Vagrant Story Crawls On To Game Archives

By Spencer . August 11, 2009 . 10:37pm

imageOne of Square Enix’s best PsOne games is now available on the PlayStation Store in Japan. You can purchase Vagrant Story now for 600 yen ($6.25).


Vagrant Story follows Ashley Riot, a Riskbreaker, who explores the ruined city of Lea Monde. The game uses a third person perspective and fights take place in real time. In combat players can target specific limbs, which can debilitate a foe if damaged enough.


In addition to Vagrant Story, Rockman (yeah, the PlayStation port of the NES game) and Suiko Enbu, an old Data East fighting game are also on the PlayStation Store.


Here’s the full list. Each PS3/PSP compatible game costs 600 yen.


Arcade Hits: Suiko Enbu
Rapid Racer
Saikyo Todai Shogi
Vagrant Story

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  • QBasic

    Awe, man! Shit! >:< Japan get the best Squaresoft games on PSN! Buuheeee! T_T

    • Dude, you’re right. I’ve a question though, and often hear people being excited about purchasing on the PSN Japan site. Are they all simply in Japan, or is it seriously possible for other regions to purchase from the Japanese PSN Store? Pardon being uninformed.

      • MadMirko

        It’s possible to buy from a store in a different region, you just need to create an account and sign-in with it.

        In this case you should brush up on your Japanese, though. :)

        • Still shocked I didn’t know this. I’d rather not wait a year to get Rockman on the U.S. PSN. Perhaps this will give me motivation. Ideally, though, playing Final Fantasy VII International and understanding it would me simply awesome. Thanks for that :]

      • malek86

        It’s possible, as long as you have an account for that country. It can be easily made for free, so it’s all good. However, you might also need some japanese PSN coupons: I don’t know about USA credit cards, but European credit cards won’t work on the japanese store.

        Also, sometimes, a couple of games will also be uploaded in the HK store. In such cases, the HK versions might be preferable, since they are much cheaper. They are still in japanese.

      • QBasic

        Easy peasy. Check out this nifty, easy-as-hell guide on how to create an account:

        After that, buy yourself some Japanese PSN cards right here:

        And you’re good to go. :3

        • Wowow not to spam this thread, but many thanks for the links. Hopefully there are others reading that might find it as useful.

  • Sort of off topic here but I haven’t tested yet with my DL’ed copy of Suikoden on the PSN. Can your saves work from the original games in anyway if you put them on your PS3 via memory card? I bought Suikoden just to support the property and I’ll start buying more PSX games if that means I never have to break them out and/or not be tempted to open factory sealed ones.

    • Not that I’m aware of, but then again, I put these PS-One games on my PSP instead of playing them on the PS3 so I suppose I wouldn’t know.

  • Tom

    You know and here I was starting to think the NA PSN was going to catch up to Japan in terms of quality PSone releases, before they got any more awesome titles. T_T but sadly no now Japan has Grandia & Vagrant Story, whats next FF8 and Chrono Cross…..
    Yes you can buy games from the JP store and use them without any problem on your NA PS3. Though there are some things you have to get around, for one you can’t use certain email addresses for a JP PSN account (like AOL for obvious reasons) also you can’t use American credit cards on the JP PSN so you have to import network cards to add money to the account. I get mine from NCSX (, play-asia sells them too, but they make you pay extra to ship the card or recipt with the code on it where as NCSX will just email you the code.

  • Aoshi00

    I knew I was right to save that 1000 yen (had been tempted to get the Misato news broadcast time and again). I actually have the Jpn PSX copy alrdy, but I would buy Vagrant Story again for 600 yen since the disc is region locked on the US PS3.

    So is Suiko Enbu the fighting game any good?

    Anata wo Yurusanai for the PSP is also up for 1,500 yen, half the price of “the best” copy, total bargain.

    • Aoshi00

      Just d/l’ed the game, size is surprisingly small at only 104Mb, so shouldn’t take much room on the memory stick. It actually looks quite good on the PS3 upscaled considering how old the game is, I imagine it looking even better on the smaller PSP screen. Just doesn’t have the old English dialogue and comic book font. Hopefully I can finish this classic that I haven’t done so years ago.

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