Shadow Complex: Metroid Unreal Fusion

By Spencer . August 5, 2009 . 8:12pm


It’s clear that Shadow Complex, Chair Entertainment’s upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title, is inspired by games like Metroid. They even have a little nod to Samus’ adventure with their “Jason Bailey” achievement that you unlock if you get a 100% clear rating in just two hours.


Shadow Complex begins with a hiking trip. After climbing through caverns your girlfriend gets captured by a secret society while you’re trapped underneath a bridge. Of course, you have to save her.


Similar to Metroid you start out weak and get stronger as you collect equipment. The first item you find is hiking gear which gives you the ability to leap off walls. Once you infiltrate the enemy base you find a gun (which conveniently has unlimited ammo) and a flashlight that can illuminate alternate paths.


Early in the game you can barge through a door, which leads straight to a fire fight or crawl through an air vent to get in a better position. If you go the air vent route you have a height advantage and are in a perfect spot to drop a walking spider camera on two soldiers to startle them. Other enemies can be disabled by sneaking up on them and executing a Metal Gear style takedown.




Shadow Complex has combat, but the game’s focus is exploration. You actually level up faster by exploring the map. In addition to finding grenade packs there are twelve gold bars to seek. Collect them all and you’ll see a “cool surprise” according to Donald Mustard, Creative Director at Chair Entertainment.


The massive mech pictured above is the first boss you meet. You can shoot it with a pistol, but that’s not the most effective way to destroy it. All bosses in Shadow Complex have weaknesses. The mech has a flimsy underbelly, which makes it vulnerable to well timed grenade throws.


Similar to Portal: Still Alive, Shadow Complex also has a series of challenge rooms where you’re fully loaded with futuristic tech that lets you run on water and build bridges with a foam gun. These mini puzzles are designed to test how well players can utilize equipment in the game. They’re also good practice for the “Jason Bailey” achievement which looks like the game’s ultimate challenge.


Shadow Complex comes out worldwide on Xbox Live Arcade on August 19 for 1,200 Microsoft Points ($15).

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  • Jason

    Can you confirm the achievement “Jason Bailey” Spencer? The achievement list was alredy revealed and that wasnt one of them. =/

    • I can absolutely confirm it. While I was doing an interview with Donald Mustard he showed it to me.

  • Daszeuzo

    This article makes it sound like the Orson Scott Card fanboys – excuse me, development team – have no idea what makes the Metroid games any good.

    • If you’re an Orson Scott Card fan I may have some other news for you next week…

      • As much as I want that news to be that they’re going to finally finish what they started with Advent Rising, I have a feeling that story will never be concluded :(

  • dork

    I am just 100% glad you said Metroid and not the fake/made-up term Metroidvania!

    This game will get me to turn on my 360 since March.

  • Been waiting for this. Exciting! Also, agreed on the term Metroidvania. Let it perish.

  • pressstart

    Man, I must say, the XBox Live Arcade summer lineup is looking very nice. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t mind buying every single one for the $10 credit or whatever it was they were promoting. Too bad I don’t have a 360.

  • Aoshi00

    At first I thought of Bionic Commando Rearmed, I guess Metroid is a more appropriate comparison. I was looking forward to this game and Turtles Re-shelled, but the turtle demo didn’t turn out to be that fun (felt like the SNES game played better). This looks promising and the graphics look real good.

  • Metroid

    hey I just wanted to say that “Jason Bailey” is not a “real” Xbox 360 Achievement. It’s just a kind of achievement within the game but you can’t unlock gamerscore with it.

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