Look It’s A La Pucelle Port For PSP

By Spencer . August 31, 2009 . 4:13pm

imageMissed out on La Pucelle Tactics? Nippon Ichi will give PSP owners a chance to pick up a port on November 26. (Thanks for the tip Jose!!)


La Pucelle Ragnarok, like all of Nippon Ichi’s PlayStation 2 to PSP ports, contain enhancements. In addition to interface options like skipping battle animations and more voice acting, La Pucelle Ragnarok has an extra four act scenario starring Demon Prier and Disgaea: Hour of Darkness characters like Laharl, Etna and Flonne as bonus bosses. Disgaea characters in another Nippon Ichi game? I’m shocked.


All jokes aside, the North American version, if* NIS America decides to work on La Pucelle Ragnarok, could have a new localization too. Mastiff released La Pucelle Tactics in North America and censored some religious references before NIS America opened their doors.


* There isn’t an official confirmation, but NIS America is totally going to publish La Pucelle Ragnarok. What strategy RPG port have we missed out on? While were waiting for a press release check out these scans of the Japanese version.

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  • ShadowYuri

    Why doesn’t it *really* surprise me? xD

    Though I very much liked the PS2 game… Thanks for the info!

  • Cool. I hope Ryoji is on broad to do some new artwork.

  • Never gotten the original so I’ll jump in and play this one.

  • nyoron

    I played this right after I got done with Disgaea… and couldn’t finish it. At the time it felt like too much of a step backwards, gameplay wise (yes I know it is older than Disgaea). I’ll probably give it another shot now.

    • I know what you mean. The battles took a bit longer than it really should have, which I think it might have to do with the leveling up. If they keep the same battle layout and just balance the points on hits and damage it could be a more solid game.

  • For a while I was considering tracking down a copy of La Pucelle. Then they remade Phantom Brave for the Wii and Disgaea 2 for the PSP, at which point I thought “Why bother? At this rate, I can just wait for the remake I’m sure.”

    Lo and behold. Yeah, I’ll pick this up when its out.

  • I find it difficult to sit in my living room for the hours required to play most RPGs, but I can easily fit them in during commutes by playing them on my trusty PSP. Wouldn’t have finished Disgaea otherwise! Let’s hope the NA localization of LPT comes in 2010.

  • Dasuzero

    I kind of wish Nippon Ichi would go back to being the quirky little developer we were only just staring to hear about in the US.

  • JeremyR

    While it’s definitely something of a step back from Disgaea, I think La Pucelle is still a very solid game.

    Must fix PSP…

  • The game that started it all for me in this series.

    Oh maaaaannnnn…my wallet’s getting thin.

  • Aw, this was my 1st N1 game. I got it as one of my first PS2 games. I guess it’s good I played this before Disgaea judging by how many commenters say it’s a step back.

  • Ereek

    Oh, I like this. I just hope they fix the EXP off of party members “trick.” It’s a lot more challenging without that.

  • eliel

    awesome lets hope maki kingdom gets a port soon wit wi-fi battles since i don’t think La Pucelle will have it. well heres hoping 4 a bright future 0_o

  • Hello_Hello

    Wow, NIS is really piling on the ports lately, eh? When a company is making more ports than new games, it’s a problem.

    • I wasn’t thinking it was a problem, but I could kind of see this was coming. There are a couple titles they’re still pushing out before the year closes; Last Rebellion and Antiphona no Seikahime. The main focus is on that new PSP game they’re working on, but I’m not sure what else they have planned after that. Guess we just have to see when they make any new announcements.
      On the other hand, NISA is steadily releasing titles. A Witch’s Tale is finally coming to surface this Fall.

  • doubletaco

    Wake me when NIS starts making new games.

    • Ereek

      You should be awake, then, since they already are making a new PSP title.

  • ElTopo

    Nippon Ichi should be making new games, instead of devoting a lot of its time to porting its old PS2 games over to new systems. Them and Atlus, its getting old. Port here, port there. Especially when the game they are porting has been released twice within the past year (P3).

  • Make a sequel to La Pucelle Tactics on the PS3 instead NIS!!

    But sure, it is a good game. Some nice features and one way of doing things that most people don´t know of.

    Still want some new games. I know there are some on the way, Atelier Anne(was that right?) for DS and the new musical game for PSP.

    But I still want NIS to make more games instead of porting old ones. It´s great that they do, but they still need to think up new ideas instead of just adding new content to old titles.

  • I’m glad to hear about it. I’m probably in the minority, but La Pucelle’s always been one of my favorite NIS games. I liked Disgaea and all, but for some reason I preferred La Pucelle, Rhapsody, Soul Nomad and Phantom Brave.

    Speaking of Soul Nomad, perhaps that’ll be the next NIS PSP port.

  • Bafish

    I just beat this game 2 weeks ago on the PS2. I love strategy games, but to be honest, this game is weak. I felt the story was weak, but I did love the characters.

    The problem with the game is, that it feels like there was little thought in how the game play flowed. I felt it was horrible!

    However, the characters were fun, so I stuck it out.

    Would I recommend this game….probably not!
    I did love the Catholic church setting along with the cool Captain Homard characters! Made me laugh!

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