Record of Agarest War "Springs" On To PSN In November

By Spencer . August 17, 2009 . 9:13am

imageEven after knowing about it for months, it’s still hard to believe Record of Agarest War is being localized. We’ll get to play the PS3 “soul breeding” strategy RPG on November 9 via a PlayStation Network download.


Record of Agarest War is scheduled to come out in Europe a few months earlier. Why the delay? Aksys is editing the European release to make the text suitable for North America. The downloadable version will only have Japanese voice acting.


Aksys hasn’t announced a price for Record of Agarest War or Battle Fantasia, which will be their first retail to PSN downloadable release when it comes out next month.

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  • Text suitable for NA? That’s never a good sign…because I totally wanted to hear the terms ‘blimey’ and ‘bollocks’ in my localization. Seriously.

    So what’s the word on the size for the download? Anything?

    • Sadly, I’ve never even heard those here. Would have been so amusing too.

  • Takachi

    Probably at least 4 gig or more any less means it would be short.

  • I personally can’t wait for this to release. I’m sure it’s mediocre in every sense of the word, but just the fact we’re getting this merits supporting the folks of Aksys for giving us this opportunity, in my mind. Plus I want AS: Zero, so I gotta make sure I do my part for this one to ensure that.

    • Gestahl

      I’m with you, NickyD. Will buy the Collector’s Edition if only to be able play Zero in English later.

      Also, congrats on joining NISA! >_<

  • M’iau M’iaut

    With this, Sakura Wars and the stuff MangaGamer is putting out, hobbyists can no longer claim we DONT get such things……now is the time to respond by voting with our $$$.

    Now only if we can get the companies to properly get the word out beyond us hobbyists.

    GAME (the England retail game outlet) is showing a date in October now. Gotta say that’s an unusual choice of cover art for the game — although that last screenie kind of gives it away.

  • Really wish this was a retail packaged release…If the download is 10 dollars I’ll buy this. Otherwise give me my packaged disk based version! And no black and white manual either damn it! I like my manuals to be colorful!

    But seriously, I’d love to support this release, but I just can’t support the way they are choosing to release it.

  • Artavasdus

    The cover has not been chosen yet, as reported by Ghostlight employee evanac on Gamefaqs. The westernized one is just an idea, while the japanese boxart is the most probable candidate.

    Another option (as shown on is having the new artwork for the regular edition and the japanese one for the limited:

    Let’s support Ghostlight’s release, it’s not common to have such games picked up for a western release, even more so considering the extras included in the limited edition and the fact that Aksys is publishing it only on PSN.

  • I want to play this game. And I dislike the way PAL games are boxed. But with this title I do think I need to have it in PAL format. I want a box for this game and I want a disc for it instead of just a downloaded file.

    That and I don´t think I have the amount of storage space left on my PS3 :p

    • Artavasdus

      You shouldn’t have any problem, the Ps3 Pal packages are identical to the USA and Japanese ones, in this gen only Ds packages have regional differences (the USAJap ones being slim and black while the Pal ones are transparent and thicker).

      Moreover, I read that the Limited will be provided in a slipcase to pack the artbook and the other goods.

      • Yay :) Thanks for the good news. Now all I have to do is find a store that sells it. Found one store but I don´t trust it since the way the same company name treats games here is awfull.

        • Artavasdus

          You can try and (among others), they are some of the biggest UK retailers and have never let me down. Currently has pre-orders for both the regular and limited edition, while sports only the regular one.

          I’m not totally sure that they accept orders from the USA, but I think you should have no problems.

          • The shipment is fine. I don´t live in the USA so it´s fine :p

            Do slap a big sticker on the front cover with the company name on it along with the price or do you get it as clean as ever? That´s my biggest concern.

            If they do not slap the sticker on top of the game then it´s well worth the money.

          • Artavasdus

            I have never experienced such inconveniences, the games are provided “as clean as ever” :P

            The only exception was the Tales of Vesperia Pal copy that I bought for collectionistic purposes, since it had a little round sticker with “Japan’s best selling 2008 game on X360”, but it’s unrelated to your question.

  • igotmy9milli
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