Yes, You Can Buy Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers This Year

By Spencer . September 14, 2009 . 8:46am

imageDecember 26 to be exact, only a month after Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers launches in Japan.


Seems odd that Square Enix is missing the holiday rush with The Crystal Bearers, unless they’re keen on parents purchasing reserve tickets as gifts. (Does that ever happen?)


The press release also summarized the story in case you haven’t been following Layle’s adventure.


A thousand years have passed since the events of the original Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. The destruction of the Yuke Crystal during the Great War had at once brought the victorious Lilty Tribe prosperity, the defeated Yuke Tribe apparent annihilation, and the world a new age of science and reason. In this new era exists a rare breed of powerful beings called “crystal bearers,” whose seemingly magical abilities have led them to be feared and scorned by the public. The young mercenary Layle is one such crystal bearer, who has been hired to escort the new passenger airship Alexis, the pinnacle of Lilty technology and a symbol of their current dominance. However, when the Alexis is suddenly besieged by a horde of monsters, Layle comes face-to-face with an adversary thought to have vanished from the pages of history, on a quest that may threaten the future of the world…


Also, here are our impressions of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers from E3 and a video showing some of Layle’s gravity bending moves.

  • I like how they’re calling him a “mercenary” in the U.S. press release. Ahaha. But yea, this shall be mine!!

  • urbanscholar

    I think S-E is going for that post Christmas and major holiday wild card move. The 26th is another big day for returns/sale flips. So I would imagine they want to have a “big”(depends on how you see it) post holiday release for those burned by less than favorable gifts. Not to mention I can’t even remember the last time a major release was readily available a few days left in December

  • TTTT

    I feel like a lot of games are being released just after Christmas this year. Wonder why not before?

  • lostinblue

    The date is kinda bad, it’s still 2009, but misses the christmas window.

  • weathervane

    I’ve never even played a Crystal Chronicles game before but this is my most hyped game through the end of the year. Square-Enix has done a fantastic job of emphasizing the game’s finer and more unique points in the long, steady trickle of media they’ve released over the past few months.

    The problem is whether or not their great advertising can be duplicated offline. For all their efforts, if by the week after Christmas Joe Schmo Gamer who doesn’t obsessively read gaming blogs isn’t aware of the game, when they go into Gamestop after a disappointing Christmas they aren’t going to know the game from Chicken Shoot.

    I could baselessly assume all sorts of pessimistic things about the sales strategy from the choice of date, but I’m really going to hope for the best in this instance and think that a Dec. 26 release means that there will be at least some kind of marketing push. If they think that its best chance is as an impulse buy during a heavy shopping week, this has to be the case, right? (<— not a sales strategy expert)

  • Aoshi00

    Hopefully the US ver. would share the same Jpn cover, that’s a nice piece of artwork. I have a feeling it wouldn’t and have the CG Layle flying in the sky or something…

  • Joanna

    well i know i won’t be able to pick this up because right after christmas i am the most broke…hahaha -____-

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