Dual Puppet Wielding Chiyo Is A Creative Fighting Game Character

By Spencer . July 29, 2009 . 12:37pm

narutoconTomy is working on Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution III and, no it isn’t a port up of Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX. This game uses the tag team system from Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution II and throws in a few new characters.


Before we get to Chiyo, Kakashi deserves some attention because he’s been beefed up. Kakashi still has classic moves like the headhunter jutsu where he drags an opponent underground. In addition to those he has a set of elemental techniques like Baki’s wind uppercut, Itachi’s grand fireball, and an earth powered ground splitting attack that hits nearby opponents. The last move looks like it’s designed for crowd control in four player fights.


Chiyo uses puppets like Kankuro, but she only attacks with puppets. B controls Sasori’s mother and does a light attack. A commands Sasori’s father to do a slower, but stronger heavy attack. The two puppets float in position when they aren’t attacking. It’s up to the player to call them back or trigger a dashing teleport move which makes Chiyo swap places with one of the puppets.


Learning to use Chiyo seems like a challenge since she’s quite different from the rest of the Clash of Ninja Revolution III cast. While I like how Chiyo is a unique character, I’m a bit worried that having all of these puppets flying on screen could cause latency issues for the online mode. Imagine four Chiyos each with two puppets… online.


Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution III will be Eighting’s first online game on the Wii. Tomy plans to release the game here this fall.

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  • Yikes, can you ask Tomy to fix that spacing typo on that title screen? The GAME and AND are one word there, an odd oversight, hope they noticed when they actually snapped it.

    • That’s from an early trailer and it’s the only picture of Chiyo I have. Seriously the game is under development. Text errors like that appear in early builds all of the time.

  • Jaxel

    When CyberConnect2 put Chiyo in the game several years ago, they made it so that Chiyo had two different stances. She had her puppet stance, and then by taunting you could switch to a “counter” stance; where she would move into a sort of “intercepting fist” hold. Then if the opponent hit her during the intercepting fist, she would counter and do damage.

    • Yeah! I remember that from Accel, but I don’t remember using Chiyo much because of that.

  • Josh

    Oh, it’s online?

    Well, this is the first time I’ve considered buying a Clash of Ninja game since 2.

  • randomjeff

    this will more than likely be the first US Naruto game I buy, especially with the dive in quality the UN/NH series has taken since Accel 2 came out.

    gnt4 and nh3 remain the best naruto fighters out there.

    • NH3 is probably my favorite out of the PlayStation 2 fighting games, but Tomy is trying to get GNT4 a run for its money. It’s too early to tell if this is going to do it, but eventually Tomy’s going to one up their past work.

      The dip switch style options where you can change chakra recovery and so forth are another neat feature.

      • randomjeff

        yeah i think this might be the game that does it too! hopefully they fix the gravity, no ground knj and some of the other stuff that was wrong with EX1. I havent played any of the US Naruto games since CONR so maybe they’ve changed it since then.

  • Cloud_ST

    Ahh Chiyo is definitely a very special character,she’s nice although a little spam in the NA series.

  • robbiekhan66

    Actually Online Mode Will Only Support 2 Players, And The Game Can’t Let You Chose The Same Character More Than Once in 4 Player Mode, Maybe 4 Player Mode Would Cause Lag, That’s Why Online Wont Feature it. Besides We Don’t Want it To End Up Like Tenkaichi 3’s Online Mode On The Wii _ _

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