Sigma Harmonics Coda Sounds Like A Square Enix Sequel

By Spencer . September 2, 2009 . 1:30am

image I don’t recall Sigma Harmonics being a breakout hit with a fervent fanbase, but Think Garage’s game may have an encore.


Square Enix trademarked Sigma Harmonics Coda for use with video games in Japan. Coda, being a musical term for a song’s finale, implies Sigma Harmonics Coda could be a follow up to Sigma Kurogami’s homicide solving adventures. Square Enix’s Tokyo Game Show lineup seems light on new projects too…

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  • Ahahahaha. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Square’s only big TGS reveal turned out to be the Sigma Harmonics sequel? :D


    • ElTopo

      I honestly wouldn’t be surprised. Not expecting much…

      OH WAIT. Final Fantasy XV to be released 2015! Holy shit! You heard it here first.

  • ElTopo

    I honestly wouldn’t be surprised…

    OH WAIT. Final Fantasy XV! Release date: Spring 2015!

  • amc9988

    Sequel? Nooooo!! the first one still havent been locolized!!

    • Hraesvelgr

      And it won’t be, most likely. Don’t worry, you really aren’t missing anything.

      • Enact

        I beg to differ. It was creative and interesting, even if it didn’t always work so well most of the time. Then agian you spend most of your time here whining so I guess there’s no point in saying “Hey this had good points and is worth checking out”

  • beeegh

    I wonder why Square Enix registered a trademark for the first title… I mean its not like they gonna localized it!

  • malek86

    I got this when it was sold for cheap at P-A, and haven’t even opened it yet.

    One day…

  • Aoshi00

    This awful broken game that didn’t sell getting a sequel :(? Maybe it would be on the Wii so one could actually wave the remote like a baton :) Speaking of which, sitll haven’t played Nodame Cantabile Wii yet, but after Wii music, I kind of don’t want to try.

    • lostinblue

      You were right btw (last time we talked I had just ordered Sigma Harmonics, right?)

      yeah… the game is pretty bad, slow paced, boring… etc.

      Still, I hope a sequel is for the DS and fixes the first game shortcoming… but call me cautious.

      • Aoshi00

        wish I could say “I told you so”, lol…. those bad points aside (turn left and right fighting butterflies is supposed to be fun?), I was totally peeved by the murder solving part, I say it’s totally arbitrary and illogical that no one can solve them w/o consulting a guide. I know the alternative is just to ignore it and power level fighting the boss, but that’s so pointless..

        Story-wise, the murders were stupid, how many times can grandma die, she dropped dead eating tomato soup in ch 1, then she got stabbed or whatever in ch 2, then she died another way in ch. 3, at least have a different victim in every chapter..

        God, I hate this game w/ a passion, which I seldom do, hence I was so vocal telling people not to get it for their own good… and now they want to subject people to another torture? Not to mention they wasted the perfectly good Hamauzu soundtrack.

        • Pichi

          Geez, maybe that’s why SE doesn’t want to bring it over.

        • Asamidori

          I don’t know, the person that seem to die in every chapter is apparently Yuriko, not grandma. (At least, she died in all chapters before V, including Ura III. Haven’t die in V yet.)

          You actually can figure out the clues, but it requires paying attention to the actual playback of the scenes instead of just reading the short summary on the kokuin. I do admit though, the playback scenes need more working on them, especially the characters’ reactions/expressions.

  • I wanted this game desperately (the original that is). Wish it would have made it to a US release :(

    • Pichi

      I thought it would have made it over as well along with the Chocobo games that didn’t get released here. Either those, 4 Warriors of Light, and Blood of Bahamut gets the green light.

      • Joanna

        I thought I was the only one still waiting for the chocobo games :(
        I liked chocobo tales, so I’m disappointed.

  • QBasic

    No? Ugh! NO!!!

  • beeegh

    I really like the game but i could not finish it because im stuck! I really want to know wat happen 2 the maun heroine bcause the trailer shows that she get stab by that pile of ice!

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