King of Fighters Sky Stage Landing In Arcades This Winter

By Spencer . September 14, 2009 . 1:43pm


We first saw King of Fighters Sky Stage as an Xbox Live Arcade game. Before it comes to consoles, SNK will bring the bizarre shooter to arcades.


If you’re in Japan (or know of an arcade that imports Taito Type X games) you can play King of Fighters Sky Stage this winter. The game will debut at the 47th Amusement Game Expo on September 17th.


Screenshots at Famitsu reveal Kyo and Athena Asamiya as playable characters. And yes, like most shmups, King of Fighters Sky Stage supports two players.

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  • QBasic

    KoF has officially died for me. Really. “Bullshit” doesn’t even begin to cover the sheer faggotry with which they directing the series towards.

    I’ll hold tightly onto my Street Fighter and BlazBlue. Hoping their makers aren’t quite so idiotic…

    • Kuza21

      I agree. Just like how SNK completely half-assed KoF XII and haven’t even made an attempt to even get it right. What they need to do go back, finish XII and make it free DLC. I mean it’s not a bad game but I payed retail price for the game and I regret every second of it. Screw you SNK!

    • cowcow

      Dont you like the Days of Memories DS dating sims and Doki Doki Majo Plus underage teenage witch hunt/fondling DS gamesthough?

      • QBasic

        Rethink what you just wrote…

        A dating sim…based off of a hardcore fighting franchise…

        *sigh* Yes. I did check it out cause a friend of mine asked me to help him out with something regarding the game. And while it wasn’t as embarrassing as playing XII, it still felt really, really awkward and kinda stupid…

        In all honesty, dating sims have always been a quirky guilty pleasure for me. But in my mind, KoF is…no, WAS, one of the top three hardcore fighting titles. So, I guess for example, chattin’ and dating Momoko or King just felt forced. I mean, how weird would a Street Fighter dating sim be?

        *Ibuki is blushing! What are you gonna do next!?*
        A – “I love you…I need you! I REALLY WANT YOU!!!”
        B – “Sorry…but I’m currently seeing Dhalsim…”
        C – Insert It
        D – Shoryuken!

        On second thought… That’d actually be really kind of awesome! But…eh…Days of Memories wasn’t like that. =_=

    • krauser

      Yeah, because the main point of a beat’em up is the single player mode, right? KoF12 is a wonderful game in versus, and thanks to the patches it is actually improving its netcode, as many can testify. Of course that problem had to be addressed before the release, but it’s a rather common issue for many titles, even outside of the beu genre.

      Those who flame KoF12 probably have forgotten that 2dbeu are an arcade genre and that single player extras are not mandatory, but a simple bonus to the core game. That said, everyone knew of the lack of single player content months before the game’s release, no one forced you to buy it full price or tricked you speaking of story modes, hidden characters and so on.

      The whole “KOF12 FAIL ZOMG” business is somewhat similiar to the awful reactions that the first version of SF3 got when it came out in the arcades: since the new gameplay was different from previous entries and the roster was drastically changed the fans raged. After two revisions, SF3 Third Strike (the third SF3) was branded a classic, is played even today at professional tournaments and everyone candidly forgot their angry reactions at SF3 New Generations.

      I think the same will happen with KoF1312 rev x, when the roster will be expanded in order to quench the fans’ire, the gameplay will seem less strange than in the days after the release and the “single player contents” will be implemented for those who buy beat’em ups in order to challenge the IA and unlock things.

      p.s. By the way, this is hardly the first non-beu KoF spinoff: anyone remembers KoF Kyo for Ps1, KoF Quiz and so on?

      • QBasic

        Hm. You know, I actually wrote like 5 paragraphs replying to you explaining the real side of this. Then my internet frazzed up, then I realized…only the last paragraph was really the most relevant.

        No fanboy or hardcore believer can ever change what’s set in stone by the Almighty: KoF XII is an abhorrent piece of gaming turd, and there are absolutely no ifs or buts about it. Want a good example? Saying that KoF XII is a decent fighter is like saying Kanye West is the new Tupac Shakur. It’s a statement retarded in and of itself.

        You people really should stop being in such denial only because you’re such hardcore fans. Hell, I’d be OFFENDED rather than trying to blindly defend it; a losing side, at that. If I was a hardcore KoFanboy, I’d wanna strangle the guys who made XII. I mean, is THAT what I was waiting for!? Nonsense!

        • krauser

          So “KoF12 is an abhorrent piece of gaming turd” just because you say so without giving even one motivation to sustain your rant? :P That would be fine as a subjective statement, but to pass it as a God-approved-dogma is senseless.

          For the records, I have had no qualms to bash failed KoFs like NeoWave and the likes, so the whole “fanboy” preaching could be better spent for another occasion. Facts are, the ones in the userbase who are criticizing KoF12 are those who bought the console ports expecting some BlazBlue-like single player mode even if for months all the gaming sites on the web said otherwise, not to mention those who were (rightfully) expecting a good netcode and had to wait more than a month for a decent patch (and this is a good reason to bash the game, I have no problem to recognize it).

          KoF12’s laggy netcode and poor sales figure, however, have nothing to do with its combat system, that which makes a beat’em up a beat’em up, not to mention the graphical revamp of the characters and their animations.

          Of course since the console ports have flopped (and that’s a fact, no one is trying to deny it) KoF12 will need some revisions in order to expand the roster, restore some movesets and fix the console versions’s single player modes, just like what happened with SF3 at the time (barring the sp modes, at the time they weren’t an issue like today), but the core of the game, its battle system, is not at fault.

          • QBasic

            You’re wrong. I wasn’t expecting BlazBlue. I was expecting a KoF game that was at least on par with previous core installments. I wasn’t alone in my expectation. Was it met? Not even by half a margin.

            They’ll have to MASSIVELY tweak the system for an improvement. And that’s the biggest crockshit here; the fact that a good chunk of gamers paid $60 dollars for a product which even you yourself admit isn’t complete or up to par standards…

            I’m really glad I didn’t buy it. But I still weep for my friend who did, and traded it in 6 days later.

          • krauser

            So you judged a beat’em up without even buying it from less than a week of your friend’s experience?

            Sorry, but this isn’t the best basis for your “abhorrent piece of gaming turd” argument, in fact this isn’t anything that can provide any kind of reason for such an extreme position, since any beu requires a lot of dedication just to completely understand its system, not to mention mastering it :P

            Moreover, no one said that KoF 12 isn’t complete: its bad netcode is surely a fault (a big one) and this is undeniable, but it’s sadly a common problem in many games with online modes, and it has being partially resolved via patch.

            Moreover, the lack of single player extras doesn’t mean in any way that this game is unfinished, since from the birth of the beu genre in the arcades the core of the fighting experience isn’t unlocking costumescharactersartworks, but battling other players in the arcade or at home.

            What is the main requirement then? A working, balanced, interesting and deep battle system, and KoF12 has scored in that field, creating many new options previously absent in the series. If you spend some minutes looking in the various board, you will see that even the most ardent enemies of KoF12 don’t demonize its battle system, and many praise it and the versus mode even if they criticize the netcode and lack of single player content.

            Of course there are debates about some gameplay mechanics (mainly the combo counter), but this is also true for SF4, BlazBlue, Melty Blood AA and many other recent beu (not to mention the older ones).

            As for any franchise rehaul KoF12 it is not perfect and it will need to be polished further (roster, movesets, rebalancing of some things etc), but this doesn’t mean that the game is incomplete, faulty or anything of the sort.

          • QBasic

            Whoah, whoah. Hold the phone before you write a wall of text I have no intention of reading: Just cause I didn’t buy it, doesn’t mean I didn’t PLAY it. In fact, I was there day one mashing away in Versus mode with him, watching go through Arcade, then doing it myself. (I might add, THE most boring Arcade mode ever, alongside Dissidia’s)

            Dude…you ARE just a rabid fanboy, judging at how you jumped at me like that, trying to destroy me alongside our fabric of time and space with your wall o’ text…

  • daizyujin

    Hopefully they finish this one. I am so glad I decided against KOF XII, after renting it, the game is just half assed.

  • Advent_Andaryu

    KoF has really went downhill for me also, but I love their character design! This title looks fun, but surely not worth it. The playtime in vertical shooters is usually really low, but I won’t completely judge it until I try it out.

    • QBasic

      Dude, just go for Touhou games. You’ll get all bullet hell mayhem you could ever want. With an added bonus of gaming dignity! Top that!

  • krauser

    —Whoah, whoah. Hold the phone before you write a wall of text I have no intention of reading: Just cause I didn’t buy it, doesn’t mean I didn’t PLAY it. In fact, I was there day one mashing away in Versus mode with him, watching go through Arcade, then doing it myself. (I might add, THE most boring Arcade mode ever, alongside Dissidia’s)—

    Sir, if you think that just playing a beu for some hours is sufficient to understand and judge its combat system you don’t know much about this genre.
    As you just said, you “mashed in versus mode” and played some arcade mode run, and any fan of the genre would tell you that to understand a beu (not only KoF12, of course) you need to spend much more time trying the mechanics, understanding characters’ gimmicks and mastering them. Your judgement was passed after only a brief impression, much like shoving away a jrpg after two hours of play.

    —-Dude…you ARE just a rabid fanboy, judging at how you jumped at me like that, trying to destroy me alongside our fabric of time and space with your wall o’ text…—-

    It’s nice to see you flame using the old “wall of text” thing just because you aren’t able to give any kind of motivation for your criticism of the core game (its battle system) aside from calling the game crap, criticize the lack of spnetcode and then admitting that you played it for less than a week at most.

    This “rabid fanboy” had no problem admitting the game’s faults like the netcode, poor roster and lack of single player content, but you seem to have no-idea about the battle system, its balancement and its problem and continue to brand the game as crap for its single player mode and netcode as if this wasn’t a beu, where the core experience has always been the arcade-like challenge posed by other players: if KoF12 is crapturd it needs to have a crappyturdy battle system. Just prove it giving off reasons instead of insults, if you can after playing it so briefly.

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