New Characters Joining BlazBlue’s Roster

By Spencer . August 14, 2009 . 7:31am


BlazBlue is coming to Europe early next year thanks to PQube, a company so new their website isn’t even live. Their announcement also had a slip of the keyboard and leaked Arc System Works’ future plans.


PQube says the European release will have “new gameplay content not available anywhere, like new characters and moves.” While PQube says the content will not be available anywhere else, Arc System Works and Aksys will probably release the extra characters as downloadable content.


The European version of BlazBlue, which includes the character strategy guide and soundtrack from Aksys’ limited edition, is scheduled for a Q1 2010 release. Expect to see new BlazBlue fighters around then.

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  • “The European version of BlazBlue, which includes the character strategy guide and soundtrack from Aksys’ limited edition, is scheduled for a Q1 2009 release.”

    Q1 2010, right?

    If this is true about DLC though…and that happens stateside…that just made BB all the more sweeter.

    • Yeah you’re right about that! Thanks for the correction.

      ArcSys has plans for DLC and Europe is getting new characters so the chances of us getting the extras as DLC seems pretty likely.

  • pressstart

    Sounds like BlazBlue should be the gold standard on how to handle online and DLC for fighting games.

  • Seems pretty likely we’ll get Jubei, Kokone, and maybe even Terumi. I’m very excited.

    • MrAptronym

      I doubt Jubei, since he is constantly refered to as the most powerful being in the world, and often intervenes in other characters stories (Like stopping tager with one paw)

      Also, I am placing a bet on Tsubaki since she is mentioned in the true ending. (This is also a hope, I main Hakumen, but I would totally switch.)

      • I’d say Tsubaki is definitely a solid bet, although I’m worried that we’ll just see slightly-altered palette swaps ala Robo-Ky, and all of the missing plot-characters won’t be seen until BlazBlue 2.

        • MrAptronym

          I hope not, one of the greatest things about Blazblue to me is that the roster is so condensed. It may only have 12 characters, but it has more variety than most fighters with 20+characters. I would hate to see the roster opened up to a bunch of clones.

          ASW has been good in this regard in the past though, GG has expanded it’s roster nicely without getting bogged down in clones. Interviews have told us that it took 5-6 months for a team of artists to fully animate a new character, so the timeline is set pretty well for one or two to pop up by Q1 2010 when you factor in the time for balancing and what not. I can hope anyway…

      • Nite

        I’d say Jubei’s chances are better than Tsubaki’s. Tsubaki is more suited for a sequel since she’s not that important til after the wheel of fate is broken. Jubei is pretty workable since he’s involved with a few of the different story paths. Even if he is stronger than the rest, remember there’s a lot of GG characters that would completely dominate one another in the story, but hold back in the actual fighting portion.

        • Advent_Andaryu

          Wow, he does make a very valid point! Jubei would be an awesome character.

          When you beat the game after the credits you get a little bonus screen, which has two crests, which most definitely belong to Terumi and Tsubaki.

          But yeah, I think that’s more suited for the sequel, which we know we will get eventually. So I don’t know, it’s anyone’s guess!

  • Hraesvelgr

    Interesting. I hope that the new characters hold up to the already existing characters in that they all play differently. BlazBlue is one of the few fighting games to feature no characters that play alike or even similar to each other.

  • QBasic

    Wow. That’s a pretty good start PQube, releasing BB as the first of their lineup. :3

    But…if either Jubei or Hazama are exclusive to Europe, there will be hell to pay.

    ….However, if Kokonoe somehow ends up playable, and exclusive to Europe…WWIII will be the last of the world’s worries…

  • Sambuque

    If this content remains exclusive to Europe, I’ll regret I imported this one.

    I suspect it means that every character willl have an unlimited version (rather than totally new character)

    • That is a good guess too, but the way they put it it sounds like there will be entirely new characters.

      And I doubt the content will remain exclusive to europe.

      • Sambuque

        New characters usually make their first appearence onto the arcade (it always has been like this with arc work system fighting games) and marketing gets you used to debased statement (sadly).

        • True true.

          Another thing I was thinking about though, won’t the other versions need the ‘extra characters’ as downloadable content? For online batteling I mean.

  • BraveWind

    This Better be free xD
    lol, Kokone, I’m hoping for that!
    or a Mega Sized New Version Of Litchi…man…that would rock..
    And my last guess would be Rachel’s butler, I forgot his name.

  • Advent_Andaryu

    Awesome, I’ve been waiting for news like this! So I wonder… Should I just import the EU version or wait and hope for the US version to get it as DLC?

    Choices, choices…

    • Sambuque

      If you played the game (and are a fighting games enthousiast), you ‘ll surely allready own it. Despites what some can tell through the web, its metacritic score is self explanatory (just two bad reviews -the likes of “unless your a fighting god…”- keep it away from an average 90+).

      Tax and delivery included, I still think it was worth the more than one hundred euros price tag.

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