This Is Why PlayStation 3 Owners Had To Wait For Marvel vs. Capcom 2

By Spencer . August 10, 2009 . 6:41am

imageMarvel vs. Capcom 2 arrives on the PlayStation Store on Thursday. What took so long? Retail distribution. No, Capcom isn’t pressing Marvel vs. Capcom 2 discs just for the PS3, sorry.


The retail pack contains a code to download Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and according to a Capcom-Unity forum poster a DVD case, eight page color manual, one month subscription to Marvel Digital Comics, and 2000 Capcom-Unity points for $14.99. It looks like the media disc containing wallpapers isn’t part of the bundle anymore.


Basically, you’re getting a bunch of freebies by purchasing Marvel vs. Capcom 2 at Gamestop instead of the PlayStation Store.

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  • Pesmerga00

    Kinda odd. If they are going to do all this why not just include a disk with the game? This might confuse some people, many don’t bother reading the case.

    I would rather buy the retail pack for the extras instead of just the download. On the other hand, buying it at the store defeats one of the main draws of digital distribution. Still it seems like a pretty good value and having a manual for the game is always nice.

    Ideally, they would have a set up wherein you purchase and download the game from the Playstaion Store as you normally would. Then this case, manual, and other extras would be shipped to you. That way you still have the convenience of digital distribution, as well as the bonus.

    I’m not big on fighters, but this and it’s predecessor are among my all time favorites. Right up there with Guilty Gear, and Powerstone. Ah lots of nostalgia.

    Retailer(Gamestop, BestBuy, GameCrazy) exclusive games, DLC, swag, and characters really annoy me though. Can’t we all just have the same game? How about the ability to access ALL of said game. You know without having to pay for keys that unlock content already existing on the disc.

    Remember the days when cheat codes were free?

    • jarrodand

      From my understanding the deal they worked out was for the game as a download only… otherwise they would’ve done a disc based Wii release too.

  • Saturnus


    I can’t find PSN cards anywhere, and using a credit card (I don’t have one so it would have to be my parents or siblings) is out of the question. This just made my life a lot easier. :)

    What are Capcom-Unity points though?

    Edit: But will this be available in EB Games in Canada also?

    • Capcom-Unity points are used for auctions on Capcom’s site. You spend points like virtual currency to get swag and other things from Capcom. Not sure what 2,000 will get you though.

      It should be available in Canada too so keep an eye out for it.

      • Chow

        I went to an EBGames store today in Toronto and talked to somebody I knew who was working. They haven’t heard anything about the retail version at all ._.

        Hopefully, it’ll show up everywhere, like Wal*Marts or Best Buys.

  • QBasic

    Tch. =_= No media disc? Boo.

  • Aoshi00

    No disc eh… still, can’t complain w/ freebies at the same price. The DVD case and sleeve look very nice. If anything, it could be used as a back-up case. This might actually change my decision in buying the game, funny how perception of something tangible comes into play.

    So this is available in Gamestop only?

  • TrueBoricua
  • Advent_Andaryu

    So… If that wasn’t the reason for it being postponed… What was the reason? The 360 version came early why? I bet anything Microsoft paid for the early release… Hopefully developers will see that sales for hardcore games like this sell much better on the PS3.

  • Malrock

    Um, just picked it up from Gamestop and no capcom-unity points and no color manual…… what the hell?

  • mrcaine

    I bought that package at GameStop and it only came with the case, the code for the game download and a code for the free month of digital comics. No booklet of any kind or these so-called Capcom Unity points.

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