Trinity Universe’s Combolicious Battle System Explained In Three Videos

By Spencer . August 25, 2009 . 3:28pm

Wondering how fights in Trinity Universe, Idea Factory’s Disgaea and Gust crossover game, works? Watch these clips.


The first video demonstrates the skill link system. Similar to Cross Edge, you do different attacks by pressing square, triangle, and X. If you input buttons in a certain order, say square, square, x, square for Kanata you trigger a skill. What’s neat about the skill link system is how flexible it is. You can activate a skill at anytime, even in the middle of a custom combo.



This video runs through the chain system where you can call an ally (or allies) to link up for a team attack.



Finally, here’s a look at the soul break system. See the highlighted gauge? When you empty it by chipping away an enemy you may earn a rare item.


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  • Ohhhh yea that’s gonna be fun stuff like Cross Edge was.

    No sarcasm.

    Seriously, this is a definite buy for me for what I’ve seen so far…

  • shion16

    it looks like a chrono cross

  • The combo system kind of reminds me of Legend of Legaia. I’m interested now.

    • Then again, all the battle effects seem pretty humdrum. Are they holding out on us or is really as interesting as it gets? Once again I’m on the fence. ;'[

  • Xenogears mixed with Cross Edge mixup games and with silly attacks being comboed into one big chain of damage?

    Sounds fun. But I still need to see more gameplay before I decide. But so far it seems fun and if they only make the game a bit less like Cross Edge with it´s attacks it will become really fun.

    • I thought Xenogears as well. I’ll stay cautiously optimistic, as I enjoyed Cross Edge, but for being such an intense battle system, I felt it moved a little slow at times (even with the animation skip button…).

      • The cost we´ll have to take for this kind of battlesystem :p

        But I hope this turns out nice.

    • Originally I referenced Xenogears, but I crossed it out since Idea Factory sort of made Cross Edge. Glad to see Xenogears and its combo battle system is fondly remembered.

      • How can I forget one of the best games ever? And the amount of money it cost me to get a copy… But I loved every piece of it.

        Only thing I had a bit of dislike for was how you acquired new attacks. That was a bit tedious. But well worth it in the end.

        Never finished it though. For some reason I erased the save file with my goodies on so I have to start from the beginning.

  • vrakanox

    Looks like my type of RPG

  • Pesmerga00

    Looks like a fun game. It definitely shows some promise.

  • EvilAkito

    I really could get into Cross Edge, so I’ll approach this one with caution.

  • hitosura

    this game looks pretty cool the only problem they gotta fix is the special effects and maybe the sound…its a lil iono not that flashy if you get what im saying

  • fuzaku

    Will Laharl be playable?

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