Eyes On Luminous Arc 3

By Spencer . August 10, 2009 . 8:52am

imageMarvelous is starting to promote Luminous Arc 3: Eyes, the latest title in their strategy RPG series with subtle dating sim elements. Luminous Arc 3: Eyes is being made for the Nintendo DS and it supports Nintendo Wi-Fi, presumably for online play like the other two titles.


Looks like Refi plays an important role since he’s in a story sequence and a playable character in battle.


image image image image


The last two screenshots are a rough comparison between Luminous Arc 3 (left) and Luminous Arc 2 (right). Notice that the bottom screen has a lot less going on and DP (drive points) is shown in a meter instead of crystals.


Luminous Arc 3 is slated to come out in Japan “this winter”. While a Western release has not been announced we’re expecting one from Atlus and/or Rising Star in 2010.


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  • Serge73

    I’ve really been into DS SRPGs these days, and I want to like this serious, but I cannot ever get into it. I think it’s partially that the dialogue always seems to be so slow and boring…

  • doubleO7

    Hmm…the blonde guy in the top-left screenshot looks just like Heath from the first Luminous Arc. Just a bit younger. A prequel perhaps?

    • MadMirko

      He looks indeed like Heath in that shot, but I assume he is the guy in front of the concept art… which does not look like Heath to me.

      Anyways, the cleaned up display is nice and the environment seems more detailed. Glad the games were doing well enough to warrant a third title, I enjoyed the first two a lot.

    • But… his name is “Refi” or maybe Lefi according to the story screenshot and battle screenshot. So, I don’t think he’s Heath.

  • Joanna

    nice to see some info on the LA3. I’m sure Atlus will pick it up as they published both LA and LA2. The protagonist looks a lot older (as do a lot of the other characters), which is nice. Too many S/RPGs have teen protagonists.

    I’m excited :)

  • This is one series I have slept on and not given a chance (yet). Do my eyes deceive me? Have I not realized this was a SRPG series? Or is it just this one game? I will go out and snatch up the first two right now if they are even mediocre SRPGs. Could anyone help me out here? Any comments would be welcome, too.

    • They are in fact mediocre SRPGs (well, maybe slightly above mediocre) so if there’s where your bar is you will probably enjoy them. The second is supposed to be incrementally better than the first. :]

      There was a bonus artbook for people who preordered LA2 (if the art is part of what’s grabbed your attention) So you may want to ask your local game store if they’ve got any long-forgotten books gathering dust in the back.

      • Well, if it helps paint a picture I’ve played SRPG’s of calibur such as: Eternal Eyes and Onimusha. Not the worst by a long stretch, but very mediocre.

        Actually, Ebay is flooded with brand new LA2’s w/OST Deluxe Edition including the artbooks for about $30-$40 max. So I went ahead and picked one up. Thanks for the heads up though. I’m always a sucker for bonus items/books/stuff.

    • lostinblue

      they’re not mediocre for all as I’m concerned. Luminous Arc 1 is flawed, down to the mechanic side, it just doesn’t work at all times like it should, but it was the studio’s first game and is still pretty solid and fun; Luminous Arc 2 solved all those problems though.

      Thing about Luminous Arc series is that it isn’t hard or as unforgiving as Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem… but it isn’t meant to, it’s a S-RPG to chill out; certainly not GOTY and the plot is generic and all that… but that’s kind of the appeal it has in the first place.

      • Yeah, not every game has to be a challenge (at least not to me). Sometimes, I like to chill out with a game. People say what’s the point? Well, what’s the point in watching some mindless sitcom on TV? Entertainment. =P

        I picked up LA2 but skipped on LA1 since I hear it’s not as good. I doubt I’m missing “key” story elements of this series by the looks of it.

        • Joanna

          you aren’t. LA and LA2 are not set in the same world. There are character cameos, but they are minor (and these two characters state they came from another world). The story doesn’t carry over. The only thing the games share is that you play as a young knight who gets a harem of witches (plus a few non-witches as well). =P

  • Saturnus

    I love the character artwork of this series. :)

    I got the first but never got around to getting the seconding I might just pick it up as I have a gift card and will be going on vacation soon so need something new to pass the flights with.

    • MadMirko

      If you like the first one, you’ll probably enjoy the second at least as much. People usually ask “why go for LA when there are better SRPGs on DS” (usually FFTA2, VP:COTP, SMT:DS, etc), but there are few games like LA.

      I’d say go for it. :)

      • Can’t we forget Tactics A2 ever happened? >_>

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Heh was just thinking the same thing. I certainly would not use it to ‘prove’ how the LAs are a poor job. In fact, for the amount of focus that they have on the ‘fun and fanservicey’ both LA and LA2 are more than worth a play.

          And I’d almost put the Disgaea port above Valkyrie…….not only is the latter from a deeper end of the SRPG pool, it also exists in comparison to earlier VP titles.

  • lostinblue

    Go, Go Image Epoch!

  • JeremyR

    LA 1 & 2 make up 33% of the games I own for the DS, but in both, I get somewhere in the middle and lose interest.

    Oh well, the artbook that came with 2 was pretty cool.

    • Joanna

      haha, it’s the opposite for me. LA and LA2 are one of the few games I have actually finished!

  • Anon

    I’m glad to see this announced. I liked the first one and the second one was excellent.

    I like the character designs a lot so far. One of my problems with the first two games were the bland main characters, but the hero(?) of this one looks good. All five characters shown so far are interesting.

    I hope though that all the characters get proper intermissions and endings this time. That was my main problem with 2.

  • Joanna

    ok, I just noticed that the subheading for LA3 is really weird. EYES?! weird. Thankfully, Atlus didn’t include will (which was a much superior subheading), so they probably won’t include eyes.

    • Divals

      Why I eyes ya!

  • BraveWind

    I got Luminous Arc still unfinished (I am playing it though, everyday) and Luminous Arc with the Art Book or one and two and now Three is coming, gotta say the game is somewhat nice to play =3

  • As long as they keep making new entries in the Luminous Arc series, I’ll keep buying them up. They’re just so much fun, especially the Wi-Fi part!

  • amc99788

    GO GO ATLUS!!!

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