Aksys Releasing Record of Agarest War As A PSN Download

By Spencer . July 28, 2009 . 6:13pm


A few months after we revealed Record of Agarest War was coming out in Europe and that Ghostlight was publishing it comes news that Aksys is bringing Compile Heart’s strategy RPG stateside in an unorthodox way.


Aksys will release Record of Agarest War as a PlayStation Network download. (Thanks for the tip Matty!!) Red Entertainment known for Sakura Wars helped develop the game, which is mostly remembered for its soul breeding character creation system.


Other than a picture of a girl eating a sausage the official site doesn’t offer much information. I asked Aksys for more details and Harry Chang, Brand Manager, responded with, “What I can go on the record and say is yes we are planning to bring this bad boy here stateside, through PSN.” Chang said more details are coming.


We’ll be bothering Aksys for more information like if they’re going to touch up the European localization and if Aksys plans on releasing more obscure PlayStation 3 games as PSN downloads. Battle Fantasia is getting the same treatment this fall.

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  • wow tha pic is really hentai-esque

  • vrakanox

    looking forward to this. man i love aksys

  • geosaferi

    Hmm… Do I import the EU version and own a physical copy or do I simply download this version, which could possibly be for a much reduced price… Never been a fan of digital distribution of retailed games tbh, only because I’m curious as to where these games will end up when we move to the next generation of systems(ps4.xbox3.wii2). Knowing these corporations we won’t be allowed to carry over our accounts and downloaded items to the new systems… Maybe I’m reading too much into the future for what could just be a 20 dollar purchase.

  • QBasic


    Gah! And Europe gets a limited edition! Foofie!

  • flcldaniel

    Anything to get more games over here. Plus, I love these stupid games.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Guess I’ll be double dippin’ — getting the Euro one too, which interestingly was just pushed back 2 months. Sounds stupid, but gotz to support this call. Next we need TtT!

    • I didn’t think there was any hope for Tears to Tiara, but if Record of Agarest War is being localized it’s possible. There’s a backdoor route for Japanese publishers too by signing a deal with Europe first, instead of the US, and then having the game released as a PSN exclusive.

      • Hello Hello

        Isn’t Tears to Tiara a psudo-visual novel like Utawarerumono? I know there’s SRPG game play, but isn’t there also unholy amounts of text? Would any publisher really put in the man-hours to localize something like that?

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Agarest Senki isn’t short in the text department either, so I can’t imagine that would be a deal breaker. A greater hurdle would be aquaplus not showing the interest in localizations that Red has over the years.

  • Saturnus

    So, is this the first one… or the prequel that was released after? :s

    • The series order is:

      Record of Agarest War Zero -> Record of Agarest War

      Release order is:

      Record of Agarest War -> Record of Agarest War Zero

  • Nabe

    I would love a physical copy, but if the price is right i’ll be happy to take it. Hope it’s gameshare compatible!

  • I’m on the no disc no buy train and I’ll tell you why…

    From one of the people that worked at Ghostlight, posting on a GF board for this, he said the original Japanese audio alone was 15GB (and, of course, they didn’t keep it either). Now…do I want to spend several days downloading something and possibly have numerous screw-ups and re-downloads along the way? No.

    • Is that pretty common? I don’t own either a PS3 or Xbox, but I do have Steam. When the internet connection goes on the bum I still manage to keep d/l. I just have to not try to interrupt it.

    • Thanks for sharing this :)

      The game would have a hard time fitting on a 20GB PS3 then. Hmm… I wonder if Aksys is going to compress the voice acting files. We’re talking about a monster download, if this is the case.

      • Talking in IRC with a few tech buds of mine, 15 gigs of audio would be the equivalent of about 30 hours of uncompressed CD audio. If they had a way to effectively compress it and make it work with the PS3, they might have a shot…but I have a feeling that we’d only have one audio track. I’d prefer the original Japanese track (like most) but I have a feeling that wouldn’t be the case (considering that the UK version followed this vein of getting rid of JP audio).

        And yea, the hard drive issue would be the monster bottleneck. A lot of PS3s out there aren’t capable of doing this when they’ve probably been saturated with things like a 4 gig file for MGS4 alone among whatever else they have for saves. I took the time to pull my 40 and replace it with a 120 but at the rate things are going I might just have to consider a 250 gig from the office if they are SERIOUSLY considering massive downloads like this.

        • geosaferi

          Where are you getting that they removed the JP audio from?


          To joachim005 – Yes the original intro movie theme music remains.

          And just to clarify the game features UK English text and Japanese audio only. Like I said before with just these elements the game weighs in as near to 16GB as makes no difference so we couldn’t include English audio (besides which it would be an epic task that wouldn’t match the Japanese audio for quality).

          • D*mn…read it in reverse. I misread and thought I read it as they removed the Japanese audio which WAS 15 gigs and replaced it with an English variant.

            That was the GF thread I was mentioning though.

            But doesn’t a Blu-Ray disc for the PS3 at least 25 gigs if not 50 for dual-layer? What about a second disc spread? What about compression? Does it need a specific compression to work?

  • lordgeo

    Hopefully Aksys will also bring over the XBox 360 port, Record of Agarest War Re-Appearance, on a physical disc… Battle Fantasia-style.

    • Ghostlight might have to grab that first, but I can see it happening.

  • Reflect

    I’m interested in replaying this game again, in English!

    Now I’m curious since it’s a 2009 release: Trophies in the game unlike the JP-Version?

    • I think they’re required so yes? This is a good question to ask Aksys… *grabs notepad*

    • Trophies aren’t required until January 1st 2010.
      The game will not have any trophies.

  • Good news. But it would have been better if it were a disc that was released. I´d love to have a nice looking box in my shelf.

    But if a downloadable game is all I can get then sure, why not. I´m up for it.

  • I’ll gladly purchase this. Getting a game released at all is better than nothing. Keeps me from importing anything; I don’t really feel like getting into that, so this is a relief. Thanks, Aksys!

  • aun61

    I love maybe… the Playstation sony!

  • Brojasu

    No disc, no buy

  • lordryo

    I think I’ll wait until it’s actaully released and compair it to the UK version. I wouldn’t mind having to spend a little more for it if the UK version is better.

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