Marvelous Considering Wii To PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 Ports

By Spencer . July 2, 2009 . 1:08am


Marvelous Entertainment backed the Wii in a big way with new series like Little King’s Story, No More Heroes, Arc Rise Fantasia, and Muramasa: The Demon Blade. However, sales of these games in Japan (Little King’s Story excluded, of course, since it’s only out in Europe) haven’t been stellar.


In a financial presentation Marvelous has a new plan for their rich library of properties. First, is moving into multi-platform PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 development. I can confirm that Rainy Woods, Marvelous’ first title specifically made for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, is still in development. Their other strategy is porting some of their Wii titles to the PS3 and Xbox 360.


Muramasa: The Demon Blade and Arc Rise Fantasia aren’t heavy on motion control so I imagine these would be prime candidates to port. I’d welcome ports of either of these games too since more people would get to play them.


Enough about me. Which Marvelous games would you like to see on high definition consoles? I’ll start counting the votes for No More Heroes and No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle

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  • Haha, I was just going to e-mail you about this! Muramasa and NMH sound like the likely candidates to me. Sure, No More Heroes wouldn’t be the same without motion control, but I don’t think people that haven’t played it on Wii would really care about that. Muramasa is a shoo-in.

    I’m not so sure about Arc Rise though. I hate to say it, but while the game fills a gap on the Wii, it probably won’t look as good next to the competition on PS3/360 without some changes to the art. Who knows though, they might be willing to make those changes, and this does have quite a few “Tales of…” people working on it!

    • lostinblue

      Tales of Vesperia didn’t sell that well on the X360 though. Problem with RPG’s this gen is “overall” market, it’s not a platform problem, specially not in Japan.

      If they want to make HD RPG’s they should go at it from the ground (taking muramasa aside, where they have the assets done); just like Rainy Woods won’t be “ported down” and that’s fine.

      It’s also worth pointing though, that they seem to be channeling some kind of anger at the Wii that really isn’t warranted.

      I hope they continue to support it

      • Considering they have 6 Wii games to announce from between now till the end of 2010, I’d say they’re still the console’s biggest supporter. I don’t think it’s wrong for them to want to make their money back on any of those titles. I’m in favour of anything that keeps publishers like Marvelous alive and kicking.

        • lostinblue

          they have 6 upcoming wii titles to announce? holy sh*t! now that made my day.

          Thing about those ports is that the assets aren’t up to HD standards (again, taking muramasa aside) they’d have to be almost remake’s, and that costs money, plus I don’t think they’d sell any better on other consoles than they did on the wii (hence I don’t think they can make that much of a profit on that). Like I said, I think they have a marketing problem, and of course… selling new IP is always particularly screwed. Specially in japan.

          But yeah, seeing marvelous saying that such games didn’t sell what they expected is kinda sad, the thing is… it’s not the platform’s fault either.

          • daizyujin

            Well it is hard to say at this point it is or isn’t the platform’s fault. At least from a purely scientific point.

            Sadly that is the problem with trying to gauge why a product hasn’t sold, no matter who it is, no matter what the product, no matter how great they are perceived in an industry as an analyst, it is always a guess. There are too many variables here.

            1. New IP
            2. Poor Marketing
            3. Poor Platform Choice
            4. Incorrect Pricing
            5. Poor Distribution
            6. Insufficient Budget

            or possibly any combination of any or all of them.

            Too often companies jump to the wrong conclusion as well. We might know after the 360/PS3 versions are released, then again maybe not, again too many variables.

          • lostinblue

            I don’t disagree with you, but I really think it’s not the platform that is at fault.

            Plus there was even a study by enterbrain/famitsu a while ago where the Wii demographic said they were most interested in RPG’s.

            Also, There’s AAA RPG’s coming, like MH3, Tales of Graces and Dragon Quest X, with Dragon Quest X being bigger in Japan than a numbered FF and Monster Hunter 3 possibly coming close. I don’t think the platform can be considered “wrong” when there’s that kind of thing coming, it can’t apply when, even if “I” as a japanese gamer disliked the platform I’d have to get one, eventually.

            This said there are double the Wii’s in japan than there are PS3’s, and several times the X360 install base.

            Best thing Marvelous can do know is… keep investing. Do from the ground games for the HD’s instead of ports and keep supporting the Wii, Arc Rise Fantasia 2 for instance (they said they want to make a franchise out of it) leave it be as is and being Arc Rise Fantasia to the Dragon Quest X timeframe, lenghty development in order to have polish and coming out of Tales of Graces… In short… filling the gaps.

          • I agree with your analysis. There are too many factors to determine if this is a Wii issue or another issue.

            One thing for sure is Marvelous has a hard time compared to other publishes since they’re developing new IPs instead of growing established franchises.

            With so many sequels these days I hope Marvelous is able to continue creating new games with creative settings.

        • daizyujin

          I am in favor of developers making their wares available to everybody they can. After all, it is kinda silly to want games to remain exclusive to the Wii or any other platform just for the sake of having an exclusive. The only person who wants that is a fanboy. Reminds me of Final Fantasy XIII’s Sony fans that threw the fit when it was annonced for the 360. Why is that a bad thing?

          I am not sure that any of these titles really would suffer game play wise on the 360 or PS3. They don’t exactly rely on Wii controls to the extent of something like Wii Sports Resort. As big a fan of NMH as I am, I am not sure that the Wii controls are what sold me on it so much as the games crazy atmosphere and style, both things that can be ported to other consoles just fine.

          Moral of the story, games on more consoles is always better than games on less consoles, unless the port is inferior.

          • lostinblue

            I disagree with you on the NMH front, I really don’t think it would be the same without them. can be ported, sure, you can also port a on-rails shooter to a dual analog controller… but I really think the game would loose a lot of it’s “unique’ness”.

            As for FFXIII that was a unreasonable fit, just like with Devil May Cry 4 before it; the engine was multiplatform from the beggining (PC, PS3, X360) so why not?

            The thing here, at least for me, is that, apart from muramasa, I don’t think it really makes sense. the games were made for the Wii in mind, meaning a port would need to be taylor made and most likely upgraded from a graphics stand-point. They weren’t made with the HD’s in mind and the assets aren’t there for that to happen.

            Thus, porting/upgrading would be from a standpoint… a waste of time that they better invest in doing new games. Either multiplatform from the ground up or even exclusive for such platforms (like said, no one will ask for Rainy Woods to be down ported). of course, as a Wii owner I rather keep having their support, but whatever they go with it’s their decision at this point. (I think after what they did it’s just a matter of keep going at it, IMO)

            Also a port after the development has finished is also way more expensive than when done meanwhile.

            All in all it just seems like a bad choice for most of their line-up. IMO, of course.

          • daizyujin

            I respect your opinion but I fundamentally disagree with you on both fronts. I loved NMH but the motion controls to me neither got in the way of the game nor enhanced it. They were just there. They didn’t add or detract anything IMO.

            So long as a port can be done in a way that does the original justice, I think it is better to give as many people your product as you possibly can. Of course, you are right, if there is no real chance of financial success or if the platform don’t fit, then it is best not to try.

            On the other hand, another method would be to develop a new game based on the franchise. Take the new Overlord game for Wii for example. It is inferior to it’s HD cousins in a lot of ways but it also uses the system’s controls extremely well to the point that it excels over its HD counterparts in that area making for an enjoyable and justified product.

          • I actually like exclusives. If it weren’t for them all consoles would practically become the same. Especially the PS3 and 360.

          • daizyujin

            A very valid point. I am speaking though strictly about 3rd party games here. There will always be 1st party games that will be exclusive. In this day and age with the costs of development though, it is kinda silly to expect a 3rd pary company to make exclusives, especially on the HD consoles.

          • Conversely, wouldn’t a one console future be great? You could play everything then!

            Of course, that will never happen and there will always be first party developed exclusives.

        • Hero of Legend

          Where did read that they have 6 Wii games to announce?!

        • Hero of Legend

          You sure that assumption didn’t come from these charts?

          Because I’m believing (note, I can’t read Japanese) that those 6 Wii games are all games we already know of. :'(

          Maybe you know something. Please clarify!

          • Yea, that is what I was looking at. I was actually going through MMV’s charts and was going to mail Spencer about the port thing, but he’d already gotten the post up by then. Once I saw the post, I just glossed over the rest of it to see if there was anything of interest.

            Sorry guys, my bad if those are announced games. But either way, I highly doubt Marvelous is done with the Wii.

  • Malek86

    I don’t care about NMH, but I’d like to see how Muramasa would look on a HD console. After all, it looks like visuals are its strong point rather than controls. But well, it’s not like they would remake the game in HD, anyway. I’d be expecting some upscaling.

    Though i wonder if this is a good idea. Even a port will still cost some money, and if they don’t have good graphics on their side, they’ll have to rely on advertising… which will drive up costs even more. Maybe they should just start focusing on the portable consoles. Maybe port something from Wii to PSP? I doubt a 360/PS3 version of their games would sell much anyway, but a PSP version would probably be easier to make and have a higher chance of selling decently, at least in Japan (which I assume is the focus of the graph).

    • 2D art is usually done at a high-resolution and scaled down to fit the platform. Muramasa would probably require the least fiddling because of this. They could simply take the high-res assets and use those as is or just not scale them down as much.

    • Perhaps, Marvelous could release Muramasa as a downloadable PS3 game. They wouldn’t have to worry about retail orders and they could sell it at a lower price.

  • Hraesvelgr

    No More Heroes on the 360, like they initially planned for it!

    • lostinblue

      or… depending on the interview you’ve read… PS2. ;)

      They’ve said all kinds of stuff regarding “the platform were no more heroes began”

      • daizyujin

        It is like Kameo. Gamecube to Xbox to Xbox 360. There is a game shipped around due to changing situations on the business end rather than by developer choice.

        It makes you wonder what kept it from coming out on the PS2 or 360. Suda’s choice or was it the uppers in Marvelous.

        • lostinblue

          Kameo actually started as a N64 game :X

          As for NMH, PS2 was too late in it’s cicle by 2005 or so, when they started the pre-production stages for it, kinda like FFXIII who started as a PS2 game… it soon became evident that the new generation was approaching fast.

          So, with the need to consider other platform than PS2 the only new one with concrete specs and tech doing the rounds was X360, so it became a natural choice, until Marvelous suggested the Wii. Which Suda agreed, if he didn’t it would be a X360 game today. Just like NMH2, if Suda wanted he could have done it for another platform.

          NMH is the best selling Suda game ever, let’s not forget that; it’s not a “failure”.

          • daizyujin

            Dang I hadn’t realized Kameo was originally and N64 game. A four console gap. The game came out pretty well considering that.

            I never thought NMH was a failure at all. In fact, that is obvious since a sequel is being made. The term failure is as subjective in some terms as the term “bad game” since failure is gauged by your own expectations of how well the product did or possibly, just of the quality of your product. Apparently they were happy with sales though. I am glad, I really loved NMH, one of the few Wii games that makes me happy I bought the platform. It was just crazy. It proves that Wii can be a viable platform if you just give the game enough style. I still maintain though that I think the 360 and PS3 could handle the game just fine. Hopefully though a port would be more fleshed out and fix the few problems the game had like its horrid overworld structure.

          • lostinblue

            I would like Kameo to come out on Xbox 1 (I don’t own a Xbox 1 though, just saying), it was essentially ready and so it seemed a waste. Of course it was a marketing decision, but… All that work has gone to waste. If it wasn’t far along into development it’s a thing, but as is…

            If that had happened with say… twilight princess, I’d be pissed, I’d rather have them release a game that’s ready and focusing on making a new one afterwards (this kind of sums my point on the ports thing though, I really think like this, applied to all games)

            Same for remakes actually, i don’t like them much, rather see new games.

            As for NMH… you’re right, but a lot of people say “NMH didn’t sold well” just because it didn’t reach the multimillion seller status. It deserved to do so more than a lot of games who reach that… but that would be unrealistic to expect. Same for any Marvelous game at that, actually. Their line-up has been stellar.

  • Oh… my… god.

    That would be completely awesome for me (assuming they release here in the UK), seeing as I’m completely pwned with my US Wii unless I pay a butt-load (yes, I said butt-load) for imports.

    *targets locked for Little King Story*

    • lostinblue

      Arc Rise Fantasia, Rune Factory Frontier and Muramasa are coming out on Europe. the company that would publish such ports would be the same… Rising Star (They are owned by Marvelous)

      • daizyujin

        Maybe or maybe not on 360 or PS3 ports. Rising Star Games has yet to publish a single game on either platform. Not even sure if they have a license for either system. The company does publish for the PS2 and PSP but it is half owned by Bergsala which has a rather large connection with Nintendo.

        • lostinblue

          I wouldn’t read too much into that. Sony also owns some share in Square-Enix and that doesn’t account to preferential treatment, and Nintendo owns a good share of Silicon Knights, yet they’ve been developing Too Human for the X360.

          They’re officially the Marvelous representative in europe, and like you said they have published PSP and PS2 games before. That and Bergsala is not owned by Nintendo, they co-operate with them.

          The only reason Rising Star wouldn’t bring it is if some third party gave them a better publishing deal (more advertising and the like).

          Rising Star is part of the problem when it comes to european sales though… their distribution channels are bad at best, people have been complaining Little King Story and other’s haven’t made it to regular store’s too often.

          • daizyujin

            I will bow to you on this one as I am in the US. I really don’t have much knowledge of Rising Star Games outside of what I can dig up on the net.

          • I’ve seen Little King Story at the local Tesco and Asda markets here, but there definitely is little to no marketing to even point out that they exist.

            *sigh* And I’m stuck with that blasted US Wii or I would have bought it in a heartbeat.

  • Lacan

    Arc Rise fantasia and Oboro Muramasa on PS3 would be nice.

    Make it happen

  • Kevin

    No More Heroes series, Muramasa and Arc Rise Fantasia and perhaps Rune Factory Frontier these would all be welcomed on my HD Consoles.

  • thebanditking

    Personally I would love to see Muramasa and Arc Rise Fantasia on my PS3. I have a Wii so it’s not like I can’t play these games but Muramasa especially is a game I would love to see in true 16:9 with atleast 720p (1080p would be bliss). Not too sound like a snob but I paid $1500 for my HDTV and when Nintendo announced that their new box would not even support HDMI or 720p I was a bit let down. Arc Rise would depend on the porting process as the game while looking great for a Wii game would not graphically measure up on PS3/360, so some big changes would have to be made to the engine. I did not buy NMH to begin with so that one for me is take it or leave it but I am sure there a enough people out there on PS3/360 that would support the game much better then it has been on Wii. Either way I hope they go through with this.

  • lostinblue

    It’s not Wii’s fault that the games didn’t manage to make a break, it’s japanese market, the fact they only shipped 32k muramasa’s and 36k arc rise’s, plus the lack of advertisement.

    The other consoles have a lower userbase in japan; and Japan is going through a crisis; they can’t expect better.

    They should focus on new titles.

    • CleruTesh

      Yeah, I don’t quite understand this move myself, if they wanted to move more units in Japan, they need to make Muramasa: The Demon Sword (Changing “blade” to “sword” so that they can abbreviate it “Muramasa DS”.

      • I think Marvelous is really looking at the US and Europe with these ports. HD consoles are bigger overseas than Japan and Marvelous specifically designed games like No More Heroes and Little King’s Story for the West first.

  • jarrodand

    NMH1/2 are probably the only ones I wouldn’t expect, as really they’re the only ones totally built around the Wiimote. Rune Factory Frontier, Valhalla Knights ES, Little King Story, Muramasa and Arc rise Fantasia would all translate pretty well, at least control wise.

    Not sure what Marvelous is expecting in terms of sales though? I honestly don’t see any of these games doing much, if any better on PS360. Especially in western markets, where nichey JP made games tend to bomb pretty hard on the HD machines.

    • daizyujin

      IMHO price is the key. At $60 you are right, these won’t sell. A $30 or $40 price though might yield a decent sale in the US.

      I have to disagree with you on NMH, I really don’t see how it would be very hard to map the motion controls down as some sort of button combo. NMH2 may be a little more tricky depending on what Suda51 does since he said he wants to use Motion+.

      • jarrodand

        Oh sure, NMH could be adapted… but conceptually, it was really built around the Wiimote (motion control, speaker). I doubt Suda’s interested in ports either, he’d more likely rather concentrate on a ground up HD game if given the option. Maybe Ubisoft will do it themselves though?

        As far as price, yeah at $60 any of those games would be doa. I expect they’ll likely launch at the same price as the Wii versions ($40-$50) depending on how much later the ports come. If it’s over a year they might be lower, but $40 seems to be the general “budget” pricepoint for new PS3 and 360 releases. Even still though, I don’t see something like Rune Factory or Little King’s Story actually selling better…

        • daizyujin

          I think NMH probably has the best chance as it seems to me like it would fit the 360’s demographic the best. It has a lot of “male angst energy” in it. :)

          You know not to harp on the subject but when sitting down and talking to somebody on XBL I suddenly realized a rather obvious way to implement the speaker aspect of NMH, just have the audio play out the earpiece of the headset. Then again, having it play out the regular audio channel by default really isn’t a problem. They can just lower the music volume or something. The real work is in remapping all the wrestling moves.

          • Hey, that’s a great idea!

            I imagine the wrestling moves could be done with Jet Grind Radio style analog stick turns or something.

          • daizyujin

            That is a great idea as well! :)

            Seriously, it can be done and be done well. After all, if a couple of fans like us can come up with these idea, think what people who actually make them can do. ;)

            Also one more thing, these game will likely come out mid to late 2010, after Sony has already supposedly released their motion controller. Since we see it most likely will surpass the Wiimote and Motion +, there is always a chance the games will use the new controller.

            It is a sticky situation though from Sony’s perspective. It risks making the controller look even more like a Wii ripoff to the masses if it is simply used on ports of games already available on the Wii.

          • jarrodand

            Yeah, NMH fits the demographic best, but it still seems iffy imo. I mean, it’s an old game, really low tech and really built around Wii’s interface. Even in order to make it a budget 360/PS3 release would probably be more work than is worth the investment. If it happens, it’ll definitely be outsourced too (a la Killer 7 PS2 or Flower, Sun, Rain DS) probably to Ubi Shanghai or someone.

            Using the headset for cellphone audio is a great idea though. Actually I think Doom 3 did something similar with Satan’s voice on 360.

  • daizyujin

    Muramasa and No More Heroes

  • Ereek

    I’d like Little King’s Story and Arc Rise Fantasia. I wasn’t a big fan of Odin Sphere as it was too repetitive, I preferred GrimGrimoire.

    • But that got sort of easy as soon as you could summon chimeras; just place 2 or 3 over each other and stampede through the level…

  • Serge73

    I don’t have a 360 or PS3, so it doesn’t really matter to me as long as they don’t stop making Wii versions after these ports.

    And like everyone else, it seems Muramasa is the most likely candidate for a port…

  • None

    Harvest Moon Online, the PS3, XBOX360 and Wii? you’re yeah maybe same know! Harvest Moon I have were say?

    • daizyujin

      While I would not personally be interested, I could see a Harvest Moon MMO working quite well.

  • Lucky

    No More Heroes!! Definitely want for PS3. I hope they upscale the graphics though, and make the game look better if they are going to bring it to the bigger consoles.

    Motion controls can easily be mapped as buttons.

  • Jay

    Call me selfish, but I’d like all of their wii games to stay only on wii. I hate when games go multiplat, it makes me wonder why I bought all of the consoles in the first place. Also, I normally find exclusives better than multiplats since they were optimized for that system in the first place. And finally, at least in my book, exclusives are what define a system for years to come.

    I’d be happy for them to make PS360 and PC games, just make some new IPs.

    • floog

      I agree. These games belong on the Wii. They should at least wait until all the games are out in the US and Europe before considering a thing.

      • daizyujin

        That is a valid point since it does make me think twice about buying Muramasa on Wii. Considering I will play the game with the Gamecube controller anyways and own all three consoles, it would be silly for me to buy it on Wii. Obviously I would want the most impressive version. After all, if I know I can get a superior version for $60 and I am already spending $50, probably can justify the extra $10. Especially in this case since I have already played the game a little.

        That is probably why we won’t get any specific information about what games are being considered until early next year, when most of these titles have already been released on the Wii.

    • daizyujin

      What is the problem with a port to other consoles? If you love a game so much, shouldn’t you want to let others play it as well? Share it with other friends who may not own the same console as you? After all, these are 3rd party games, you will always have your 1st party exclusives to define your system. If a person like me can say that their Wii purchase is justified, anybody can justify a console purchase.

  • TheDude

    Muramasa by far, but I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing No More Heroes and Desperate Struggle. Hell, I’d be ecstatic if all three would make it on a PS3.

    Muramasa would seem like a better candidate for PS3 considering it would the spiritual successor to Odin Sphere for the PS2. ‘Course, that’s just my opinion.

  • Jae

    Rune Factory Frontier, and what looks like Harvest Moon: My Little Shop, on the PS3, would make me quite happy.

  • Jonny Tanna

    Forget the other titles, bring No More Heroes and any other Suda51 titles to PS3.

    Also bring out Killer7, but take out the schmultz/soppy scenes (those who completed it will know what I mean).

    Localizing Silver Case for PSN will be great to!!

  • James

    Great, even more reasons that makes the Wii completly redundant.

  • GetYooOut

    Yes I want Muramasa big time as well as No More Heroes!!!!!

    But I’m not getting a Wii anytime soon, so please bring them over!

    I own The Last Remnant and other games already for my 360, that is what I am interested in.

    Definitely do an HD update of No More Heroes and Arc Rise, $50 each, I would really want to play these on the 360 and know a lot of others who want it as well.

    And most people would not buy a Wii just for those games, I know a lot of people who won’t pick up Wii until 2011. Do it!

    It would be more instant sales, by having it on all three.

  • GetYooOut

    Bring Muramasa Demon Blade, Arc Rise plus No More Heroes to 360/PS3!

  • Gpuff

    Metal Gear Solid 4 for Xbox360 then and Mass Effect for PS3.

  • blacknight1992

    no fucking way thats not cool and thats not fair if our wii games r being sent 2 ps3 and 360 well then i think its only fair that their games r sent 2 the wii as well

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