How School Works In Persona 3: Portable

By Spencer . September 7, 2009 . 3:00pm

You can’t explore the hallways of Gekkoukan High in Persona 3: Portable. Sorry. When Atlus scaled down Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 for the PSP they had to make some changes.


As seen in this movie, story sequences are told visual novel style with blinking character portraits on static backgrounds. The 3D models from the PlayStation 2 game are out of the picture. When it’s time to explore the world, players point and click to interact with people and enter places.


The menu-like presentation isn’t a reason to pick up Persona 3: Portable. The game’s female protagonist, which you can see summoning her persona for the first time, is.




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  • QBasic

    3……2…..1…..Fanboys, commence the bitching!

    • I am 100% fine with this. There’s always the PS2 version to fall back on, this is supposed to be a PORTABLE experience. The Square button menu was the best thing to hit Persona 4.

  • BK0000

    Sounds like an improvement to me. From what I played of Persona 3, all the school stuff was really tedious and boring. Hopefully this will speed up those portions of the game.

    • ECM

      Amen: I find stuff like that pointless and it just slows everything down. (It really put a damper on Sonic Unleashed on 360, for example.)

  • cocytusx

    I don’t see why they didn’t use another anime sequence like in reg P3, the scene was kinda ruined here. But all the walking and the really long and obnoxious character animations I can do without.

    • ElTopo

      Probably because of file size constraints?

  • ElTopo

    Just play the PS2 game.

    • But there’s lots of new stuff for fans of the PS2 version. I’m going to triple dip myself (don’t worry, I have the other PS2 MegaTen games so I’m just becoming a huge fan these days).

      • ElTopo

        Right I guess if playing through the same game, now a different gender, counts as “lots of new stuff” think I’ll be passing. Already bought the game twice, the gender gimmick isn’t enough to do it. Then the fact that the game just has less content, nah its just not worth it at all.

        Go buy Persona, at least thats a remake of a game we didn’t play a whole year ago.

        • I’m buying Persona 1 too. :D

          Aside from the answer not being there, the game does have new songs, revised battle system and 5 difficulty modes outside of the gender swap (which itself may lead to vastly different situations altogether).

          I don’t think there’s a huge amount of content loss outside of the answer, it’s just a different perspective chances are 90% of the games’ NPCs and events are intact.
          In fact, Minato’s path is said to have new events as well.

          I’m not here to convince you to buy it just, for those who want a handheld version to double (or triple) dip it’s not like they are being completely lazy with it.

  • doubleO7

    I’m kinda dissapointed that the female character didnt get a badass anime cutscene the first time she summoned her persona, like the male. With the 3D models instead…its kinda lame.

    • ElTopo

      Well when you think about it, if they had to cut the 3D environments because of size constraints theres no way they are gonna have room for those big cut scene files either.

      • doubleO7

        Yeah, I guess.
        But does this mean that they had to replace all the already existing anime cutscenes from the male’s story with 3D models as well?

  • railgun88

    Seriously why would people bitch? This is an improvement. Going back and forth constantly got quite tiresome. This is a welcome addition and I hope future Persona games are similar to what they’re doing here.

    • QBasic

      Didn’t you see the other P3P posts? People bitched in the dumbest ways about the smallest stuff.

      Though, I’m honestly pleasantly surprised; I’m seeing way more coherency and actuality this time around.

      Me personally, I’m neutral on this sort of stuff. I enjoyed Persona 3 for what it was, and wouldn’t mind checking it out on the go.

  • I don’t mind, it’s a new way to play. I do feel annoyed sometimes walking around like that, while I would of been fine with the P4 shortcuts this is quite nice for a change.

  • AllenSmithee

    Maybe this’ll give me an excuse to play through it, and make things a bit quicker to deal with.

    Cut play time down?

    Yo, what I think’ll be not-so jammin’ is the fact that the lady’s Persona is just Orpheus but… lady.

  • beeegh

    I really hope this gonna get localized

  • So far the game play doesn´t make me not want to buy it. It´s just sad that they´ve already released P3 and P3:Fes which I both own.

    A female protagonist is a big selling point and I do want to give the Journey another try, but will I have the patience and time for it? I do not know at this point. I need more time to decide.

    It looks really promising though.

  • mooncalf

    As much as I tried to appreciate the anime in P3 as possessing some great artistic merit, all I can really see is very poor drawing and animation, especially compared to TV content. All the best story telling in P3 used the in game engine and still portraits.

    On another matter, what does the female protagonist say when she summons her persona? There are too many syllables for “persona”.

    • geosaferi


  • kashi

    Stoked for this. I’m not quite sure why there’d be hating on a cursor based system since it was mostly the dungeon crawling and the battles that made it fun for me.

    I really think this caters to the female market; I’m glad that Atlus is taking the risk of selling this game by this route. This might be the first in more female-centric games xD Maybe there’s hope for some otome games as well hahaa

  • weathervane

    I never saw anything wrong with the simplified navigation and use of still portraits. It’s different than what I’m used to, but that never made it bad.

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