First Slim PS3 Bundle Features Gundam

By Spencer . August 18, 2009 . 10:00pm

gundambSony is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Gundam (and the slim PlayStation 3 launch) with a hardware bundle.


What’s in the box? A 120GB slim PS3, Dualshock 3 controller, and a first print edition of Gundam Senki, which contains a voucher to view Mobile Suit Gundam Senki Avant Title in full HD and a code to download extra mobile suits.


The bundle retails for 38,539 yen ($407). A standalone slim PlayStation 3 costs 29,980 yen ($317) in Japan.

  • ShinGundam
    • BK0000

      I really wish they would have just made Mobile Suit Gundam 0081 into a tv series or OVA.

  • Name

    Even graphically the game looks barely better than Rengou tai ZAFT. And I seriously doubt that they will surpass that game in terms of mechanics.

    Looks like they spent too much money on HD and animations.

    • Enact

      Even if that is the case, you know this alone is gonna move the PS3 slim, since this has been getting hyped for months now (I kinda stopped paying attention to it personally, but hey).

      • Name

        But what kind of hype is it? Is it the one of serious gamers?
        If so, didn’t these people hype it because they expected a Rengou tai ZAFT with UC mobile suits in the first place? Crossfire was awful but still got hyped just because it was a Gundam game for the PS3, and that was understandable. But now this trick isn’t going to work anymore, Gundam on PS3 is neither new nor has it earned a positive connotation. At the same time we surprisingly got a decent sequel to Zeonic Front on the Wii. So all the fuss if it means anything at all has to be about something the Wii game wasn’t able to deliver other than High Definition images, and after watching the video the fast-paced fighting-game-like arcade action of Rengou tai ZAFT comes to mind.

        But after watching the video we can also pretty much tell that this isn’t going to be a worthy sequel. With all the added cutscene stuff and suit selection menues, I bet the developers themselves know that they aren’t able or willing to meet the seasoned players’ expectations when it comes to the actual combat. Now they even try to increase the hype with these stupid limited edition extras and console bundle idea. Would serious players fall for such trivialities?

        Seriously, I bet they only made Rengou tai ZAFT as good because they made it for the arcades. It had to be good to earn money as a coin-op machine. But Senki doesn’t even need to be any good to be able to sell if only they are able to hype it enough.

        But why should people fall for this hype? This is not going to be a worthy sequel of Rengo tai ZAFT, neither is it going to be a variation of Rengo tai ZAFT with UC suits. This is going to be a bastardization, and people will see it quickly after its release, but by then it will be too late since people have either preordered or bought it on release day or are buying it nevertheless because it comes with a nice PSthree. Damn!

        Please BandaiNamco, please consider making more arcade games!
        Senjou no Kizuna was bad in its own way because of the stupid pilot card system but I guess it will still beat Senki on terms of depth. Damn!

        • Enact

          Of course it’s not from serious gamers, it’s from Gundam fans who are well aware that a lot of Gundam games are absolute shit, with few exceptions (The Blue Destiny). The hype hostly comes from the setting (Right after the end of the one year war, which has never been properly explored) and the fact that it’s a decent looking UC game. Of course it’s not always good to buy into hype but being positive about something feels better then being a pesimist, espically when it turns out to be good.

          I don’t get why you are comparing this to Rengou VS ZAFT either, mostly because anyone who has seen Gundam SEED knows how fast and high tech those suits are, so that fits well for an arcade game, whereas UC is more low tech and the mechs are slower moving, and that is reflected in what I’ve seen of this game. Tottaly different type of game (Squad Shooter VS Fast Paced Arcade Action Game).

          On an unrelated note, I played Senjou no Kizuna when I was in japan a few years ago and thought it was brilliant, so I’m not sure what you are talking about it being bad at all unless you just played the PSP port or something.

        • Hexen

          well, for Japanese people and collectors, especially otaku’s in Gundam series. they buy anything related into it. the Gundam games series always join or sometimes top the Japan video game sales chart.

          it became famous too on some japanese forums that they bought a lot of units and figurines of their favorite series. (i remember someone bought 24 UMD units of a PSP game Idolmaster)

          well, yeah the only bad thing here is they don’t make any new fresh ideas. they just want money nowadays.

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