Valkyria Chronicles 2 Has Ad-Hoc Play

By Spencer . July 17, 2009 . 5:42am

imageSega formally announced Valkyria Chronicles 2 with Edy Nelson, Homer Peron, and Executive Producer, Shuntaro Tanaka introducing the game.


In the “discussion” Tanaka confirms Valkyria Chronicles 2 will use the BLiTZ, the real time running and gunning battle system from the PlayStation 3 game. He also mentions Valkyria Chronicles 2 will support ad-hoc play and to look forward to additional details in the future.


Homer, staying in character, replies with, “I see… this will surely be great…”


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  • Doc

    I’ve been gaming for over 25 years and I don’t know what “ad-hoc play” means.

    • zweii

      ad-hoc = local multiplayer via wireless

      Game sounds awesome!

      Hopefully the localized version wont be far off.

      • Thanks for helping Doc out and honestly answering his question. :)

        • Doc

          Yes, thanks. I certainly know what local multiplayer means, and I’m a big fan of it too. Ya learn something every day!

  • Adrian

    I have wanted to play Valkyria Chronicles ever since 2007, but since I do not own a PS3… I am just glad that it is now coming to the PSP. And even though this is a sequel that will probably make no sense if you have not played the first game in the series, I am still thrilled none the less.

    PS: ‘A wireless ad hoc network is a decentralized wireless network.[1] The network is ad hoc because each node is willing to forward data for other nodes, and so the determination of which nodes forward data is made dynamically based on the network connectivity. This is in contrast to wired networks in which routers perform the task of routing. It is also in contrast to managed (infrastructure) wireless networks, in which a special node known as an access point manages communication among other nodes.’ – taken from wikipedia

  • malek86

    All the more reason to believe they are aiming for the japanese market this time.

  • Kris

    Despite how cool this looks, I’m still frustrated that this is a sequel rather than a spin off. What gives with all of this “the saga continues on handhelds” stuff?

    • gutsdozer

      The first game most likely didn’t sell enough to warrant a PS3 sequel, so they saved money while pleasing fans by making the sequel for PSP. I agree, and personally hate playing games on PSP. At least DS games feel like handheld games. PSP games always try to feel like console games, which is annoying to do with a tiny screen.

    • Didn’t Square start doing this before with Final Fantasy VII sequels/prequels appearing on multiple platforms?

      It might be frustrating, but more people will actually have access to the game on PSP which is what the series needs at this point.

  • Can anyone confirm if this is a direct sequel or just set in the same world? I’ll have a PSP before I have a PS3 so I’d like to know if playing the first one is required to know what is going on in the sequel.

    • It’s a sequel, set in the same world, two years after the events in Valkyria Chronicles. You’re still in fictionalized “Europa”, but you have a new group of characters.

  • Ooo Multiplayer?! Awesome! That’s one thing I really wanted in the first game. And I hear this game will have more vehicles? That’s something I wanted in a sequel! Man, I’m gettin’ really excited for this, but I’m still disappointed that it’s a PSP game(I wanted online multiplayer on the PS3!)…

    • I hope it’s multiplayer, but it not be multiplayer. All Sega mentioned was ad-hoc play which could *shudder* be used for item trading.

      • Ugh, that’d be such a let down if it was something other than multiplayer.

  • Chris

    Why are they putting the sequel to a console game on a portable system? That freaking lame. First off I don’t want to shell out another $170 for a second portable system when I hate squinting at those small screens. Second, doesn’t this pretty much automatically mean the game will be smaller and uglier?

    If they don’t want to pay for a console game, make it a spinoff, not a sequel.

  • Josh

    Dammit, they’re using the anime-style character designs even in-game.

    But the possibility of multiplayer is enough for me to overlook that.

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