Ju-On Seems Like A Perfect Fit For The Vitality Sensor

By Spencer . August 18, 2009 . 8:50am

Every time a trailer for Ju-On: The Grudge squeaks out it always has “reaction” shots of terrified players. As a haunted house simulator it’s supposed to be scary, but wouldn’t the game be more interesting if it measured your pulse as a life meter?


Since Nintendo’s accessory isn’t on the market yet flashlight batteries are your “life meter” in Ju-On when the batteries run out it’s game over. Onryou jump out and require players to react by moving the remote. When I played the game the ghost with long hair grabbed my arm and I had to shake her off. You can also scare your friends by making onryou appear, sort of like pop-up windows, by mashing buttons with a second remote. If there was only a way to measure how terrifying pop up onryou are…


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  • Trotmeister

    There was this game on DC called Ilbleed which made use of the idea similar to the one formulated in the post above. If your character got too scared he would die of his heart exploding. I actually never figured out how to play it proper, meeting the very first monster killed me in few seconds. Awful, awful game.

    • Illbleed! I played that before, but I wasn’t sure people would pick up on any references. The pulse meter/life meter was interesting. Perhaps, it would have really worked with Nintendo’s vitality sensor.

    • illbleed rocked my socks! Also, on replay, when you got scared or took damage your clothes would also get torn off.
      Anyway… there was a H.P. Lovercraft game called Call of Cthulhu-Dark: Corners of the Earth which did the same thing. If your character got freaked out enough from all the crazy things going on he’d turn insane and that was partly how you’d fail a mission.


    Yeah the first boss was hard. The rest of the game was harder. Toughen up boy.

    (this was in reply to Trotmeister)

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