A Glimpse Of Valkyria Chronicles 2’s Branching Class System

By Spencer . August 7, 2009 . 10:55am

image Valkyria Chronicles 2 has more classes than Valkyria Chronicles. Way more classes. There are 35 types of military units you can control in the sequel.


The diagram shows two branching choices for Avan, one of the game’s new heroes. It isn’t clear what each class offers, but a screenshot shows parameter boosts like extra hit points and defense for one track.


In addition to that we have a four more screenshots of Avan sniping a tank and Cossette exploring an alley.


imageimage image image image

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  • symytry

    Seems similar to the way Seiken 3 did their Class system, looks promising!

  • ReturnOfSomeDude

    That sounds like a step in the right direction. The uniform blandness of the units in combat really got to me. It was like the gameplay direction was working in contradiction to the story direction.

    “We’re going to have all these guys have their own voices and stories!”

    “Oh yeah, well, we’re going to make it so they all level exactly the same, so that every character is functionally the same as all other non-main characters.”

    • It never bothered me. After all they belong to a military, so the same uniform would be logical. And uniforms that stand out wouldn’t work well on a battlefield, so I think it was actually a good design?

  • Hraesvelgr

    Uh, I just hope this works out well. Towards the end of the game, all of your classes were pretty much godly and their strengths/weaknesses didn’t really matter much anymore.

  • ElTopo

    Lol just give me the sniper. Clear half the level with just her. Was there any reasons given behind why this is coming to the PSP and not a direct sequel on the PS3?

    • jarrodand

      It bombed on PS3. That’s probably reason enough.

      • ElTopo

        VG Charts is putting it around 110K copies, yeah and thats pretty sad. But still PSP? Guess that at least brings down the production costs, but damn, a new good IP, should really stay on the PS3. This sequel would have been awesome on it.

        • jarrodand

          VGChartz is probably off. It was just 70k according to NPD by the end of January and it sold 35k of that it’s first month.

          It did better in Japan (140k-ish before budget reprints iirc), but still not great considering the title’s promotion, budget and developer pedigree. I think Sega was more expecting Sakura Taisen level sales.

          I’d say it should’ve been multiplatform with 360 honestly. Probably wouldn’t have sold all that much better, but high profile exclusive HD Japanese made RPGs seemed almost pre-destined to bomb. Plus if they had a multiplatform engine in place, it might’ve been enough to convince them to try to build on that and go ahead a try to push the sequel on it too.

          • Ereek

            I’m pretty sure SEGA said that VC’s numbers hit 500k when the price went down. VC has been a slow burner, sales-wise and when the price went down, sales spiked.

            Either way, VGChartz isn’t particularly accurate in many cases. Their numbers differ often by hundreds of thousands from the official reports.

          • ReturnOfSomeDude

            Anyone who uses VGChartz in an argument about sales automatically loses the argument.

          • Been wondering, what’s another site than VGchartz for quick sales reference? Like searching the game title and knowing the amount?

          • jarrodand

            I’m pretty sure no one’s ever said anything about VC hitting close to 500k. Even with the Best release (and an OAV tie-in, plus a renewed ad campaign & media blitz) it’s only at 200k in Japan, and that’s by far it’s best market.

        • zweii

          VG Charts have at 510K. Or is there another VG Charts out there?

          • ElTopo

            Yes we have established that I read it wrong and it sold 500K worldwide. That and my comment is still within context. Sarcasm not appropriate.

          • zweii

            yeah, sorry about that. I jump the gun on that one w/o reading all the comments.

  • Jirin

    Even if it didn’t do well it seems like a big middle finger to the fans whenever a company publishes a sequel to a game on a platform fans of the original can’t play it. Sega is screwing it’s fans over.

    • ReturnOfSomeDude

      Shenmue’s waving at you.

    • Hraesvelgr

      If you bought a PS3, I see no reason why you can’t afford a PSP. Aside from that, moving the game to a bigger market (these games will always be more popular in Japan and Japan is in love with handhelds at the moment) is a logical move, even if you and a few other people don’t like it.

      • ElTopo

        I don’t own a PSP, probably won’t buy one. Only a handful of titles I would consider buying for it but for me its more of that it should be on the PS3. Graphically that game was beautiful, moving the IP to the PSP is just a big letdown. It just seems like a step backward, and it will be interesting to see if it ends up being a smart move. Production wise, costs will be down, now I’m curious if it will even sell more units. Shame I won’t be playing this.

        • Hraesvelgr

          Even if it doesn’t sell more units and they take losses on it, I’m sure it’s more preferable to take smaller losses on a PSP game than larger losses on a PS3 game. The first game very nice looking, but the graphics being worse because it’s on PSP isn’t really an issue for me, so long as the game itself ends up being good.

      • Jirin

        Of course I can afford a PSP. If I saw one under $100 I’d probably pick it up but even used it doesn’t seem to go under $130. The issue isn’t cost. The issue is the inherent far lower production value and the discomfort of playing a handheld system. Handheld systems are something you keep around for long car rides and vacations, not something you play at home to relax and have fun. (Not to mention that there are so few good games on PSP that aren’t ports of games I already have, so I’d essentially be paying $200 for one game.)

        If you want to be more cost effective, make a new game for PSP. If you’re writing a sequel to an existing game, keep it with the same quality production value and make sure all the fans of the original can play it.

  • A dream for this would be if they release it for PSP and downloadable for the PS3 :)

    Everyone would be satisfied that way I imagine.

    I just hope that you still keep the leveling up the same way so you´re not going to level up individuals but rather the class itself.

    And ignoring what path of the class you took you still get an level up when you´ve “trained” enough :)

  • Dammerung

    I don’t have or want a PSP, but look at it this way…

    let them make it a handheld, and if it does phenomenally (which it should because of the higher install base) they might be able to convince Sega to bring Valkyria 3 back to the PS3. Or maybe even a PS3 re-release of this game in 6 months – I mean, they already have the PS3 graphics engine done and the gameplay engine can almost certainly be ported with little effort.

  • eliel

    sweet this seem like a nice feature i hope this game surpasses the first game cuz its l00kin great sofar

  • wowisdabomb

    the fact that they are taking a sequel of this game to PsP only shows that they have no games for that platform for its base to buy.

    Thankfully, the PS3 is going to pickup steam in the next few quarters with some great games coming out for it… PSP.. not so much.

    I for one have no interest in playing a PsP games, since they are of lower quality and much more limited.

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