Okamiden Coming To DS Next Year

By Spencer . August 31, 2009 . 11:14pm

imageOkamiden is real, it’s from Capcom, and it’s a Nintendo DS game.


We first discovered Okamiden from digging through trademarks. Details are still scarce, but the game emulates the watercolor style that made Okami memorable.

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  • Damn! You beat me to the story by like, a minute. Anyhow, this is very disappointing. I can’t figure out if this is a port or not…that building reminds me of the pigeon house from the first game, but I don’t recall there being a bridge immediately before it…

    • QBasic

      I’d like to say it was disappointing. But truth is…I played KH Days. And I know full well that the DS can handle a fully fledged Okami game, regardless if it’s a port or not. ‘Sides, you seem pretty excited about P3P. :P If anything looks like a disappointment, THAT does.

      Also….where the frak you been? ._.

  • Pesmerga00

    Man, I was hoping for Okami on a console in HD. I suppose the touch screen could be good for a game like this. Still, the DS?

    • MadMirko

      That was a pretty unrealistic hope, though. If anyhting, the high budgets of the HD consoles have discouraged risk taking on a publisher’s part. With a proven commercial dud like Okami, who would be willing to burn their millions?

      The DS on the other hand is the ideal platform for a niche game, just by sheer scale of the installed base. For many adult gamers it’s also the platform of choice for longer games, due to the quickly accessible suspend mode and the ability to have a quick bout here and there.

      I didn’t like Okami that much, so I don’t hope it’s a direct port. The art style is awesome, though and adventure games are always welcome. Fingers crossed.

    • lostinblue

      Can’t help but look at that as a downgrade compared to Wii/DS paintbrush standard control posibilities.

      Not only was it unrealistic to expect, but, as far as I’m concerned, thank god it isn’t. (plus, the wii isn’t a greatest hits console, getting a port and then not getting a new game both HD’s would get would be pretty shitty on Capcom’s part; like a stepping stone, and all this while the Wii version was pure logic down to the mechanic possible with it)

  • Pichi

    Love what I’m seeing! And the DS is a good fit. Stylus and easy to draw with the art looking like its predecessor. Hoping it’ll be a long game like the first if its a sequel or prequel or side story.

  • Dasuzero

    I strongly suspected it would be 3D, but was hoping it would be isometric/top-down like Ganbare Goemon…

    • shuyin

      From the scan it seems it is indeed 3D.

    • Aoshi00

      I don’t like the dumped down 3-D looks on the DS either… Ganbare Goemon was the first game and reason I got my Phat DS, the ink painting style looked amazing.
      I should try playing it again on the DSi w/ higher brightness.

  • Trotmeister

    Okami people have severed all ties to Capcom and are making Bayonetta now. Unless it’s more or less a straight port (with toned-down visuals and stilus implementation), this game is gonna be a failure.

    • jj984jj

      Exactly, because aside from Okami, Capcom doesn’t know how to make action adventure games… oh wait.

      • Trotmeister

        I’m not sure Resident Okami is the kind of game people who loved the original one are yearning for.

        • jarrodand

          How about Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons or The Minish Cap? I think the guys left at Capcom can handle another Zelda clone…

      • thebanditking

        Actually I beg to differ, RE5 was not Resident Evil not for me anyway. So of late I do question Capcoms ability to make a sequel or anything involving Okami or Viewtiful Joe. Have you played the Lost Planet 2 demo? Its freaking Monster Hunter. I think Capcom is too focused on emulating Western games to do a proper Japanese game anymore. Not that their games are bad I have them all but the name on the box greatly contradicts what my mind is telling me that game should be.

    • lostinblue

      Not everyone from the Okami team left, I remember hearing some worked on Resident Evil 5 and stuff.

      Platinum Studios has Kamiya and Inaba, sure, plus some other people, but it’s not 100% clover studios.

  • Zefiro Torna

    “Meanwhile, we are reviewing the possibility of releasing new titles besides ‘Ace Attorney’ for Nintendo DS” – Capcom, earlier this year.

    Glad to see they really did decide to step up their DS support beyond solely using it as that platform for Ace Attorney and Battle Network/Starforce games. Maybe Capcom’s DS catalog will grow to be at least half as diverse as their GBA catalog, and I’ll be satisfied enough. Perhaps the GBA support spoiled me, but the lack of Capcom on both handhelds for some time (PSP support quickly withered to Monster Hunter focused, but is making a bit of a resurgence now) almost felt like the fun was kind of sucked out of said handhelds.

    This news also oddly ties to the fact that Viewtiful Joe Double Trouble remains as my favorite Capcom game for the DS. Ah the legacy of Clover…

  • ElTopo

    Uhg this was the most probably and least desired of outcomes from the initial rumors of this game. Big disappointment. While the DS is a good fit for the gesture style controls I guess, that was never the draw for me in the first place. I played the PS2 version and loved it; the Wii controls are nice as well, but really not necessary to enjoy the game any more in my opinion.

    I would have rather seen a really visually stunning game on an HD console like the PS3, something like the new Team Ico game, then a game that offers touch screen gesture controls. And if this is just a port, hell no; the Wii was a better system for that, a port just doesn’t make sense. Why would you play this over the wii version of the same game.

    • ECM

      How do you figure a game that sold poorly in both its previous incarnations would make any sense on an HD machine? The cost of producing such a game would be sheer idiocy from a biz standpoint.

      • ElTopo

        I said I would rather see it on the PS3 because its just a better fit for the visual style. I never figured anything or postured on economics at all. Yes the game sold terribly, but a DS remake or side story? How boring. Dumbed down visuals in a game that was lauded for being incredibly beautiful is just 2 steps backward.

        Yeah its gonna be cheaper, but your also dumping the game on a system with an already crowded market. Good luck. That and if it *is* a remake, I doubt early adopters and fans will be down for a lower quality remake of the same game they might already own twice now.

        • Pichi

          How is it boring if you don’t know anything about it. And its not dumbed down as it has the basic looks of the first game’s art style. Are we just caring about looks so much about HD that we will ignore everything else?

          • ElTopo

            Key word: Basic.
            The PS2 games style and substance was incredible. I don’t want a game that seeks to offer the “basic” looks of the first games, ie: backwards. I want to see it recreated new, and better.

            The art style is there in essence, but its not the same at all. Please don’t try to equate the visuals of the PS2 and Wii port with that of the DS, its just not gonna be anywhere near the same experience. I enjoyed the game for its visuals and substance, the DS can’t reproduce this.

            Which is a problem I have with this generation of consoles, specifically the PS3. The dev costs are way too f**king high.

        • Joanna

          “Yeah its gonna be cheaper, but your also dumping the game on a system with an already crowded market.”

          Yet that never stopped anyone before if the PS2 is anything to go by. Sure there are more DS games (like there are PS2 in the previous generation), but that is not what matters, it’s the install base and both the DS and the PS2 are/were leading. That is why both machines are so saturated with so many games.

          If I could choose myself, I would rather this game be on the Wii (if it is not a remake), because I prefer when a franchise sticks to the system it originates from (since the PS2 is basically a dead system, that would only leave the Wii.) I only have this preference because it’s so infuriating when a franchise jumps from one system to another. Fans who have the first game, may not be able to play the sequel because the company decided to make a system jump. Not all of us are so filthy rich that we can afford multiple systems each generation and when a beloved franchise does jump to a system you don’t own, it’s really disheartening. I do own a DS, but I would still prefer Okami to stay on the Wii since it made its comeback there. But of course, fan preference means nothing to these businesses. :(

          • ElTopo

            Yeah I know tell me about it. Magna Carta 2. Motherf***ers.

  • Guest

    I am not amused, you know I though Valkyria Chronicles 2 being on PSP annoyed me, well thats got noting on this. Im not as enraged as I am sure some of the fans will be (only because I don’t take games super seriously) but this really stinks. DS just is not the proper platform to present the next Okami game on, and I am really tired of the DS and most of the touch control mechanics. So even if we get this over here I will be passing on this one, it just seems half baked when someone makes a DS sequel of a big console game.

    • Pichi

      That isn’t fair. Just because it went from console to hand held doesn’t mean it can loose the experience. They art style is there and you have the draw thing with the stylus.

      Just seems like people want pretty eye candy and dismiss it so quickly.

  • I’m fine with it. These days handheld games really draw me in more than consoles and I think this will be fun with the touch screen.

  • jarrodand

    Nice to see Capcom stepping up their DS support, both Okamiden and Ghost Trick look great. They’ve been pretty vacant on the machine honestly, bizarrely it’s gotten worse support from them than GBA did it seems like.

  • megatrackter

    I think capcom need to concentrate more 2D castlevania games on the ds

    • kylehyde

      Pal, I will say this in the gentle way, but castlevania doesn’t belong to capcom, it belongs to konami, don’t worry I won’t make fun of this, because everybody maKes mistakes.

    • jj984jj

      Ugh, keep this crappy outdated meme on GAF please.

  • I totally don’t mind if it’s on DS, since I don’t play enough games to make worth of an HD console. I kinda wish it was on the Wii, but I’m still really looking forward to this!

  • ShinNoKami

    I know it’s an Ookami sequel from a console platform but can we PLEASE judge this game as what it is: A NINTENDO DS GAME.

    Seriously. Stop comparing it to its predecessor. Let Chibiterasu shine for himself. Amaterasu was wonderful and powerful and pretty. Who knows, mebbe Chibiterasu might grow on some people because of something completely it.
    Personally, I’m just happy to see an Ookami game on a platform within my reach.

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