Xbox Indie Developer’s Take On Super Dodge Ball

By Spencer . August 26, 2009 . 5:29pm


Downtown Smash Dodge Ball is now on Xbox Live and it’s like Super Dodge Ball right down to the press A and B to jump control scheme.


In the game players smash their opponents with a dodge ball to drain their life meters. While defending, you can catch the ball and duck by pressing B. The last team standing wins.


Miracle Kidz, a Japanese indie development team made the game, but you can play it in English! Downtown Smash Dodge Ball automatically loads translated English text if your Xbox 360’s default language isn’t Japanese.


Even though this is a clone, it’s a fairly impressive one. You can download a demo of the game here. The full version goes for 800 Microsoft Points ($10), which makes this one of the most expensive Xbox Indie games on the market.



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  • leafpanda

    Wow, for some strange reason I remember this game. I still can’t believe they are making an xbox live version.

  • Guest

    Man too bad i don’t have an xbox 360. Super Dodge Ball for the NES was one of my favorite games.

  • How in the world did they get away with making a Kunio-kun game? One of my favorite series of all time. Is this legal? Not that I’m complaining. I’ll probably get this when I get home today. Thanks for the info! I should actually start checking the indie section now.

    • doipdurka

      Some of the members of the Miracle Kidz team were part of Technos Japan, the company that made the Ricki/Kunio – River City Ransom games.
      I imagine whomever is in the developers group probably bought the rights to the IP long ago.

      • Thanks for the info, doipdurka! After some research I find out that Miracle Kidz is headed by both the origial creators of almost all of the early Kunio-kun games (the best ones). Knowing that they can start their own Doujin group and pull some of their previous titles is classic. Just for the record if anyone wanted to know the Japanese name it’s roughly.. “It’s Downtown Nekketsu Dodgeball – Assemble Everybody!”

        An awesome tidbit is that they (Edit: “they” being Arc System who did the Dodgeball game for the DS last year) are working on a sequel to Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku! That is the Athletic Meet, Track & Field 4player sort of game. For anyone who hasn’t played I advise you try it out! I think the Virtual Store in Japan might even have it up last I checked.

  • I echo what’s been said before, how can they get away with this? Surely it’s illegal to make a game with these characters and charge for it on the xbox live platform? Maybe i’ll go make a Mario clone tomorrow.

    • Do people make money for each Indie game sold or anything? I’d be very interested to find out. I also noticed the $10 price tag and that is worthy if it was actually done by a company but I’m not so sure about a clone. Guess I’ll play the demo and find out. Most of the time copyrights with doujinshi/cloning/et cetera are handled a bit lighter in Japan than most other places in the world, so I wonder…

      If you break apart the title each name is from one of their old installments. Though Smash would probably have to be changed to “Club” =P Has anyone played this yet? I’d like to know how it compares to others in the series. The last Kunio-Kun release on the DS was amazing as far as in depth customization. This almost looks like they utilized that to create their characters.

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