Square Enix’s Gyromancer Sounds Like Bejeweled With A Mage

By Spencer . September 11, 2009 . 8:14am

image A few weeks ago, we discovered a trademark for Gyromancer. Thanks to another leak we know a lot more about Square Enix’s upcoming title.


According to the ESRB, Gyromancer is heading to Xbox 360 and PC. Their summary also unveils the puzzle game.


This is a puzzle game in which players control a mage who must track down rebels responsible for murdering members of a royal family. The basic combat revolves around manipulating colored crystals to make matching sets. Matches serve to build up “attack moves” that can be triggered to deplete an opponent’s health meter/hit points. Successful hits are indicated by screen shakes and slashing sound effects; red blood splashes onto the puzzle screen when an especially strong attack is executed. Occasional blood splatter and blood drop effects are depicted in event scenes and stage maps as well.


I’m getting an impression of Bejeweled or maybe this is Square Enix’s take on Puzzle Quest. Gyromancer also appears to be a smaller title, like an Xbox Live Arcade game instead of a retail release.

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  • Gestahl

    No PSN? Oh, SE is now a Microsoft’s female dog. I see…

    • Generic_name

      And this is different from when SE mostly made games for the ps2 because….

      • Kris

        Games that were promised to be multiplat never had one version canceled, high-profile exclusives didn’t go multiplat, and games didn’t get separated into gestalt and revenant versions.

        • Generic_name

          So what SE game was supposed to be multi-platfrom only to be canceled?

          • Kris

            Last Remnant.

          • Generic_name

            Isn’t it just really delayed? Regardless, you’re not missing out on much. It really isn’t good.

          • thebanditking

            Yes it would seem like S-E is favoring MS quite a bit this generation, though it goes without saying that the quality of that “favoring” leaves much to be desired. I own a PS3 and 360 and any PS3 only fans who feel slighted (I cant blame you for being bitter) should really consider the quality of the games your “missing out on”.

            Infinite Undiscovery is trash digitized, the characters all look the same (I swear they share faces) the battle system is boring, and the story is teenage inuendo drivel.

            The Last Remnant plays horrible and runs worse the characters are stupid and shallow and the “western-ization” makes it even worse. Does starting every battle with “lets Kick their @$$” sound cool to you?

            Crystal Defenders is the best thing S-E has put out on PS3/360 (Yosumin is boring). Basically if you want great S-E titles you need a PSP and a DS. Oh and yes Last Remnant is canceled for PS3, Bobby Kotick (I mean Yoichi Wada) basically said so.

  • Sounds like puzzle quest to me

  • Tatsu

    I like how their description could basically be rewritten as “It’s like Bejeweled with blood! Lots of blood!” Maybe that will be the XBLA description?

    Joking aside, it sounds like it could be fun.

  • ElTopo

    Little overly violent for a puzzle game…I mean really
    Gratuituous blood
    Revenge Plot

    Sounds like the most violent game of Mancala ever played.

  • lol first a game where you shoot cubes that bleed now a puzzle game with blood. Square Enix really is something.

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