Espgaluda II Soaring To Xbox 360 Too

By Spencer . August 17, 2009 . 8:00am


Yes, another Cave shmup is coming to the Xbox 360. Espgaluda II Black Label, a sequel to Cave’s bullet-slowing-gold-grabbing shooter, is slated for spring 2010.


Like Cave’s other Xbox 360 ports, Espgaluda II Black Label will have improved graphics and unannounced additional features. Also like all of Cave’s shooters, plans for an international release have not been announced.


Perhaps, Cave’s shooters can get a backdoor digital release sort of like Record of Agarest War which is coming out here via PlayStation Network. Microsoft could open up Games on Demand for easy to import titles like Deathsmiles and Espgaluda II.


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  • Microsoft REALLY should use Games on Demand for titles like these. Really.

  • Jaxel

    Really needs to be on the PS3… better controller.

    • malek86

      If you play these kind of games, chances are that you’ll try and get an arcade stick anyway.

      If anything, this needs to be on PS3 so I could actually play it. I hate region locking.

      • Jaxel

        I got an arcade stick… for the PS3. Pretty much all fighting games are played on the PS3 because of the easier access to custom controllers and arcade sticks; not to mention the PS3 controller is way better than the 360 controller…

        This is my arcade stick (I made it myself):

        • I love your use of Non Sequiturs, Jaxel. Is this why people are all dual-modding their sticks nowadays? I think it’s gotten to the point where people play both systems equally. I will believe PS3 is used much more for importing a fighter early due to region-locking, but after it releases stateside, it’s fairly evened out. Though the D-pad users will always go PS3 for obvious reasons =)

    • I agree, PS3 needs to start getting these games too. I can only play more Saturn and Dreamcast shooters for so long haha.

  • I’m glad Cave is pumping out their games. I’d like to see some Ibara release as well. I remember playing Espgaluda II a few times when I last visited Japan and it wasn’t that bad at all.

  • ElTopo

    God these need to come out on the PS3…like a nice big cave shooter compilation, that would be awesome. Been looking for a couple good schmups recently, picked up Darius Twin for SNES, classic stuff.

  • Izaak

    I’ve seen this in he arcades. This thing is practically impossible to beat without a stack of tokens.

  • beepteck

    must to be on PS3…

  • It’s hard to believe these games will be released any time soon on the PS3 as other Cave games such as Deathsmiles or DDP BL Extra are already out on the 360, not to mention Raiden IV .
    I hope indeed that I’m wrong and get slapped on the face with some news in the future but for now I’m still looking towards purchasing a japanese 360.

    As for the news, that’s a great thing to see. EspGaluda is one of the best shmups that I’ve played (not to forget its amazing soundtrack as well).

  • Nick

    I, for one, am very glad these are all retail releases. Well, I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell prefer a quality retail copy with tons of features over a shoddy straight port with messed up game mechanics because it’s not worth to replicate slowdown (critical aspect of nearly all CAVE games) for a cheap-ass digital release.

    If you’re serious enough, importing a console, a stick w/ authentic arcade parts and the games shouldn’t be a big deal.

    Regarding the platform choice of CAVE; I would have preferred PS3 as well but I’m grateful they’re bringing their finest stuff to any current gen console.

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