And Now For Some More Persona 3 Portable Details

By Spencer . August 18, 2009 . 12:38pm


Persona 3 Portable has a female protagonist and the original male protagonist. A more detailed Famitsu scan explains you get to choose your gender before the game starts.


The female route has different events and new characters, like a male attendant that replaces Elizabeth in the Velvet Room. Persona 3 Portable is based on The Journey (aka Episode Yourself) part of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Fes, but the male’s story won’t be exactly the same. New events will be added to his path.


Atlus is also changing the battle system by allowing players to control other party members just like Persona 4. While this might blunt Persona 3’s difficulty level, the game has five difficulty levels.


Persona 3 Portable is slated for release on November 1 in Japan. The game will get a simultaneous retail and digital release for PSP Go users, a first for Atlus Japan.

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  • QBasic

    As long as we get to date Mitsuru in *both* paths…

    Also team control ftw.

    • urbanscholar

      I second the Mitsuru dating on paths as well! I hope the decision to have a female lead is more of a test to see if later Persona and or SMT will or may have the choice.

      • QBasic

        Alright. Time for ole’ Q to go from being Q to being an asshole. You pretty much just confirmed that you’re totally oblivious to the series outside of P3 and 4…

        Cool as this may be….it’s not even close to anything new. >_>;;

      • raymk

        i like what they did with the game adding team control is a big plus for playing it over for me and what you said about the female lead might be true they attempted it once with p2 and now with p3 psp game 3 so the future looks bright

  • FatmanStephens

    I hope that it’s released in the US. With Persona 1 and 3 on the PSP, I would definitely buy a PSP.

    • Nabe

      A US release is pretty much guaranteed. Atlus wants that money!

    • raymk

      this has a 100% chance nowadays they release all the SMT games thats their flagships titles it would be like not bringing over a final fantasy title for square-enix
      but because of this a psp is a must for me now unless it comes to playstation network store on which case a ps3 download is in order

  • None

    Persona 3, Boy and Girl? PSP *sigh* Harvest Moon? character.

  • Been getting info for this off Sankaku as well.

    Course I shouldn’t be surprised that it’s on there given RULE 63.

    • What’s Rule 63?

      • Quoth the Urbz:

        “Rule 63 is a rule of the internet that reads as follows: “For any given male character, there is a female version of that character.” This rule’s exceptions are only in the instance that A: the male character is already so androgynous that a female version would be basically the same, or B: the female version hasn’t been drawn yet.”

        Which, in this case, the rule may no longer apply.

        • Thanks! That’s hard to argue with. :P

  • QBasic

    Oi, Spencer! Ya missed a scan! :D

    This be the manlified Elizabeth…Felix? XD

    • Ah thanks! Now everyone can see Elizabeth’s “replacement”

  • mikaylaaria

    Typical. I finally get FES (via the interwebs, no less!), and this comes out.
    I’ll still get it.

  • DDanny

    Can anyone confirm this?

    I mean, Persona Maniacs now?

    • malek86

      This has piqued my interest. Any larger scans?

    • Where is that from….? It doesn’t look like something real….

    • mikaylaaria

      All I picked up was the title being ‘Persona Maniacs’ (Perusona Maniakkusu)
      Um….I think. My katakana’s not great.
      Neither’s my hiragana.
      Or my kanji.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Ugh… I still can’t stand a majority of the characters, but… I think I might pick this one up for party control and female main. Wonder how they’ll release it, though. Seems like they’d need to put it on two separate UMDs because the female route would have to be radically different.

    • Ereek

      I wouldn’t be surprised. As far as I’m aware, the PS2 P3 is around 3+ GB and a UMD holds 1.8 They’re going to be really toning down quite a few things, amount of voice acting, graphics, and whatnot, just to fit it on the UMD.

    • They said there were going to be “graphical changes” too. Perhaps, those alterations can ameliorate the storage issue.

      Since this is going to be a downloadable game it’s might be difficult for Atlus to sell a 3GB – 4GB file on the PlayStation Store.

      • Saturnus

        This is for sure going to on UMD and on PSN (for the Go)?

  • malek86

    Direct control over party = I’m buying. Good idea, Atlus. Now to wait for the USA release…

  • doubleO7

    This is great and all, and i’ll definitely buy it, but wheres my P2 remake?

    • You don’t think those are in the proverbial “cards”? (lame tarot card joke)

      • I forget the character’s name in P3, but it’s that one guy that instructs you on tarot cards in general as well as other…interesting…things of health.

        My wonder is if those ‘lame tarot jokes’ that were made don’t get any worse.

      • doubleO7

        Yeah, I guess its pretty likely that a PSP version of P2 is “in the cards” (sorry, couldnt resist). But I just find it strange that they would announce a port of P3 before P2. Maybe their planning something big for P2 so their holding off for awhile?

  • Whoa, I buy this one why no Persona 4 expansion or P2 remake? :(

    • mikaylaaria

      They promised no P4FES.
      As for P2…..
      That’s a damn good question.

  • Chow

    I still haven’t New Game+’d The Journey, nor started The Answer(?) yet. Which version will I be willing to play again when I decide to play it again? And if I choose the Portable version, would I just ignore the original protagonist? Regardless, I’m still probably gonna collect this game.

    • CleruTesh

      Do yourself a favour and don’t play “The Answer”. EVER. It is the most phoned-in game I have ever played. The story adds very little, and everything that made P3 cool is missing from it. Non-applicable menu choices exist in greyed-out fashion. The story is even built around recycling art assets. Seriously it is SO bad.

      • RevliSDawN

        I found The Answer very interesting actually and really quite worth it for the story.

        It was never meant to be another “The Journey” or game, and if you expected that it’s no wonder you were disappointed. For what it is though, it is really quite well done and I don’t regret the time I spent on it (Something like 35 Hours IIRC). Especially for what it added to the story of The Journey.

        The last few hours make the dungeon crawl completely worth it in my opinion. Then again, dungeon crawls never really bored me.

  • Marnic

    No The Answer in this version, huh.
    I was hoping that I would finally be able to play it since I could grind on foot this time around…
    Oh well, I MIGHT just skip this even if Persona 3 was my favorite between 3 and 4.

    I never really had any problem with direct control but I did feel that I was able to beat 4 so much easier with the direct comand option.

  • yeah yeah

    ummm wasnt the main character killed in the 3rd game its a bit weird isnt this more like a persona 3.5 and not just a stupid remakes (sidenote I H8 REMAKES SOME GAMES ARE JUST SACRED WANKERS p.s i like them when they introduece games like persona one to psp because you cant get it anywhere else) isnt it just a bit annoying that you would know the ending of a game i LOVE the persona games but wtf in the end you either die as a guy or as a girl like i love a great jrpg (PERSONA RULES) but im a bit pissed off if i know the ending it just ruins the entire game like when i finally played final fantasy X i got really far in and my friend told me the ending and it just was like bullshivers all my inteerset left unless they are try to do something new ill really have to skip this one my heart cant take the loss again.

    • gatzby

      Besides your ridiculous run-on sentence, have a marker of some sort that you’re about to type a spoiler regarding the game. Let’s all practice that, yeah? This game is definitely worth playing, so don’t let anything that’ll spoil the ending for everyone ruin that experience. Thanks.

  • eliel

    i own part 4 but have not beaten part 3/fes so yup this is a day 1 buy 4 me

  • sogothic

    Yeah, I agree with the “let’s date Mitsuru” on both paths thing. Mitsuru’s gotta be one of the finest video games girls ever. The new female main character’s hot too. Those two together…never mind. Anyway, anybody remember that lesbian girl next to the MC’s class in Persona 3? She’d talk about Mitsuru all the time; she was hilarious.

  • ckais3r

    Well there is gameplay all over youtube for the game already… Obviously the graphics have been toned down a bit as well as the abscense of the animated scene where Thanatos rips orpheas apart. (female protagonist at least) I think that the new navigation menus will help keep down the storage space (hoping) I reallllly hope they dont have to cut down on the voice acting. Also this wont have anything to do with FES right? but does anyone think you can still social link with Aigis? (really hoping) I can do without the animated scenes i just dont want anything taken out of S. Links. Also, does anyoe know if there will be new personas? And is there any confirmation of a two umd game? Sorry for the 20 questions i just reallly wanna know. Any chance of Monad still being availible on a second playthrough? (asking a bit much?) anyway any answers are greatly appreciated. thanks all!

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