PS3 Owners Have To Wait For Marvel vs. Capcom 2

By Spencer . July 16, 2009 . 8:13am


Capcom announced Marvel vs. Capcom 2 won’t come out on PlayStation Network until August 13, two weeks after the Xbox Live Arcade release. No reason was given release difference, but it may be not be a delay.


A rumor about a GameStop exclusive Marvel vs. Capcom 2 collector’s edition with a release date of August 13 has been floating around for a few weeks. The reported item, which has been removed from GameStop’s database, is said to contain a code to download the game, a tangible manual, a disc containing exclusive wallpapers, 2,000 Capcom Unity points, and a one month subscription to Marvel Digital comics.

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  • xemnas

    Im so tired of this bullshit why do ps3 owner always get screwed over

  • cell989

    total bull$#!&

  • ECM

    I have all three consoles (spend most of my time on Wii, though) but I have to agree with the others: PS3 owners constantly getting the shaft is getting a bit tired.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Personally, as an owner of all three current consoles, both handhelds and a PC, it makes very little difference to me which platform gets “the shaft”.

      • xemnas

        Thats nice but not everyone has that kind of money…why do we have to wait two weeks especially when there is no apparent reason why?

        • The GameStop Collector’s Edition, if it exists, would be a pretty good reason. If the downloadable version came out on PS3 first the “retail” edition would have a hard time selling.

          • xemnas

            but it was pulled from gamestops site right? i remember seeing it

          • Yes, and that’s probably because it wasn’t supposed to be there… yet. As soon as Capcom officially announces it then it will be back online, if it was a leak. Comic-con is right around the corner too, which would be the perfect venue to announce the Collector’s Edition.

            I think this may be a case of Capcom trying to do something special for PS3 owners, but it’s backfiring due to a lack of transparency.

      • ECM

        Classy and empathetic–wtg!

      • djkoz78

        So who cares if you have all three this is for people who only have the PS3 and for the people who only have a PS3 it makes a big deal. Ps3 owners are tired of being screwed when we pay the same price as the other console. It’s unfair and I don’t understand why Capcom Bethesda or Sony won’t give an explanation as to why this is. I think the people who bought their system or their game deserves a right to know that why did we support your game or your system but you continually piss in their faces. I want to know why.

  • Capcom, as well as Square Enix, have been a little questionable with their treatment of the PS3.

    Look. I’ve got money to buy all the consoles, but I choose not to. It’s not the cost of a console that puts me back; it’s the accessories and the games AND THE TIME needed to give them all love. If you have all three, great. I can’t imagine you being able to play all the great games for each console and still living a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been there. It sucks. So, developers of the world, if you’re going to delay/cancel/etc a game for one system, at least give an honest reason why.

    I’d like to believe Spencer’s notion of the retail disc, but wouldn’t you delay the game’s release on Live as well? I dunno. The games industry is getting really strange. I’ll just play the games I have time for and try not to care about “negative” news.

  • Lacan

    Unfortunately money talks and Capcom needs to choose between taking MS checks or selling games to their fanbase.

    (off-toppic mode)
    I have to laugh at how stupid Square Enix has been this generation. They released four JRPGs exclusive to the 360(the lowest selling console in Japan) and they want to talk about profitability. Don’t take all those checks from MS to make exclusive titles for the 360 and complain when the game doesn’t sell well.

    • jarrodand

      What? Who’s “fanbase”?

      Every single multiplatform Capcom game so far has sold more on 360 than PS3. It’s getting to the point where Microsoft doesn’t even need to moneyhat, market forces are naturally accomplishing the same thing for them…

    • Name1358

      True but the ps3 gets the good rpgs Versus 13 and so on, 360 jus gets the shitty rpgs, thats how i look at it

  • stubacca

    This is so silly. I’ve been expecting this game since the demo was released. I loved it on PS2 and I can’t wait to play the full game on the mighty PS3.

    So where’s the PS3 love Capcom? I love you guys and I love the PS3. Make love not delays.

    • xemnas

      Not just capcom….square enix, namco bandai..everyone wants to screw ps3 users over

  • pthodin

    The gamestop pack is not a rumor… it is in our reservation database and it recently was lowered in price from 19.99 to 14.99… and it is set for August 13th… and its only the ps3 sku… if you go to gamestop, ask them to look up in the reserve database, its under time-cards in our reservation skus….

  • thebanditking


    I own all three as well but when it comes to 2D fighters the PS3 always wins out over the 360 because the 360 D-pad is broken at best and truth be told is utter garbage in reality. The Dualshock is just better for fighting games, and please skip the crap about “real players buy a fight stick” because I have not bought a specific game type controller since my Saturn Racing wheel way back when. I don’t want to clutter up my home with countless fight sticks/wheels that only work with one generation of consoles.

  • Name1358

    Fuck CAPCOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • pthodin

      How come? What did they do wrong by re-releasing such a good game for all to play?

  • eddiee44

    I have to agree with everyone elses comments due to the fact that this release date has already been pushed previously, whether it be speculation of release date or actual release date, a release date should be across all consoles and not just kissing up to particular networks (i.e. XBLA)… PS3 owners all over should be very disappointed with the treatment of PSN at all turns with having to wait, wait all the time that is.

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