You Know, Porting Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Wasn’t Easy

By Spencer . July 29, 2009 . 11:35am


Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is out on the Xbox 360 today. Yes, it’s a port, but ports aren’t that easy to produce. “Suffice to say, the only thing easy about porting is that you know what should be coming out the other side when you’re done,” Christian Svensson, Vice President of Business Development, said at the Capcom Forums.


“In that regard, there’s fewer unknowns than with new development. The challenge is, the fans ALSO know what’s supposed to be coming out the other side… and if we don’t get it right, we certainly hear about it. With new development, those sorts of comparisons don’t exist. You can fail in entirely different ways with new development, but with ports, there’s no hiding anything.”


Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was built on NAOMI hardware and first brought to the Dreamcast. Capcom later commissioned PlayStation 2 and Xbox ports before losing the Marvel license. The Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 release is based on the original Dreamcast code.


Suffice to say, we’re taking what was Naomi/Dreamcast code that has been output in a way that 360 and PS3 can interpret it and making a whole lot of changes to it on the fly.


We have to add a new front end to account for all of the TRCs/TCRs that MS and Sony have with regard to interface standardization and features like trophies/achievements. We have to include new settings and options and online menu support. We had to plug in matching and lobby systems that never existed and that work with PSN and XBL. We had to optimize net code for a game that was never meant to support it (and that is VERY fast paced which makes it that much more difficult).


At the same time, we’re doing real-time sprite filtering of everything on screen. Rendering all of the 3D assets in resolutions far higher than they were intended and implimenting widescreen support (again, something the original code was never meant to do).


All of these rendering changes never come out the other side “perfectly” the first time so there’s a ton of tweaking that has had to be done to get everything looking just right. At some point, maybe we’ll show some of the early artifacts that we had early in development before those optimizations took place. Could be eye opening for some of you. :)


We had to fix a few bugs that existed in the original version of the game too.


Specifically, Capcom fixed game breaking bugs like the “Gambit glitch” where Gambit gets stuck in a super move. 


Does all of that work and the addition of online play make Marvel vs. Capcom 2 worth $15?

  • speedstersonic

    Hell’s yes it’s worth it, now why isn’t it on the damn ps3 now!?

    • Perhaps, because Capcom has a retail version coming out in two weeks? All of the other Capcom games came out at the same time so there’s another reason behind the delay.

  • Advent

    Yeah I’m so sick of PS3 getting screwed over. XBL sucks, they make you pay for the service, then take away from PS3 owners? Time released is better then not getting a release at all, but since MvC is ALREADY out on XBL then that means it’s not like they are working to make it better. Microsoft bought the early release.

    Microsoft has too much money to be involved in the game industry, they are screwing us hardcore fans that have put tons of money into this industry. It is because of long time fans like us that gaming is still going strong.

    • WilliamTheJust

      Is there a way to ignore people on here? Like… “Disregard flaming fanboy otaku” button?

    • gar3

      This type of comment never goes outta style, heh.

      You know, all you have to do is replace “Microsoft” with “SCEA” and “PS3” with “SEGA Saturn” and it’s like 1995/96 all over again. For that matter, go ahead and replace “SCEA” with “NoA” and “SEGA Saturn” with “SEGA Master System.”

      Again, generation after generation it’s the same damn argument, it’s just the consoles and subsidiaries which wax and wane with the passing of time. I’ll be 33 years-old in a month and a half. The argument went from the playground to the Internet but it’s still the same arguments over and over and over again. Sigh.

      • Advent

        Alright I will admit I was being really biased there. I have a 360 and a PS3, and I want to play the PS3 version b/c that’s what all my friends have.

        XBL offers nothing more than the PSN. And the community is much better in my opinion. Didn’t mean to offend anyone jeez…

        • gar3

          I highly doubt your comment could offend anyone. I mean, I guess it could but those offended would be an even bigger loser than me, heh.

          But I am curious as to how Microsoft is “screwing over” the “hardcore fans” that have “put tons of money into this industry”? Isn’t Sony out to make a profit for its shareholders just as Microsoft? Didn’t Sony, especially SCEA, pull the same kind of stunts with discount publishing subsidies and marketing opportunities against SEGA and Nintendo just 15 years ago? I mean, I’m still waiting for Tomb Raider II on SEGA Saturn. Didn’t Sony buy itself into the industry just like Microsoft? I mean, Sony Imagesoft for goodness sakes, heh. And as Spencer has pointed out numerous times there is a retail version coming to PlayStation3, hence the wait. Not some vast Microsoft conspiracy . . . not this time, right ;-D

          I don’t know, I keep hearing over and over how Microsoft is the devil incarnate this generation but the same thing was said about Sony not too long ago and now for some reason that company is seen as some sort of gaming savior against the evil monopoly of Micro$oft and that dumb casual console from Nintendo. I’m not trolling [yet], I’d just really like to hear your thoughts.

  • Saturnus

    Well considering the only other option of playing this game is hunting down a copy of it, and then coughing up +$80 I’ll go with the $15. :p

    • Actually burning it to a CD for your Dreamcast is also a free, easier way of playing it. But the PSN/XBLA version is the best anyway and worth it if you really like this game.

  • Andres

    I already have the game for my PS2, still thinking if I should buy the “arcade” port or not… it’s not funny to buy the same games 2 or 3 times =/ (it happens before and I’m sure that CvS2 and SF3:3s will be ported sometime to the x360/ps3)

    • pressstart

      The PS2 and Xbox ports are garbage. DC version all the way! Can’t comment on this one since I don’t have a 360 nor a PS3, but for all the enhancements you’re getting, I’d say it would be worth it. After all, the purpose of fighting games is to play other people, and with online, you’ll be fighting a ton of other people you wouldn’t otherwise be able to play with.

  • EvilAkito

    “Does all of that work and the addition of online play make Marvel vs. Capcom 2 worth $15?”

    Certainly a better deal than the $60 Gamestop wants for a used copy of the PS2 version.

    • That’s something we can all agree too, but I think the downloadable version will make those prices drop a tiny bit.

  • maxchain

    I hope whoever’s been porting the first Sonic game over at Sega is taking notes from this.

  • I’d buy this version if I had the system. The original price of the game is a bit high so it’s fair to me.

  • maxchain

    Huh. Backbone has even less of an excuse, given their port-heavy resumé.

  • Aoshi00

    Never realized so much work goes into a port, then again I’m no expert on the subject. So I say $15 is fair game. I’m not very good at this game though, I remember getting slaughtered in the arcades back in college, lol..

    It’s all relative.. Say for a rare game like Radiant Silvergun, even $20-30 would be still a much sweeter deal than a $200 used Saturn copy. Or games like Death Smiles and Dodonpachi, they could easily be XBLA games instead of full price $80 retail copies. But it still beats getting $2000 arcade boards.

  • You’re right! Backbone does the majority of retro porting in North America. They’re like the Tose of digital downloads.

  • dio

    someone please tell me WHY DO GAMES COME OUT FOR XBOX FIRST?? WHY?? WHY NOT THE SAME TIME? WHY DO PS3 OWNERS NEED TO WAIT FOR MvC2, AND MANY OTHER GAMES? it makes no sense. ps3 costs more, therefore they shud be using IT,then port to xbox. but no. make us wait. we love it.

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