Valkyria Chronicles PSP Sequel Takes A Tip From Persona

By Spencer . July 14, 2009 . 11:21pm


The mistakenly placed Valkyria Chroncles trailer at E3 2008 wasn’t off that much. Sega is working on a portable Valkyria Chronicles game and Japan gets it this winter.


Famitsu spilled the beans on Valkyria Chronicles 2: The Royal Military Academy of Gallia. The story takes place two years after Valkyria Chronicles and introduces a new cast of characters. Even though this game is for PSP it uses the watercolor style CANVAS engine.


Sega explains the concept of the game is “school + war”. You control a group of military cadets as they head for battles in the south. Similar to Persona 3 and Mana Khemia seasons change and different school events come up.


So, if Valkyria Chronicles 2 comes out this winter I guess we can hope for fall 2010? That’s a reasonable amount of time for Sega to localize this, if they pick it up.

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  • Ereek

    Wait, what?

    Wow. That was fast, SEGA.

    Where’s my SoA sequel?

  • Trotmeister

    Evil-looking valkyria with horns and tentacles HELL YEAH!

    This game can’t come too soon.

  • Great, another game whose prequel is better.

  • Anonymous

    ^ This coming from someone who hasn’t even played the sequel yet.

    Ahhh..gotta love those close-minded gamers :D

  • malek86

    I’m not too thrilled by the school+war setting. Works on something like Persona, where people are fighting without anyone knowing it, and so have to attend school in order not to raise suspicions. But this? The characters, between one shelling and the other, will go attend the culture festival? Uhm.

    • Anonymous

      I think you’re taking this too seriously. Did you never wonder what was going on at the military academy when playing Valkyria Chronicles? I think it will be cool to see what life is like off the battlefield.

      It’s just a new element to the game anyway. It’s not like adding this will hurt the game any. They are keeping the battle mechanics and whatnot, so I don’t really understand what there is to be complaining about, unless you just don’t like additional content or more replay value (for whatever reason). Also, I don’t really LIKE using real life as an example towards a game, but you have to figure..they aren’t on the battlefield 24/7.

      They DO have lives outside of that, you I’m very interested to see how this turns out and look forward to juggling my school life with war :3

      • malek86

        Not saying it will necessarily be bad, but it kinda strikes me as weird.

        And besides, it makes the whole game look like it will be heavily aimed at the japanese market. Not only the school setting, but also the new character design (the scan looks a lot more anime-ish), and especially making it on the PSP. Coming out on PSP could mean great sales in Japan, even more so than on PS3, but potentially bad sales in the rest of the world.

        Well, I guess it will still come out here someday. Hopefully.

        • jarrodand

          It’s not like Valkyria sold that well in the west anyway though, it pretty much bombed here. Honestly, it probably should’ve been a PS2 game from the start.

        • Hraesvelgr

          You’re telling me the original Valkyria Chronicles *wasn’t* heavily aimed at the Japanese market?

  • They need pull a Matrix style plot point where the characters are really just playing an FPS and killing zombie Nazis between classes.

  • Lacan

    wish it was on PS3,the CANVAS engine just doesn´t fit on a handheld.

    way to **** up the one good thing you did in a decade sega, PSP had his share with the JRPGs….. the last thing we need now is to move the sequel for the best Srpg on the system to the PSP.

    This is very disappointing news.

    • disappointing? I’m actually very exited.

      Like malek86 says, the school + war setting might be a bit odd, but I guess it could work if they go on training missions (and things escalate from there). I wonder about the CANVAS engine too though, it could be very pretty but I wonder how the PSP would handle it?

      • Lacan

        Since SCEJ is supporting Project Valkyria I was hoping for a true sequel on PS3 and a spin off on the PSP. I think sequels like MGS:PW, DQ XI or VC 2 should never go to a handheld.

        I already own a PSP and a NDS but frankly, I´m not a handheld gamer.

      • Yes, disappointing. This should be on the PS3, not the PSP. I want to play an epic game like this on my HDTV, not a 4 inch screen.

    • Wat. How was that the ONLY good thing they done? *sigh*

      btw I’m glad it’s on a system I have but I hope it’s newcomer friendly (which case I’m sure it could).

  • Corey Lucas

    The anime Rocks!

    • If you think the anime rocks, then you must have hated the game. The two couldn’t be more different.

  • MadMirko

    “school + war”


  • thebanditking

    Im not sure how to feel about this one. It’s great to see the series continue but the PS3 needs more RPG’s and after setting people up with the first one the sequel could have been a huge success on PS3 (in Japan anyway). It’s not that I don’t like PSP, on the contrary I love my PSP; and if this is brought over here I will buy it without hesitation. Still I see Sega’s point to doing this, Cheaper development cost, lager install base make the PSP an easy choice. Oh well I guess I should just be glad it’s not for DS, because at least PSP can try to keep the gameplay/graphics intact.

  • Nabe

    While i’m disappointed that they’re now going for a shounen anime look (crazy horned smirking Valkyria ugh), i’m happy that there’s a sequel even being made. Wasn’t too sure there would be one given how it sold all around.

    Still, i’ll miss the original style that made Valkyria Chronicles all so wonderful a game.

  • Hmmm…..I’m glad they are doing a sequel. But this game shouldn’t have a “2” next to it. I hope Sega doesn’t blow it. I have a PSP anyways, but I’d rather enjoy it on my TV too.

  • I want it to be on PS3. Since from my experience with the PSP it doesn´t allow for the godly amount of precision that Valkyria Chronicles required.

    Which is a pity. But nontheless I´m glad that there is a sequel comming out. Now all I need is to find the money to get it when it hopefully gets translated.

  • eliel

    if the game plays is additionally the same i’d get day one 4 meh i hope its harder than the first

  • if it comes for psp why not wii sega?

    • jj984jj

      3rd party games have been selling badly on Wii, especially in Japan. Maybe high quality games would change that but they aren’t sure, MH3’s success will be telling.

      Sony’s also been knocking on every 3rd party’s door asking for PSP support lately. Oh, and you can bet there would be a lot more people complaining if this were on Wii.

    • Since the franchise started on the PlayStation and the anime episodes are on Japan’s Store it makes sense that it stays there for now.

      If Valkyria grows again it’s possible, but RPGs aside from Tales have had a hard time on the Wii.

      • i agre about the franchise being born on sony family side…
        but about the rpgs on wii, dqswords sold considerably well, super paper mario, fire emblem, too… and shirn3 and chocobo dungeon 3 with close 100k sold(japan-wise), the sad side comes with around 30k sold from, echoes of time(can’t compete with ds version),fragile(new entry and very niche…but very sad to manage only 22k ;.;),arc rise fantasia( new series again coming from a not so great in cash studio but that i love) oboro muramasa(wich compared to OS in th large installbase of ps2 sold 50k on first week and muramasa sold 28k on a very less IB that is wii by now…) phantom brave and takt of magick(but those two had near to nothing marketing as many good wii games have and are faded to die) sold less then 20k being the real bomba that i remember
        i dun see any great numbers in japan for ps360 =.=
        so sales wise i dun see wii as a great bomba for rpgs

  • Why PSP SEGA?! PS3 is where it is at yo!

    Still; I’m very excited for a sequel!

  • Mr. T

    Why PSP? ’cause nobody bougth the friggin game in its PS3 incarnation, that’s why.

    Bought the PS3 version, loved it, and can’t wait for the PSP sequel

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