Shadow of Memories Destined For PSP

By Spencer . July 6, 2009 . 7:12am

image Konami is porting their “time limit adventure” PS2 game, Shadow of Memories (aka Shadow of Destiny domestically) to the PSP.


Shadow of Destiny stars a Eike who suddenly gains the ability to time travel after he dies. Initially, the goal of the game is to prevent his own death and somehow this involves rewinding the clock back to the 1900s. As the story unravels the plot bends and players are presented choices that lead to different endings.


Japan gets the PSP port on October 1st. As of now, Konami hasn’t announced any plans to publish it internationally.

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  • Keriaku

    I completely forgot about this game, it was awesome.
    I would most definitely play it again on the PSP

    Here’s to it getting localized.

  • thebanditking

    Despite what some may say I really like this game, well I like the story because thats about all there was too it, but hey it was early in PS2’s life and the game selection ws dry. It had multiple endings and at the time some surprize twists to them. Also getting to hear Charles Martinet not going WAHOO! and Yipee! was a plus, he played the homunculus(sp?) just in case anyone wanted to know. If NA/EU gets this I will buy it for sure.

  • yanya

    Needs to come to the US. NAO!
    This would actually help lessen the sting of eventually having to buy a non-BC PS3.

    • Just FYI, if rumors are true (I’ve heard secrets, but that sounds so very credible, yeah?), all PS3’s will gain BC soon. OR, the Slim PS3 line will have full BC. Or some combination, but it’s coming in some form once more.

      • OMG I have been holding out for the slim, if that’s true… You will have just made me pretty amped up.

        • Like I said, though, a million grains of salt may not be enough to take that with, but with all the rumors circulating and what I’ve heard “from the inside”, for what that’s worth, it’s a high possibility.

          • Aoshi00

            I thought BC was taken out as part of the cost reduction. It would definitely be great if they put it back in, a slimmer and quieter PS3 is always welcome, but w/o BC I would not buy it since I play all PS2 games w/ my PS3 now. I do have the slim PS2 hooked up as well, but that’s the Jpn one. If that rumor is true, I would even import the slim PS3 for my import PS1/2 library.

          • Totally. I’ll buy a PS3 Slim even though I’ve got the launch PS3 (US launch), because I’m a little paranoid about it dying on me and screwing me over. Having something else that can play my entire PS1, 2, and 3 library is just… well… comforting.

  • This sounds interesting! I hope they decide to localize more titles along this quirky strange genre that so many of us love. It’s just about getting the game known to us to get us interested! Thanks Spencer.

  • Chow

    I remember this game. I especially liked how when you’re just wandering around town, they play this weirdly inappropriate suspenseful music. And when you walked out of a designated area, this dog teleports out of nowhere and Eike would say “I guess I better turn around” in the weirdest tone of voice.

    Still, I liked the game.

  • Trickless

    Hmm… The Japanese PS2 game had English voices. If it doesn’t come out in the west, it could still be import friendly. (Unless they decide to replace it with new Japanese VA!)

    I wonder if they’re gonna add anymore content to it as well, probably even more endings lol

  • Loved this game on PS2, a PSP port would be great if released here.

  • lol I bought this for 5$ used a while back and need to play it. May not be needing this version but it’s nice for more ignored games getting rereleased.

  • Shuyin

    This is good news; i loved the original (played it on PC). Its spiritual sequel, Time Hollow, was a good story but a terrible game (due to its lack of gameplay i’m not even sure it deserves to be called a game).

    Looking forward to this port and whatever additional content will be included.

    • Indeed. Even as far as visual novels go, Time Hollow was a wash. No choices to make, no branching paths, and minimal stylus use… it really was a visual… novel. As opposed to invisible novels. A book with pictures. But digital. And drawing a few circles.

    • Aoshi00

      Same here, I loved Shadow of Memories but didn’t care much for Time Hollow.
      I found neither the story nor gameplay interesting. The number-based English name puns were cheesy but not in a good way, unlike Phoenix Wright. I was disappointed because they were by the same writer.

  • jarrodand

    They should port Ring of Red next.

  • Looooooooooooooooooooooved the PS2 game.

  • Aoshi00

    I actually own both the import and the US version for this game, really liked it back then. Are they going to upgrade the graphics a little bit for the PSP port, it’s so old now.. some improvements would be nice (like Jpn voice acting), otherwise there isn’t much point to buying this again.

  • This was a great game. I still break it out sometimes on the PS2 and go through it. I’d love to see something added to make it warrant another purchase!

  • This was a great game. I still break it out sometimes on the PS2 and go through it. I’d love to see something added to make it warrant another purchase! *EDIT* Ack double post. Sorry!

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