Eye of Judgement: Portable Ditches The Camera And Cards

By Spencer . August 19, 2009 . 12:53pm


Even though the PSP has a camera that’s being used for another PSP game, Eye of Judgement is coming to PSP minus all of the technical wizardry and cyber coded cards.


Eye of Judgement Portable uses the same three by three grid and card battling system from the PlayStation 3 game. Actually, every card from the PS3 game has been digitally implemented into the game along with thirty new cards which will be available in the PlayStation Store.


Players will be able to trade cards locally using an ad-hoc connection and dual rivals over infrastructure mode. *Finally* a new game that supports infrastructure mode instead of only having ad-hoc play.


When you’re not battling online you can make computer controlled rivals eternally remember your name in the single player story mode when Eye of Judgement: Portable is comes out early next year.


image image image image

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  • I may consider getting this just for the infrastructure multiplayer mode. I can’t believe more PSP games don’t take advantage of that.

    • QBasic

      Lag kills it. There’s also the much more stable PS3 Ad-Hoc party available.

      A lot of devs just can’t find a good reason to spend time and money implementing.

      • I see. I don’t think I actually own any games that use infrastructure so I wasn’t aware.

        I wonder why the DS Wi-Fi works and that doesn’t? (I’ve only experienced lag a few times on FFCC: Echoes of Time and Jump Ultimate Stars. Usually when a lot of people are playing.)

        • QBasic

          If DS Wi-Fi is as foolproof as you think, then why doesn’t 358/2 Days utilize it? :P

          The more graphically complex a game is, the harder it is to remove lag.

          The best way to remove lag is to set up advanced dedicated servers. That’s the reason why more experienced online companies like Konami can implement it in their handhelds, while the less experienced ones like SE skip out.

          • Makes sense. (My technological knowledge is barely passable sometimes, so excuse my naivety at times. :D)

            I wish it did. With all the money that SE takes from customers with the SE tax, you’d think they’d set up the servers.

        • MadMirko

          Just wanted to say, QBasic has no idea what he is talking about. “Graphical complexity” is usually not a factor when it comes to having lag free online gaming. What matters is the amount of data that is needed to keep everyone synchronized.

          What would travel across the network is something like “Player 2 placed card XY on the top row leftmost field”, not how the card looks like or what animation to play along with it, because your system already knows all that. So for lag it wouldn’t matter if that card had a 5mb HD graphic on the front, or a 5kb jpg.

          There are a lot of DS games supporting infrastructure mode, because Nintendo has infrstructure in place that developers can use, instead of developing a system of their own (and having to run servers, etc.).

          • That does make a lot of sense. :D

            And, based on that, a card game like Eye of Judgement really shouldn’t have any lag anyway. All the information shared is going to be as simple as you stated.

  • pressstart

    Why doesn’t Sony just use the ubiquitous term and just call it online mode?

    So you will have to buy digital cards from the PSN store vs having physical cards?

    • Online mode and local wi-fi sound natural opposed to infrastructure and ad-hoc mode.

      Sony didn’t say anything about prices for cards, but it looks like you get all current sets on the disc and extra cards, whether free or paid downloads, will be on the PlayStation store.

  • doubleO7

    The screenshots are in english so would I be right in assuming that “early next year” is when this comes out in America?

    • Technically, the “early next year” is for Europe where the news came from, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out early next year for us too since, as you said, the screenshots are in English.

      SCEA and SCEJ have not announced Eye of Judgement: Portable yet.

  • Oh, awesome. I always wondered why the PS3 game never took advantage of the huge, detailed world they created for the game’s premise, as it didn’t really have a true “story” mode. I’ll definitely get this. I enjoyed the console game, so I suppose it’s a natural progression.

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