Disgaea 3 Gets Trophy Patch Next Week

By Spencer . July 7, 2009 . 9:16am

imageIf you like collecting shiny virtual trinkets dust off Disgaea 3. NIS America will release a trophy patch on July 16, 1AM PST that adds over fifty trophy tasks. Thanks for the tip G!!


If the goals are anything like the Japanese version (and they probably are!) you’ll need to dish out 10 billion damage for one trophy and exchange ten counter attacks for another.


After you install this patch your previous save data will be unusable. That means the 300+ hours spent reincarnating Raspberyl into Prinny will go down the drain. If you want to use your old save data do not install this patch. Personally, I value the characters I leveled up more than Prinny trophies so I’m passing on the patch.

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  • GF

    From what I remember about the other patches, you can load your old save data and then overwrite it as save data for the new version. 2.0 to 2.10 did the same thing, and it worked well for me. Glad to see this up here!

  • Ereek

    I don’t like virtual shinies and I certainly won’t download it if my older saves won’t work.

  • Volcynika

    Ouch. Hopefully the save thing GF mentioned would work.

  • Lucky

    Good thing I haven’t bought this game yet then. The amount of downloadable content seemed like a completely rip-off, but I’ll get it some day and maybe a few characters.

    • Ereek

      The amount of DLC most certainly is a rip-off. By buying all of it, you’re going to be paying more than what you would pay for the game itself, and you’re probably not even getting half of the amount of content.

      I bought the game on release, but I won’t touch the DLC for this reason.

      • There are some DLC characters that are really, really useful, but there’s nothing forcing you to buy them all, or any of them. At least in the case of Disgaea 3, what you buy can actually help you in the game unlike some shiny new outfit or whatever like in other games.

        The amount of non-DLC unlockable content is immense, so you may never feel the need to buy anything extra.

        • Ereek

          Remember when characters, costumes, and extra content were added to the original game and you didn’t have to pay for it?

          That’s my main problem.

          • I understand what you mean, but what if NIS didn’t come out with any DLC and we’d just have to settle for the (many) unlockables in the normal game itself?

            Some people might be okay with that (and ultimately we wouldn’t have known any difference), and those are the kinds of people who can choose not to pay for DLC and be happy with what the game provides on its own.

            But others might be willing to shell out a couple of bucks for characters that they like or might want to use to help out in the game. And so, we have that choice.

            I honestly don’t think NIS’s plan was to include all these characters for free in the beginning, but then decided to charge for them. They’re clearly extras, something that goes above and beyond what the game normally offers. So I can’t really see where any complaints are coming from when it comes to Disgaea 3’s DLC itself.

            I know your beef is probably with the DLC phenomenon as a whole, which I agree is worrying, but in terms of what Disgaea 3 offers I think it’s fine.

          • Dick

            It sounds like to you a time machine to fix that problem.

    • I agree there are way too many DLC characters, but the trophy patch (if you like shiny trinkets) is free and the Raspberyl chapter expansion is pretty fair.

  • Lacan

    In Europe we are still waiting for the DLCs.

    Seems odd they haven’t ported it across since its been out since feb and the US has had all of the DLC for a little while now. Guess it will be another bionic commando trophy patch situation where it took months to arrive.The US hasn’t had their DLC for that long (well, long enough; but not the usual ages it usually takes for us to get it)

    I really want some of those extra characters

  • Code

    Previous saved data will be unusable!? what!? That’s insane why would they do that x__x my precious set of Lv.9999+140K stored levels for story/DLC characters and my endlessly wasted hours T_T!! Is that 100% correct/positive/confirmed!?

    I could see an old save file not being able to get trophies but to whipe it T_T!!?

    • Your file won’t be wiped, it just wont work.

      And that’s the official word from NIS so we wanted to warn everyone before their level 9999 characters were rendered useless by the patch.

      People above are discussing a trick, but it’s not worth the risk to me.

      • Code

        Won’t work as in I can’t play my old file T_T?

        • Bingo.

          Unless that trick GF mentions works… but like I said to me it’s not worth the risk.

          • Code

            Awww…. that’s really a shame, it surprises me they couldn’t do SOMETHING besides this.

      • Chow

        That’s strange. I remember browsing some forums not too long after the Japanese patch came out and there were people who confirmed that you wouldn’t need to restart the game. Based on my own experience from updating Disgaea 3, you can load your old save files, but as soon as you try to save your game after that point, they’ll give you a warning that you can’t load whatever new save you just made to any older version. It’s pretty much what GF said. I usually just don’t overwrite the file anyway and create new files, since the filesize on Disgaea 3 saves in comparison to PS3 HDDs is very negligible.

        Unless there was some sort of misunderstanding when you read the description, I don’t see this patch being any different than the Japanese one (that is, unless I’m remembering that thread from that forum wrong).

        Besides, from what I remember about Disgaea 3 trophies, they’re very “do X achievement” sort of goals that are doable AFTER the patch was implemented, and something that you’d have to work pretty hard to earn by yourself anyway. They have nothing that’s completely missable by not restarting from scratch. Something, like for example, “jump 100 times” would just mean that even though you may have jumped twenty-thousand times already in all of your previous level grinding, after the patch, all you’d have to do is perform another hundred jumps and you’d get the trophy. Some of the harder trophies, like going through item world without exiting is still an achievement in itself whether or not you restart the game.

        I’ve also seen Youtube videos of other PS3 games that actually say “You have not earned ____ trophy” because whoever recorded the video had imported a save from somewhere else. That’s the measure Sony takes to prevent people from earning trophies they didn’t earn. Because of that, I don’t see how or why you wouldn’t be able to use your own save file.

        • Here’s the NIS release. Make of it what you will.


          Santa Ana, CA (Jul 6, 2009) –NIS America announced today that a trophy update patch for Disgaea®3: Absence of Justice will become available on 7/16/2009, 1:00am PST. The patch will add the trophy function to Disgaea 3 and allow players to gain Trophy points by accomplishing the various requirements.

          CAUTION: Trophy Patch Update will make old save data unusable.
          The Trophy Update Patch will update the Disgaea 3’s system file, called an SDK, which will make your OLD SAVE DATA UNUSABLE. Therefore, if you wish to keep your old save data, please do not download and install the Trophy update patch. However, the update will provide over 50 trophy objectives to receive various Trophy rewards. Some Trophies are extremely challenging to acquire and will test the player’s skills to the max. Players can expect countless hours of game play from this update.

          • Chow

            Crap, it really does look that way. I wish they would’ve just done it the way they did it for the Japanese version (or so I’ve read at least). This really sucks though, because I’m willing to bet a lot of people have put at least two-hundred hours into their save files, myself included. Hopefully NIS will do something about this before they officially release the patch, since it’ll probably be impossible to reverse if they ever try to reverse it in an even later patch.

            I better update my game now so I can actually play the Raspberyl chapters with my old saves. I’ve been keeping an out-of-date version of the game because a certain update nerfed a rather minor levelling exploit that was only in one of the North American patches. As such, some of my DLC characters and most of the Raspberyl story data doesn’t exist in my game, even though the key to unlock them have been installed.

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