Persona 3 Portable Opens Without Mass Destruction

By Spencer . August 24, 2009 . 10:25am

Atlus made a brand new opening movie for Persona 3: Portable which has mirrored images and a rock theme.


It seems like the opening movie is hinting at a “what if” scenario for the female protagonist. The clip flashes phrases like butterfly effect, chaos theory, and even the Lyapunov Exponent which is used to estimate the level of entropy (i.e. disorder in a thermodynamic system). Good research, Atlus! I never thought I would talk about that in a post here…


All of these themes are probably linked to the alternate female protagonist, like how a simple gender change causes the entire plot to shift.


Persona 3: Portable comes out on November 1 to coincide with the PSPgo launch in Japan.

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  • I really like the song. Are they using a male vocalist because of the female protagonist?

    • MisterNiwa

      Then why not use a Female vocalist for the male protagonist?!

      i rather like this song, but not as good as burn my dread…

  • lbnchi

    you mean Burn my Dread? ;)

    I really hate the male vocalist.

  • Gah, I really don’t like this intro very much. P3FES and Burn My Dread were both so much better and captured the different feels of Persona 3 perfectly.

  • maxchain

    I tend to skip the intro after the first time I’ve watched it through anyway, so that’s certainly no deal-breaker–will this mean they’ll also bench the original final battle theme, though?

  • discoma

    Burn My Dread and this intro are both horrible. I really hope Meguro doesn’t pull this shit with Strange Journey.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Pretty unlikely I’d think, given that SJ is vastly different, but who knows… Honestly, I don’t really like Meguro that much outside of maybe… Digital Devil Saga. Nocturne was decent enough, but the shouting in every battle theme ruined it for me.

      • discoma

        Yeah, I only liked a few songs from Nocturne, DDS1/2, DS1, & P3. However, I really loved the soundtracks for Nocturne Maniacs, DS2, and, oddly enough, P4.

        From what I’ve heard, it seems like he’s gone orchestral. Sounds really nice so far. .,.

  • Name

    it’s burn my dread they’re omitting you stupid shits. do the research before post, goddamn.

    • QBasic

      Congrats: Penis of the year award.

      I think there’s a retard of the month award going on next week. I think an irreverent little termite shit like yourself should really consider. I have a feeling you’d totally trump the opposition. :3

  • QBasic

    I bet prolly no one here even knows what working substance is, or even who Sadi Carnot is… >:< This world needs moar edumacashun!

    That said. HA! HA! *laughs at Ishaan* No poser ra-I mean, no Mass Destruction for YOOOO-UUUU!!!!! Kind of…at least for the female route…

    As for both… HA! HA! *points finger at Ishaan* No Burn My Dread for YOOOO-UUUU!!!!!

    (My dread's been burning since the first time I heard that horrib–I mean, that….articulate song!)

    • I may not know what working substance is or who Sadi Carnot is, but a quick trip to Wikipedia Land can fix that and, as we all know, 60% of the time Wikipedia’s right, every time.

      I kinda like this intro. Yes, I’ll agree that the Burn My Dread intro captures P3 pretty well, but it’s not like this one is terrible. Besides, we still don’t know what (if any) changes will be in the female protagonist route and if they’re already reflected in this new intro.

      • QBasic

        I never said Burn My Dread captures…well, anything really. In fact, I thoroughly hated it. >:<


        • Oh, the second half of my comment wasn’t actually directed at you, it was really going back to the rest of the comments before yours. I probably should have segued that better.

          • QBasic

            ^^; Hehe, my bad! Sorry about that.

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