Dissidia: Final Fantasy Universal Tuning Turning Up In November (Update!)

By Spencer . August 23, 2009 . 10:58pm

image Square Enix is about to release Dissidia: Final Fantasy in North America this week, but you may want to hold off buying it.


Because there is another version of Dissidia: Final Fantasy coming out in Japan. Square Enix opened a teaser site for Dissidia Final Fantasy: Universal Tuning scheduled to come out on November 1.


No other details, not even the system has been announced. Seems like it could be the North American version of Dissidia: Final Fantasy — that is Dissidia: Final Fantasy with English voice acting, the arcade mode, plus a few extras for Japan. Square Enix has a habit of releasing international editions, but usually not this close to a game’s Western debut.


Update: As expected Dissidia Final Fantasy: Universal Tuning is an “international” version of Dissidia: Final Fantasy . The revised game includes the arcade mode Square Enix added for the Western release, over 100 extra character tuning options, and English voice acting with Japanese subtitles.


Dissidia Final Fantasy: Universal Tuning will be released as a retail game and a downloadble title on the PlayStation Store. Previous save data (i.e. save data from the Japanese verison) can be transferred to Universal Tuning .

  • Ereek

    I doubt we’ll see it. North American audiences rarely see the director’s cuts and the only one off hand I can think of is RE:CoM. And even if we do, it will be at least a year from now. Still, I can’t say I didn’t expect this, since this has happened with pretty much every Final Fantasy game that was modified for western releases.

  • Advent_Andaryu

    Yeah, we will not get this is my bet. No problem, I’ll just import. The menu’s are not too hard to navigate, and once I get started on the English version I will have it down. I’m glad they are releasing another version! Dissidia is awesome…

    I wonder what the few extra’s will be…. Two more characters? I hope!! I’ll be happy with whoever they choose… Gilgamesh would be sweet…

    • Nite

      From my understanding, the NA version and this Universal Tuning version are one in the same. In the NA version of Dissidia, they tweaked a lot of the gameplay to improve the balance, added some new cutscenes, moves and gameplay options, etc to make it a slightly different game. The Universal version seems like it’s just bringing it back to Japan.

      • Advent_Andaryu

        Well just an example, when Kingdom Hearts came to America it got loads of new content. When it was re-released as Final Mix in Japan, it got all of the new content PLUS lots of other stuff. New keyblades, new bosses….

        If the original Japanese creators are updating Dissidia for a re-release… Then I will bet anything they will also add more to there own version. I mean look, in US it’s just called Dissidia. But they even get to rename it!

        Universal Tuning…. I liked how Final Mix sounded better.

        • Pichi

          Of course its called Dissidia here, its only been released once. Where as in Japan, they are gonna have to name it different to differentiate from the first release.

          Its possible there could be new stuff, I think that it can also be possible that its just the NA/EU version. Having the “over 100 extra character tuning options” can just be a fancy way of saying all the tweaks and balances of the NA/EU version.

  • Dasuzero

    When are they going to release the version with a fully arranged soundtrack and with the terrible placeholder vocal songs taken out?


    …what do you mean they aren’t placeholders?

  • QBasic

    To all the fanboys out there…DO NOT bother buying this. There was a scan a while back ago on Reunion (I’ll dig it up later….if I feel like it) that confirms this is NO DIFFERENT than what we’re getting on Tuesday. The only change? Japanese text.

    So….feel free to dish out $65 for no reason. ^_^

  • blues_89

    i noticed with a few titles in multiplayer the japanese version can link with the english version normally. but with the tweaks in the english version (which would make in incomatable with the NTSCJ) i guess they had no choice but to re-release it so that they could “maybe” work together? who knows..

  • Hexen

    and SE calls it “profit”

  • TTTT

    11/1 will coincide with the Japanese PSPgo launch. Persona3 portable is coming on this day too. I am curious now what else is coming for the launch.

  • twitchet

    What’s the source for saying: “over 100 extra character tuning options”? Personally I find it hard for them to add 100 new things from between the english version release and November.

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