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By Louise Yang . August 23, 2009 . 8:15am


Which videogame characters’ stories would you like to see explored further?


Jenni: I’d like to see a Valkyrie Profile game that focuses on Hrist’s character. We’ve pretty much only seen her as an antagonist, so it’d be interesting to see her as the lead character. It seems only fitting, after all. Lenneth and Silmeria each had their own stories/games. Perhaps a story where we see her as the antihero.


This part is pure silliness, but I’d kind of like to see some kind of resolution in some of the lives of the Animal Crossing: City Folk characters. For example, I’d like to see some reconciliation scene among the three Able sisters, perhaps to the point where they’d visit each others’ stores. It’d be nice to see the Pelly-Pete-Phyllis love triangle resolved as well.


Louise: I always wonder about Igor’s assistants in the Persona games. How did they get to such a prestigious position? And exactly what happened to Elizabeth when she had to go off to free the blue haired boy?


Related to that is just Igor’s whole back-story. In the beginning of the games, he always seems like such an ominous character, but it can’t be doubted that he’s really helpful. Not everyone starts off as an old man, so Igor must have some story to how he became head of the velvet room.


Spencer: The cast of characters in Final Fantasy VI are a memorable bunch. I’d like to see what happened to them after they saved the world, but I don’t want Final Fantasy VI: The After Years. A perfect sequel would take place one or two years after Kefka’s fall with a story about rebuilding the world instead of banding together again to save it from Kefka’s long lost clone.


I know it will never happen, but there’s a lot that Namco Bandai could do with Xenosaga. After all, it was a six game series before it got cut in half when Xenosaga II came down with a case of middle media syndrome (i.e. the story merely sets up the next game’s events). Alas, Xenosaga is dead, with the exception of random KOS-MOS cameos. I’d expect KOS-MOS to star in one of Namco Bandai’s Active Life fitness games before getting Xenosaga Episode IV.


Ishaan: I’d love to find out what happens to Ada Wong after Resident Evil 4. Last we heard, she was working undercover for a rival corporation to Umbrella. What happened after she delivered the Plaga sample to her employer? Did they ever do anything with it? Clearly, she and Leon haven’t hooked up as of Degeneration so does that mean she’s still in the femme fatale business?


Another set of characters I’d very much like to see explored further are Parzuph’s 7th Division from Soma Bringer. I think they were great characters with a lot of potential and it would be awesome to see Monolith flesh them out a little more in another RPG set in that universe.


And last but not least, it would be great to know more about the corporations that manufacture Virtuaroids.


Laura: I agree with Ishaan about expanding Ada’s story in Resident Evil 4. Granted that the series isn’t exactly known for its story, but Ada’s part, especially the fact that she was a double agent only pretending to work for Umbrella, is a great big hole that has yet to be filled. Too many questions remain, such as who exactly is this organization and whatnot.


This is a little odd, but I would’ve loved to see what would’ve happened in the alternate universes in Grim Grimoire had the time paradoxes not occurred. Of course, this is provided that she doesn’t fail in the last battle right after while the paradoxes always seem to occur…

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  • doubleO7

    I cant think of another character that wasnt already said. The main ones I’d like to know more about are Ada and Igor.

    • Igor is a great choice, yea. There’s so much to him that we don’t know about. I sometimes wonder if he was ever a “wild card” himself.

      • doubleO7

        I wondered that too. It would be awsome if Atlus made a prequel to Persona were you get to play as a younger Igor, and see how he came to be in charge of the Velvet Room, and maybe learn about previous persona users that had visited the Velvet Room

  • daizyujin

    Ryo Hazuki. I don’t think any more has to be said. There are two groups near as I can figure. Those who are dying to see the next chapter, and those who don’t give a crap. Too bad there are not enough of the former to justify the games creation.

    (Daizyujin is a sad puppy every time he thinks about Shenmue 3.)

    • Aoshi00

      Same here, we need Shenmue 3, just what the heck happened to Ryo, where is he going, how’s his quest to avenge his pops.. you would think the project should get green light seeing how they’re milking the Yakuza clone series. This has almost become an impossible dream, like “Chrono Break”.. I want a direct sequel w/ next-gen graphics, not Chrono Cross.

      • daizyujin

        At this point I would be happy no matter what system it was on. It would be nice to see it on one of the HD systems but at this point, I would be happy if it came out for the PSP. It baffles me that there hasn’t been at least enough demand to finish the story in some other form like a manga or book.

  • Aoshi00

    I was really fond of the Lost Odyssey crew and would like to see what happened to them if there is ever a sequel. The grownup Cooke and Mack would be the main chars, and Jansen would be hooked up w/ Ming and have a kid alrdy. The other chars would still be the same since they’re immortals.

    @Spence — totally agree w/ you. We’ve seen so much Cloud and Sephiroth alrdy, and FF6 was one of the best of course, at least we would have the 3D DS remake. I was disappointed about the Xenosaga series being cut short too. I actually like Episode II’s realistic graphics except the characters’ ultra blocky hands. BTW, I beat Disaster Day of Crisis last week, love the game (except the driving part holding remote like a wheel), not bringing here is a disservice..

  • Square-Enix: please tell us more about Ashley Riot (Vagrant Story)

    • BK0000

      Why would you want more Vagrant Story without Matsuno? Square Enix should never make another Ivalice game without Matsuno.

  • leafpanda

    I really want to know more about Joshua and Sanae Hanekoma

  • RayFoxSith

    A bunch of Suikoden characters need some holes filled. >.>

    • Ereek

      This is definitely true. In particular, I’d like to know more about Troy from Suikoden IV. Troy seemed like an interesting character but was barely given more than a few sentences of backstory and even those didn’t tell you anything about his motives.

      I’d also say I’d like to know more about the world of Skies of Arcadia. Not the world playable in the game, but the world before it was destroyed by the Gigas and war. Back when the Lands under the Moons were all “Empires.” In particular, the fallen Ice Lands had an effect on me. That was a particularly darkly toned area in a generally light game.

      Finally, no one kill me for this, I really liked Nero from Devil May Cry 4. I’d like to learn more about him.

      • Ereek

        Ah, I can’t believe I forgot two of my favorites! I’d really, really, really, love to learn more about Legend of Dragoon’s world in the shape of a prequel. That’s just dreaming at this point, but it was the backstory that made LoD so interesting.

        Also, I doubt many people played it, but Summoner 1 and 2 for the PS2 had a very interesting world, Summoner 1 in particular. Summoner 2 was a bit weird in what it added, but I find the different views on the world’s religions to be very interesting. The heroine from Summoner 2 even goes as far as to become the “devil” from Summoner 1, yet she is worshipped as God by her people. I would have loved for the world and its religions to be fully completed, as there’s obviously a good deal of tension between the people of each God.

  • Pleinair. That is all.
    (at least Harada draws a lot of pictures of her)

  • I´d love to get more games from Xenogears, so that all of the story can be played out instead of just knowing what happend to Fei Wong and his “same age” living characters.

    I´d love to see his and Ellys earlier incarnations as playable games. Along with getting a sequel to Xenogears that shows how and what happend after the end of Xenogears.

    The story of Ryu, Gouken and Akuma would also be nice. I know most of the story sure but I do not know how much of it is true as it seems to change in every game :( And with how SFIV ended I´d really love to see what happend after that.

    A follow up story to Ar Tonelico 2 would also be nice. To see how they all advanced after the different endings and choices you made.

    And more. But these are the ones that come to me naturally.

  • Advent_Andaryu

    Megaman! If you link together the games, a solid story spreads from the original Megaman up until Megaman ZX Advent. I just want to see it continue… Or reveal more in the MM X series.

    • Really? What’s the story from Megaman? I guess I never really thought of this one. Didn’t they kinda do a story through the cartoons?

  • Vanilla

    Totally with Spencer on Xenosaga here. I actually JUST replayed the series, and I honestly don’t understand why XSIII went out of print. It was arguably the best out of the three games and, in my opinion, merited a continuation of the series. I guess sales really are everything. :/

    But who knows, Namco’s said they’d be willing to look into the Xenosaga universe again if it had enough demand…which I don’t really see happening because it’s so niche, but there’s nothing wrong with hoping.

  • To piggyback with Ishaan and Laura; what happened to the original RE characters, mainly Barry Burton and Rebecca Chambers?
    They went off to fight Umbrella, but who knows where and what happened?
    Least not forget Sherry and Billy, either. These interesting characters just fell off the zombie planet.

    Alyssa Hale from Clock Tower: The Struggle Within/Ghost Head. Most games wrap up their stories at an appropriate time, and maybe this was a translation flub, but the game ends …in a middle of a zombie outbreak? Buh? Also, Alyssa still has to deal with her split personality/alter ego, so unless they were planning a sequel I think they just pulled a Buckaroo Banzai/Incredible Crisis.

  • I’d certainly like to find out who Igor is and how he’s capable to exist in everyone’s collective unconscious… As for Elizabeth, with P3Portable coming out, it’s pretty obvious that Elizabeth isn’t so much a person as she is a facet of the main character’s mind (the anima to be exact). So basically, that’s why she didn’t appear in Persona 4 and won’t be appearing the the Female Protagonist’s story.

    As for elsewhere… God, I wish they hadn’t switched Basch from the main character spot in FFXII. I would have loved to hear about how Gabranth managed to work his way up in Archades and what Balthier was like before he turned to a life of piracy…

  • Jirin

    I agree with another Valkyrie Profile game just so we can find out what the hell happened to the Valkyries at the end of Silmeria.

    Other than that, most of the characters I like had pretty fitting endings. I guess it’d be nice to see more with some of the FFVI characters, except then they’d have to undo the ending just to write another game.

    Plus, as some have mentioned, I only want to see characters written for if it’s by the original writer. The Tales of Symphonia cast were handed to a different team of developers, and the result was crap. I don’t want to see a cast or ending I feel strongly about be Terminator 3’d.

    Elizabeth is a good choice. Maybe the FFIX group because they’re an enjoyable cast who I wouldn’t mind if they got ‘ruined’ too much.

  • Agree with Jenni. Hrist.

    Or Ashley Riot (as mentioned by Orierumaru). I mean, wtf happened to him and Merlose after Vagrant Story’s end? I’d even be up for a Merlose-centric sequel as she tries to locate Ashley, since he’s filled up with crazy wellspring awesomesauce and can get in people’s minds/change appearance (it’s been like 7 years since I beat it, so I’m not up to snuff with the terminology and or what exactly transpired in the ending, but have always wanted to see more). I remember a while back there was interest expressed in doing a Vagrant Story sequel, but they wanted to think about it “after maybe a portable version”. Still… it’s an Ivalice game. There will be more… we’ll just wait for a really, really long time. I can dream.

  • Chow

    We will never, ever get this because the director is pretty adamant against direct sequels, but I would like to see what happens to the characters after ICO and Shadow of the Colossus after their individual stories. We sort of know what will happen to Wander in terms of means to an end, but given what’s available to the characters at that point, the story seems somewhat incomplete. For the story in ICO, it doesn’t really matter since it was a pretty complete story in itself, but there’s definitely something that could happen afterward.

  • Zefiro Torna

    While I can relate to the instances where the very possibility of further stories involving certain characters are blatantly alluded to, I’ll admit that it’s during many other instances in which I don’t need any more told. As crazy as it sounds, I appreciate an element of mystery being left with me at the end of it all. Also, not to sound like someone trying to fanatically secure fanfic fodder, but a not so definitive resolution can sometimes help leave a great lasting impression in the form of allowing the player’s imagination to try and do some answering.

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