fine. If you want to jump over to another person that’s fine too.


Is each doctor doing their own thing, kind of like Trauma Team is one day at the hospital all of these events are going on at once?


Something like that, yeah.


What kinds of new medical procedures are in the game?


There’s really nothing to explain about them at this point, except that we’re trying to make each part of the game as different from the other parts as possible. For example, the surgeon and the paramedic sound about the same. The surgeon concentrates on the traditional Trauma Center style surgery while the paramedic’s job is to work on multiple patients at the same time and keep them alive. And you have to pick between the patients like who you want to operate on first and which one do you need to switch over immediately to.




Will there be a branching story where there are consequences if you don’t save some of those patients?


That I really don’t know so I can’t say anything about it at this point.


How does Trauma Team connect back to the other games? Are the stories connected at all?


Not really. It’s just in the same universe, another happening in another hospital in the US.


Will we see some of our favorite characters again?


Possibly, you already saw Naomi Weaver so…


Are there any online modes like leaderboards?


No leaderboards, but there will be two player co-op just like New Blood. There is no online co-op mode. We think the co-op in this particular game only works if two people are basically next to each other, communicating directly.


Maybe for 360 it might be better since they have the headset and whatnot, but at least for the Wii unless you’re next to the other person you’ll probably miss a lot of different timing of when someone should be working on a certain procedure.


Speaking of co-op play, some people thought New Blood was too hard to beat without a second person. Does the co-op mode still use single player levels or are you making special two player levels?


What I know is the single player mode and two player play will be balanced enough so nobody will be struggling with one particular thing. Of course, there will be different difficulty modes so, if you think the regular mode is a little bit on the difficult end you can always go down to the intern level.




What about Wii Motion Plus support?


This game, to be accessible for everybody, does not use Wii Motion Plus.


Do you feel like the Trauma series can benefit from Wii Motion Plus?


This will be my personal opinion. In this game, Trauma Team, there are a ton of new ways to use the tools or navigate the menu and whatnot that I honestly couldn’t come up with more things to think of. There is still a lot of potential in the Wii remote itself.


Maybe in the future we will consider Wii Motion Plus, but I don’t think we’re there yet.


What do you think about the PlayStation 3 wand? Could the Trauma series ever use that?


I really can’t say. We would definitely like to test it out, but we’ll have to see.

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  • Vino (Tim N)

    Awesome. really looking forward to this.

  • Our main focus of this game is to be more realistic

    Hahaha. That’s why there’s a fucking I-beam in that guy’s guts. Right.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Oh come now, recovery will be possible…

      “Dr. Styles, paging Doctor Derek Styles, can you and your assistant come out of the linen storage area and report to surgery stat!”

  • Malek86

    Shouldn’t that guy’s gut be pretty much beyond reparation?

    • Zuga

      Actually, that’s a liver. But regardless, people should not be surviving with an I-beam in their liver.

    • Heal jelly can cure anything?

      • Apparently interns can, too!

  • lostinblue

    Is this all Atlus is putting on the platform? sucks to be in the third installment and nothing else.

    Things like… what Atlus is known for, you know… RPG’s? none? well, thanks a lot.

    Not interested in this.

    • Are you serious? Have you completely missed the Shiren 3 train?

      But don’t get me wrong. I’m a Wii fan too and I wish they’d support it more.

      • lostinblue

        I’m very thankful for the fact that Atlus USA is bringing Shiren… but I don’t count that as Atlus support for the Wii (by Atlus support meaning Atlus japan/game development support, not localization), it’s a chunsoft game for me.

    • You say this almost every time this game pops up here…

      But I do agree that Atlus should publish RPGs on this system more. But I do like this series so it’s not all bad of a deal for me. :)

    • jarrodand

      They should do Etrian Odyssey for Wii.

      • That would be awesome, but how would the map work?

        • MadMirko

          I’d love a Wii DS connection, like in the 4 Swords GC days (sans cables, of course). Essentially you would control the Wii game with the DS and have status / inventory / mapping functions there.

          That said, EO is so tailored to the DS that it probably better stays there. A non-Persona SMT Wii game would rank higher on my wishlist.

        • Possibly do the map using d-pad controls (up, down, left, right would register the walked-through area) while walking using a trigger click with onscreen arrows possibly?

  • Aoshi00

    I like the last question. I was wondering all these motion games like Trauma Center would be ported to PS3 or Natal later when their motion devices come out.

    Nice screen shot w/ the girl wearing a sports bra, lol.. I hope we get more parts playing doctor to diagnose the patients, and more story btwn the surgeries. The most eye catching thing for me is “6 doctors, 3 guys, 3 gals” :)

    • I suppose it was probably too early to ask that though, but I don’t see why Trauma Center can’t get a PS3 version in the distant future.

      • MadMirko

        Is the wand going to be usable as a pointer? I thought not, because the eye just tracks the position of the bulb on the wand. That would make for very awkward surgery: Instead of (scalpel like?) motions with your wrist you’d have to really move around the arm.

        • I’m guessing it must use IR in some form, at least for the bow-and-arrow stuff. Yea, I could totally see Atlus releasing these on PSN in the future sometime, even if it’s not at retail. It makes perfect sense.

      • lostinblue

        The wand won’t be standard, unless they make it support a regular controller it’ll be a niche game on a niche accessory, and double niche is never good.

  • Criminal sentenced to 250 years of prison acting as surgeon? I like it. Sold! :D

    No MotionPlus is fine by me…we don’t want a surgery sim now, do we? I also like that you can freely switch between scenarios and its GREAT that they left the two-player co-op in. I really want this. I just hope there’s a great story behind it.

    • MadMirko

      MotionPlus does not automatically mean “realistic”. It’s just that with the attachment the Wii can detect more types of movement and with greater accuracy.

      So it could also mean more varied medical instruments (real or not), just an increased freedom of the designers to create more diverse challenges in their operation-puzzles.

      • You’re right, or they could evenuse MotionPlus to make recalibration less of a pain in the ass. I wasn’t thinking of that, but now I wish they’d include optional MotionPlus support. ><

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