Which Of These First Party Wii Games Will Be Delayed?

By Spencer . July 31, 2009 . 6:46am


Nintendo either has a slew of first party releases coming to the Wii later this year or they’re going to delay a bunch of games. Since Nintendo typically releases one, no more than two, first party games on the Wii in a month I’m leaning towards a massive rescheduling.


Here are the games “slated” for 2009 according to their latest financial report:


Mario & Sonic and the Olympic Winter Games
Cosmic Walker
Span Smasher
Dynamic Zan
Sin and Punishment 2
100 Go de Start! Eikaiwa
Hoshi no Kirby
Minna ga Shuyaku no NHK Kohaku Quiz Gassen
Line Attack Heroes


Additionally, Endless Ocean 2 surfaces in September, Wii Fit Plus moves in October, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii squeezes into stores “this winter”. There isn’t a lot of room left in the year for all of those games unless Nintendo starts burning their first party games by releasing three or more titles a month.


Which titles do you think will make it into 2009 and which ones will slip into next year?

  • jarrodand

    S&P2 was already confirmed for Q1 2010 in the US, maybe that’s a worldwide release?

    I’m pretty sure we’re not getting Kirby this year either…

  • I want Kirby so much. >_< It's been since the late GC game silently vaporware.

  • Keletor

    You have to remember that Nintendo’s year for 09 does not end in the calendar year of 09. It ends in either March or April if I remember correctly.

    • I believe you’re thinking of a fiscal calendar (i.e. April – March 31)

      These release dates are based on the calendar year.

      • Keletor

        I know but Nintendo is a bit shifty and will still in their minds consider it an 09 release to their investors. Like or not that is who they answer to in the end.

        • I understand what you’re saying, but the financial doc says “CY” as in calendar year.

  • maxchain

    Sin & Punishment 2’ll get delayed, I’m calling it. Also, Spencer, I’ll buy you a beer if the Kirby game EVER comes out.

    • No way! I played Sin and Punishment 2 so it’s close to coming out. *Hides in denial*

      • Denial? Was it…bad?

        • No, no, no! Denial because I want it before this year ends. ;)

  • I’m willing to bet Dynamic Zan, Endless Ocean 2 and Mario & Sonic all make it this year. They’ll be at the usual October conference for sure.

    The interesting thing is, if you look at the full list, Zelda: Spirit Tracks is pegged for this year in the west, while it isn’t for Japan. I’m guessing that’s because Japan gets the new Pokémon remakes this year, and they’ll probably drown out any potential excitement for Zelda.

    • jarrodand

      I’m thinking Dynamic Zan may have been pulled back and maybe reworked for motion+. Honestly, I think the concept would work pretty well as a showcase for it, and it’d be nice to see what Sandlot could do with an expanded budget for a change.

      Personally, I think Span Smasher and Line Attack Heroes both have a better chance of making it this year, considering they were actually playable at E3. Also, hasn’t Kensax gotten recent coverage in Famitsu… that one might be close to ready?

      • I totally agree about Dynamic Zan getting a motion plus upgrade. It makes sense for Nintendo to add that feature in. Span Smasher might be their motion plus game for the holiday season or something.

  • eliel

    i think the kirby game cause i didn’t know there was a new one comming out

    • The Kirby game has been carried over from one Nintendo investor report to another with no news about it. It’s been there since the Gamecube days.

  • MadMirko

    Since when can you predict Nintendo releases?

    Anyway, I had to look up some of the stuff to remember what they were about, but I guess many of them COULD come out.

    Not all of them are developed by Nintendo, obviously, just being published. Most of them are also not as instantly recognizable as a Mario title. Would the average person know about Span Smasher? That Cosmic Walker is by the company headed by the SMT creator and so far produced only mediocre stuff? No danger to the “obviously Nintendo” titles.

    If I had to bet what definitely WON’T be coming out this year, then my money would be on the Kirby title.

  • Advent

    I have been waiting for a Kirby Wii game forever… And the idea of a four-player Kirby is even more amazing. I remember watching the video for that one! It would be a dream come true for Kirby fans.

    I know we wont get it this year though. Hopefully in 2010.


    Half those titles don’t even have have an english name so none of them really concern me. The only titles from Nintendo I am keeping an eye on currently are Metroid Other M, SMG 2 and I might look into Sin and Punishment 2 depending on word of mouth after its release. Then you have the Next Zelda that we all know is coming but no actual game announced yet.

  • Aoshi00

    Hm.. the other titles can come out when they come out. I’m just looking forward to Sin & Punishment 2 the most. I don’t know why I’ve grown to like shooters a lot recently, maybe the pick up and play nature.

    Hey Spence, I just unpacked my black Wii last night and messed w/ it for a couple of hours, the glossy black looks sleek but it’s a major dust magnet like the PS3. The videos on the Jpn Nintendo channel and Wii no Ma are much more interesting (sick of celebrity MonHun3 TV spots..) The DS demos like Puyo Puyo 7 and 3-D Picross were fun too.

    One stupid thing was I was trying to transfer my import save files from the SD card to the console, it doesn’t allow you to do it unless “the game has been played at least once”, so that wasted some time as I had to pop in all the games, good thing it was only a couple. The US credit card worked like you said, no tax for buying points either unlike in the US, so I bought Musha Aleste on VC for 600. The black remote looks great, didn’t expect the blk jacket to be opaque, and the classic pro controller feels extremely comfortable, everyone should get it and throw away the classic controller now.

    Too bad Club Nintendo doesn’t allow a non-Jpn address for us to get gifts overseas..

  • jj984jj

    I’m taking the list with a grain of salt. Tingle isn’t even on it and it’s being released on the 6th, I don’t doubt that Zelda is due out this year in Japan either.

    NCL has always been good at planning out their releases though, even if their marketing tactics suck. Maybe I’m just a bit bitter since we’ll never get to play half of the games planned for Japan for the rest of the year in English, adding to the already huge pile of unlocalized games. :(

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