• MadMirko

    I think Ghostlight published DDS in most of Europe, not just the UK. Ubisoft distributed, at least in Germany.

    Why one would import Agarest when there are plenty of _good_ SRPGs out currently is beyond my brain’s powers, though.

    • Gestahl

      Care to give an example? HD consoles, please.

      • MadMirko

        Valkyria Chronicles.

        That said, the HD consoles are not the proper platform for (S)RPGs. Yer doin’ it wrong!

  • http://www.cosmosgaming.com cosmosgaming

    I figured you’d be able to dig up some more info. I didn’t know that they were both owned by the same company, so that makes more sense now. I think what ultimately happened is that they realized Ghostlight was a better fit rather than a publisher known for budget titles.

  • igotmy9milli
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