Here Are Your Disgaea 3 Trophy Requirements

By Spencer . July 9, 2009 . 12:55pm

image A trophy patch for Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice will go live on July 16. NIS America says it will render your current Disgaea 3 save data unusable. So, if you’re thinking about upgrading you may want to peruse this list and see if collecting the trophies will be worthwhile.


Some of them like “Jumptastic!” are easy to get all you need to do is jump 100 times inside the Evil Academy. Others like the cleverly named “The Ten Billion Damage Man” where you have to do 10,000,000,000 damage almost seem unachievable. Congrats to anyone who gets that!


Here’s the trophy list, arranged by trophy type.


Attack of the Counter 9 – Counter Attack over 9 times.
Cinco de Panelo – Clear Geo Panels with 5 color changes in a row.
10 Block Combo – Clear Geo Blocks with 10 color changes in a row.
Consult Your Physician – Play for over 10 hours without stopping.
ABC’s of Hitting – Get hit by ABC Gum. Keep talking to the Prinny statue at the HQ
10 Piece Combo Meal – Defeat an enemy with 10 combos or more.
Jumptastic! – Jump inside Evil Academy 100 times.
The Ten Towers – Defeat an enemy with a 10 story tower.
Axel’s Rose – Find Axel in the Item World. Comes out after 60th floor
Persuade by Force – Force the Student Council to approve your Home Room request.
Combo No. 255 – Accomplish over 255 combos in battle.
Capture Enemy – Capture an enemy during battle.
Magichangician – Magichange 5 times in a battle.
Receive 4, Move 20 – Receive 4 times and move over 20 panels.
Receive 9, Move 60 – Receive 9 times and move over 60 panels.
Treasure Raider – Get all the treasure boxes in the Treasure Room in the Item World.
Obey the Cat God – Talk to the Cat God at the top of the Treasure Tower.
Reverse Bandit – Get all the Reverse Pirating treasure boxes.
Who Wants to be a Milliondamagaire – Do over 1,000,000 damage.
100,000,000 Damage Pyramid – Do over 100,000,000 damage.
Item Warrior – Beat floors 1 to 100 in an Item World without exiting.
Wise Innocents – Defeat Wise Innocents in the Item World. (20th floor)
Defeat UFO (?) – Defeat UFO (?) in the Item World. (20th floor)
Defeat Eryngi Pirates –  Defeat Eryngi Pirates in the Item World. (30th floor)
Defeat Donnax2 Pirates –  Defeat Donnax2 Pirates in the Item World. (30th floor)
Defeat Lucky Pirates – Defeat Lucky Pirates in the Item World. (40th floor)
Defeat Cheerates – Defeat the Cheerates in the Item World. (40th floor)
Defeat Cowboy Pirates –  Defeat the Cowboy Pirates in the Item World. (40th floor)
Defeat Asian Pirates – Defeat the Asian Pirates in the Item World. (50th floor)
Defeat Sports Pirates – Defeat the Sports Pirates in the Item World. (50th floor)
Defeat Pirate Cleaners – Defeat the Pirate Cleaners in the Item World. (50th floor)
Defeat Ghost Pirates – Defeat the Ghost Pirates in the Item World. (60th floor)
Defeat Z Pirates – Defeat Z Pirates in the Item World. (60th floor)
Defeat Horizon Pirates – Defeat the Horizon Pirates in the Item World. (60th floor)
Defeat UFO Pirates (?) – Defeat the UFO Pirates(?) in the Item World. (70th floor)
Defeat Pirate Club –  Defeat the Pirate Club in the Item World. (70th floor)
Defeat Garden Pirates – Defeat the Garden Pirates in the Item World. (70th floor)
Defeat Boney Piratetes – Defeat the Boney Pirates in the Item World. (80th floor)
Defeat Kit Cat Pirates – Defeat the kit Cat Pirates in the Item World. (80th floor)
Defeat Element Pirates – Defeat the Element Pirates in the Item World. (80th floor)
Defeat Shinsengumi – Defeat the Shinsengumi in the Item World. (90th floor)
Defeat Red Pirates – Defeat the Red Pirates in the Item World. (90th floor)



Trophy Shop Trophy – Get a Trophy from a Trophy Shop on the 90th floor.
Defeat Prinny Pirates – Defeat the Prinny Pirates in the Item World. (90th floor)
Defeat 10 Gents Pirates – Defeat the 10 Gents Pirates in the Item World. Land carnage: (90th floor)
Defeat Baal Pirates – Defeat the Baal Pirates in the Item World. Land carnage: (90th floor)
Reverse Robber – Steal from all the Innocents while Reverse Pirating.



Carnagenist – Beat floors 1 to 100 in a Land of Carnage Item World without exiting.
Reverse Viking – Steal from all the Innocents and treasure boxes while Reverse Pirating.
The Ten Billion Damage Man – Do over 10,000,000,000 damage.


4.0 GPA – Get all other trophies.

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  • Code

    I would be all for more Disgaea 3 game time… but I dunno if it’s worth the cost of everything I’ve done so far T_T

  • Chow

    Somebody needs to get NIS to send out another Prinny Bomb newsletter with a poll about restarting the game in an effort to stop this update, or at least make older saves usable. I’m sure the alleged restart stipulation for the North American players has pissed off a lot of people. This must be the ONLY game where an update patch would completely destroy older saves. That is, unless they just worded it wrong in the press release and just meant that newer saves won’t work with older versions (like how all previous Disgaea 3 patches warned about).

    • Code

      Yeah if I could still AT LEAST play on my old file I’d be cool with it. I’d just make a 2nd file and play more that way >w<' But yeah agreed I think people should start mailing NIS — I honestly don't understand why this is an issue myself. Like you said Chow, I don't think the Japanese version has this issue.

    • GF

      Pick up the red phone and get Nao on the line!

    • Ereek

      Unfortunately, it’s not the only update patch that won’t let you use old saves. Uncharted, hello?

      • Amherst

        Well thats not correct, the main issue with other games has been getting trophies retroactively from save data. In Uncharted if you killed ten enemies with melee before the trophy patch you didn’t get the trophy when you installed the patch, you had to do the task again. You could even still play the pre patch save and gain trophies on it.

        Also… Irony = These trophies require the kind of achievements that only the hardcore would be able to perform but the hardcore are the people who have put hundreds of hours into the game and will likely choose not to lose their save data… nobody wins.

  • 214 game hours gone flush.

    Oh well, I’m taking it better than most. I did everything there really was in that game, including a vast majority of what’s been shown here. Fortunately, that means far less hours of screwing up on a second play-through in comparison to those that don’t have a clue playing it through the first time.

  • Is there a way to download someone’s post-trophy patch save and unlock these? This is ridiculous, we should be able to use our existing saves for this.

  • GF


    Currently, we don’t have a solid answer for your question. However, we have forwarded your question to our technical department, and we will do our best to get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and devotion to our games!


  • Aoshi00

    Trophy patches not working retroactively w/ existing save datas are common, like GTA IV, but why they would make it erase old data is completely beyond me..

    For crying out loud, can’t they just make PS3 trophies mandatory already like all 360 games having achievement on day 1, to save us all these headaches? You get people who put lots of hours into a game and wish for trophies, then patches came and they don’t recognize what was already accomplished. Even for multiplatform games that have 360 achievement, there is no trophy counterpart like Soul Calibur 4. I don’t understand what the deal is.

    I know the trophy/achievement thing is superficial, but if the same game is on both systems, one has achievement and the other doesn’t, it feels one is missing something. I don’t know why, but when the achievement icon comes up, it feels a heck of a lot better than when a trophy pops up. Trophies feel like something gamers have to beg for, and the PS3 games just hold them back to torture you..

    • Zweii

      Trophies now are mandatory to every game released after January 2009. Disgaea 3 was released prior to that so why the Trophies are only coming out now.

      • Aoshi00

        That’s good to hear. I wasn’t sure if they indeed made it mandatory, I knew Sony was making people do it. So no need for worries if FF13 on PS3 would lack trophies (I know some people find it useless, just nice to have, like high scores in Pac-man arcade cabinets you know).

        Still, a trophy patch update erasing old data is ridiculous.

  • mirumu

    I’m glad I haven’t yet got around to playing the game despite buying it at launch. I’d wanted to complete the first two games beforehand and have only finished Disgaea 2 recently.

  • Lacan

    “Play for over 10 hours without stopping.”

    Wow, This is insane

    • pressstart

      Only if they require you to do something during those 10 hours. If you can just leave the game running overnight, then it’s no biggie.

  • Lucky

    Well, at least games will be released with Trophies in them now instead of having to be patched. Saving us some unnecessary hassle with patching, yet I wonder which other pre-Jan. 2009 games will get Trophy patches? Off the top of my head, I know Eternal Sonata and Armored Core: For Answer lack trophies.

  • neon12025

    haha wow i was waiting to play this game until the trophies came out for it, and just dang that’s ALOT of work…well here i come 200+ hours or more >_<. ( I just hope trier is some way to download the update on my pc)

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