Zombies On Other Continents Keep Wii Zapper Alive

By Spencer . August 26, 2009 . 7:14am

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Nintendo’s plastic gun shell rises from the grave in Japan and Europe, thanks to two zombie bundles.


Sega of Japan packaged the House of the Dead: Overkill with the Zapper instead of the two hand cannon plastic pistols Sega made for Europe. Overkill spreads to Japan on September 17.


In Europe, Capcom has a Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles pack which contains the game and Zapper. The bundle slides into stores on November 27, ten days after The Darkside Chronicles debuts in North America.


Only one Zapper package was made for North America, the original bundle with Link’s Crossbow Training, which means Nintendo of America released more Wii Wheel bundles than Zapper bundles. Neither plastic shell is necessary, but it’s interesting to note that Nintendo stopped pushing the Zapper in North America.

  • MadMirko

    Hand cannon is the only way to go with HOTD, gets heavy after a while, though.

    • Aoshi00

      I like the nyko perfect shot, but the handle was a bit too big for my hand, so I switched back to plain remote w/ HotD.

      I doubt they would dub it in Jpn (like the other House or RE games), the F-bombs and crude humor probably wouldn’t be as funny w/ Jpn subtitles.

    • Hand Cannon is definitely the way to go. I got two of them as soon they were released.
      It’s a bit on the heavy side, but it’s a nice contrast to the very light Nyko Perfect Shot. That light-gun is way too light for me to handle on a game like HotD.
      Oh, and the Hand Cannon has that nice rubber around the handle, it makes you feel badass AND beautiful.

  • Aoshi00

    I’m not sure if playing HotD w/ the zapper would be comfortable, didn’t even work all that well w/ RE UC. So far it seems like it was tailored and works best w/ Link’s Crossbow. I haven’t touched it since that game.

    • The thing with those light-gun games is that they don’t need the nunchuck. So, using the Zapper is just awkward.
      There are a few well-balanced light guns out here already. Even Nerf made a couple decent light-guns for the Wii.
      Like you said, I don’t think there are any appropriate games made to use the Zapper other than Zelda, so seeing them trying to push it still is just kind of weird.

      Even if you do need the nunchuck, there is this light-gun called “The BUCK SHOT Lock and Load SHOTGUN” by Komodo that just looks INSANE!!

      • Aoshi00

        What a kick ass gun! Wonder how much that costs. The video cracks me up, “something the Robocop would use” :). How much did the hand cannons cost you, I wanted to get one before but they seemed to fetch for $50 & up. I don’t like them bundling these games w/ the zappers either, just not fit for them.

        • Man, I had to shop around like no other! Since only the PAL regions got these I went around looking at all the web shops in the UK and AUS, but, not surprisingly, eBay was the cheapest and most reliable for someone in the States. They cost me about $22+shippig each (they were sold separately in a different package, these weren’t the ones bundled with the game). About $50 bucks total for two of them. That’s the cheapest I could find.
          If you want to check one out for yourself, let me know ’cause I know a shop in the U.S. with a good deal or I can probably take pictures of them myself …not sure how though since I don’t think PMs are available here.

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