Final Fantasy Gaiden Asks Players To Charge Before Casting

By Spencer . August 24, 2009 . 8:39pm

image Square Enix finally revealed details about Final Fantasy Gaiden: The Four Light Warriors’ battle system, which gets rid of a RPG tradition. Players don’t have to worry about magic points or carrying ethers in this game.


Before casting Fira, players need to store ability points by selecting the stock command. AP can be used to cast spells like Dark (as seen in the screenshot) and activate commands like Darkness. Spells appear to be tiered with Dark casting 1 AP, Darkra consuming 2 AP, and Darkga sapping 3 AP.


AP carries over after battles end so you can amass points before facing a boss. In fact, Impress Watch recommends players do just that.


Up to six commands can be assigned on a touch screen menu, not including staple commands like fight, store, and item.


Final Fantasy Gaiden: The Four Light Warriors comes out in Japan on October 29.

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  • Dasuzero

    Outsourcing article titles to Asia again?

    • Dasuzero

      Also, that Game Watch article seems to indicate there’s some kind of system where you gather materials and possibly create items from them. Can we get some info on that?

  • The “stock” command in FF8 was absolutely pointless and absurd. I really hope this isn’t the exact same thing. If so, I wonder what they are capping it off at if spells only use 1, 2, or 3 AP.

    • Dasuzero

      What? The Stock command in FF8 was one of the two things you could do with a “Draw”n spell. It was a key element of the game mechanics, allowing you to save spells for later and also to junction them to stats.

      Are you sure you aren’t thinking of something else?

      • It is exactly what I am referencing. Drawing spells for 15 minutes from an enemy so you can junction to (read: boost) your stats was a silly game mechanic. Now, you will be stocking spells so you can use them later. I didn’t mean to draw a line meaning exacts, sorry about that. I meant to say it reminds me of the FF8 system in a more generalized way. Just a personal opinion on that system. =)

        • Dasuzero

          actually, no, based on the article above and the screenshot, you don’t stock spells. Rather, you stock AP, and the AP carries over after battle.

          Take a close look at the screenshot (click it!). There’s room for five little dots above each character name, indicating how many you have/can store. A dot is by one of the top three commands – either the stock command itself or by the fight command (this is a presumption – if I had Japanese fonts installed in this OS, I’d check which is which). Below that are six more commands, the ones you can set. Each has a dot by it, showing it’s AP price.

          It’s actually not all that uncommon a system in JRPGs, although the only example I can think of right off is Xenogears, although you couldn’t save AP for later battles in that game.

          also, while I won’t argue that the gameplay of FF8 is (delightfully) broken, there was another use to junctioning spells besides raising basic stats. Certain Guardian Forces would allow you to junction spells to attack and defense, allowing you to add a chance of adding an effect to your attack or of resisting it. Junctioning 100 Death spells to an attack meant that character could basically kill anything except (most) bosses in one hit.

          • You are absolutely correct. I’m at work so I had to have a friend send me the image (It doesn’t load here!). I mis-read the article as the AP only being used for spells. In the image it’s clearly showing the dots being used for all things. I see Attack uses 1AP, Stock is free, Item is Free, Darkness is 1AP, Berserk? is 2AP. Dark/ra/ga already mentioned in the article. Hm, interesting. I wonder if Stock just gives you 1 extra AP on top of whatever you earn during a round; presumably 1AP. The picture also puts into perspective that you can’t horde points (unless you can earn more than the allotted amount above). Yeah, this is more of a common system, though I still don’t see it used much with magic if at all, generally.

            Maybe that’s why I didn’t like the Draw system in FF8. =) There were much betters ways to do it, in my opinion.

        • discoma

          Well, if you did the card games, you could have gathered the cards you’ve won and mod ’em into items and spells.

          • Triple Triad itself was an amazing side-game (Actually have real cards as well). Modding cards to items/spells – not that interesting for me.

            To remain on subject a bit I sort of like that interface look so far for the touch screen. Very simple and easy for some lazy battles if you’re in the mood.

  • discoma


  • Joanna

    I didn’t mind FFVIII’s drawing, so I guess I’ll be fine with this too. Although, it’s annoying that in order to attack (a regular attack) you need to waste an Action Point. :/
    I don’t know if I am misunderstanding one of the comments, but it seems to me someone suggested that you gain AP each turn? Is this true? And does anyone know how much?

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