Toshinden, You’ve Changed

By Spencer . August 20, 2009 . 8:30am

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Tomy released a batch of screenshots from their upcoming Toshinden game, which look totally different from the screens we saw last year. The picture on the left is from 2008 and the picture on the right is what the final product should look like.


The visual differences are like night and day. The core battle system may have changed too. Notice how the new HUD has more meters — a green bar, which might be a super move meter, and two circles which can light up.


Toshinden is being made for the Wii, but it seems like Tomy is including a traditional control scheme. Similar to their Naruto: Clash of Ninja series, Toshinden supports the nunchuck and Classic Controller.


Toshinden is scheduled to come out in Japan in December.


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  • ZeromusUra

    Nice, but i hope the fix the floor textures.

  • It really has been an incredibly long time since a Toshinden game hit shelves, huh? I’m a little interested since DreamFactory is behind this; perhaps a dungeon/story mode a la Tobal 2 will be included?

    I was going to say the small circles could possible be rounds won, but there is a screen with the HUD shown that does not include the circles at all. Either way, it looks like this will be more of a casual fighter to have fun with rather than something that will be taken seriously. Is the US getting it shortly after December or is there no announcement yet?

  • I have good memories from T2….never played 3, but I remember playing T2 @ the arcades when I was barely 10 years old.

  • Must’ve missed it when Takara and Tomy merged. I read ‘Tomy’ and went ‘what…that was done by [Googles] .. .. oh’.

    The last game of BAT that I thought was worth it was the one that was on the GB, of all game consoles. It’s a bit of a difficult arrangement on two buttons (press or tap buttons for heavy or weak) but the combo system actually wasn’t half bad for such a dated game.

    Eiji or Ellis. Either or I used (primarily Ellis)…although I guess Kayin’s not drastically different but…

  • I hope they include a “Find the anime cliche mode.”

  • HUD at bottom is STUPID.

  • Anyone else get a Tales vibe from the background?

  • jarrodand

    Oh man, Dream Factory look how far you’ve fallen. :(

    And to think, this was the company that wowed me with Tobal 2 way back when…

  • Advent_Andaryu

    What’s up with the negativity? The game looks great! I went from not really caring about it to seriously getting hyped! It just makes me want to play the old Toshiden in anticipation…

    I think it’s gonna rock! The HUD at the bottom looks great IMO.

  • maxchain

    For a Wii game, those character models don’t look too shabby! Maybe! It’s kinda hard to say for sure without seeing ’em in motion.

  • ElTopo

    That circle meter looks confusing. The characters don’t look too bad I guess, but everything else looks pretty uninspired.

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